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Thursday, October 30, 2003

What a week of cultural events it has been, not to mention the fire in the sky over xerbia burning to a paltry pulp. I wind up back at the Disnal Hall, but the other side of the building that houses Redcap, its experimental small theatre. My companions of the evening being Daddy Athey and the great Udo Kier. Udo had me rollicking in the small cab of Daddy’s truck before getting to the place. He was all awash about his black lover cooking collard greens that were too salty and then he just went on a southern fried rant about Alabama. Pure geniustra. I love that Udo.
Redcap is lovely and designy, the artistic director is sweet Mark Murphy from Seattle’s On the Boards. Making its LA premiere was Dumb Type, the Beta-zed media collective from Kyoto, Japan. Their piece "Memorandum" was a sensory tanumbra. High tech as high tex as a rose is a rose. Staccata insta-kallations, boola boo video pampasipities, computer jizztra and Liza with a Ripongi Z.
The after party sizzled. I drank a million glasses of champagne and the food was tasty. The groups choreo/demographer Takao Kawaguchi is so sizzling sexy I wound up removing most of his clothes to the utter shock of the Cal Arts/Dizney matronas. Ron, Udo and I basically commondeered the party, which is our usual habit. Takao is the ex boyfriend of the great John Storey late of Rae Kawakuba and Comme des Garcon. John lived and worked in Japan for almost 20 years and use to write about Japanese designers for Dutch Magazine. Now John lives in Paris and is the right hand man for Christophe Lemaire and LeCoste. Takao also knows Doug Gorden who use to be the art director for Tokyo Journal. Doug had raved about Takao’s beauty for centuries, but seeing it dead center and personal is the ultimate dreama-dream. The girls in the collective are a hoot as well. Very sexily dementriad. One of the girls Vivian Wu was in that Peter Greenway film The Pillow Book where she got to straddle Ewan McGregor and his large willis. Lucky lady.
Did I mention that I want a membrane screen for my next piece. Every girl should have one.
And last night I go to Highways, someplace I never venture to. Well, can you blame me? Its in Aunt Monica and that late 80s identity politics scene is well, need I even say it?
Danielle Brazell scored a coup in bringing to LA for the first time the Madrid diva Maria La Ribot. Her performance piece was very inspirational. She is so aristrocratic, and that gorgeous face, those eyes, that statue that is her body, the lovely coloring, those expressions and that sultry voice which she uses so sparingly, that when you do hear its rhythms you’re bowled over. Wowina!!!
I hope the Dumb Type gang and La Ribot posse can make it to Bricktops. We’ll just have our own private shindy.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

took a wee time off from my writing deadlines to attend a delicious brunch at Professor Jennifer Doyle's. Magnificent food, and lovely autumn floral arrangements. That Dr Doyle is one incredible gourmand. My escorts were Daniel Peiera and Cesar Vega two young saucy latino sex bucks with big thick dangerous uncut pingas. The Toxic Titties were in attendance and charming everyone as usual with their art crazed antics. The TT's are certainly the new breed that i love. Well someones gotta take the place of us old gals who are long on the proverbial tooth.
Bricktops friday really came together. Its difficult putting on a club of this nature every week, but its moments like last night that make it all worth while. All the elements came together in one fiercetic combination. Mr. Uncertain was marvelous and in good voice and my special guest stars Hope Levy and Jeannie Novak were just superlative interpreting the Helen Morgan/Showboat theme to perfection. It was a very intimate evening.
It was great seeingWilly Banta and Phylis Teen of the band Spookie Pye, Willy was wearing a 1920s tux and looked very dapper and Phylis had on a Molyneaux gown with a mink stole. She also brought her adorable mother. Also the fabulous Poubelle Twins were looking ever so enchanting, their escort the director of the Rug Rats Movie. What is his name again? Luscious Lola Tawdry, the grand daughter of Marlene Deitrich who will be performing at Bricktops in December, brought along her beautiful TV actress lady friend Rena Sofer, and her husband, director Stanford Bookstaver, who comes from a blue book blue blood family. Hustler Magazine editor David Bookbinder really stole my heart and I really wanted pull down the pants of that cute naked chef Jamie Oliver. I like hot sticky rice and the most gorgeous example of that taste bud came in the fine form of Ahn Jung Hwan, the South Korean soccer star who is known as the David Beckham of the east. Luckily I got to cop a feel of the huge kelbasa of German DJ Paul Van Dyk while pretty Miriam Jacobsen of the LA Weekly watched. Two punk legends in the same room--- Brendan Mullen of the Masque infamy and Don Bolles of the Germs who was chit chatting with his number one fan Chris Conley of the Emo band Saves the Day. This Friday we will celebrate a German expressionist Halloween with a special performance by Nora of the Centimeters. My beautiful guardians of the gate Selene’ and Meesh of the Epiladies have Halloween off, and even Mr. Uncertain will be taking a deserved break from the weekly action. Cyril Kuhn, the Swiss/German hunk from C-Level art collective will be handling the door chores for me. So I’m expecting a fun evening of sexy frivolity.

Went to see Peaches and Stay at Home Bomb at the El Ray Theatre Saturday night with Minneapolis transplant Jason North. I’ve been wanting to catch my former Cholita band member Alice "Bag" Armendariz’ new group for sometime and finally got a chance to see them in action. They were sensational, as i've heard. Alice was as wild as her fervent punk days in the late 70s. The girl gets younger looking every day, she and her big penis husband Jailbait. Stay at Home Bomb has an explosive sound and is a super group with two members of Betty Blowtorch and Lysa Flores rounding out the cast. I loved when Alice played the washboard. The working mom imagery really shines. The stage set-up is a clothing line with kids duds hanging down. The crowd went wild when the girls gave out homemade chocolate chip cookies that you could smell a million miles away. They were really delicious too. I’m so proud of my Alice. Girlfriend really has it going on.

The other group to perform from Germany was called Electrocute. They were ok for ten minutes but it wore a little thin after a while, in that electroclash way--- too obvious for its own good.

Peaches really tore up though. She is such an accomplished stage presence. WoW with a capital "P"!!!!! I liked when she did a duet via video with Iggy Pop. That was clever and worked oh so well. Even her stagehands were part of the act. The lady is very ssssshowbiz.

Most of the kidz in the audience suffered from bad hair disease. Some cuties but they lack personality and originality. Case in point: the tired Hilton Sisters were skreeching about the place teetering in tired heels and bony bodies. There was only one boy in the crowd I wanted to sleep with, a very light skinned black boy who looked very actorish and was macking on this white girl all night.