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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Dinner with teen hungthrobs Travis Jeppeson and Mario Dzurila at their large Moabite lovenest. Mario is quite the gourmand and made a Slovakian ghoulash that was killer. Then they both took turns filling all my still hungry holes with potent youthquaking splooge. Just kidding, i wanted to see if you were paying attention.
Actually the boys gave me a copy of the poetry book Poems I Wrote While Watching TV, that they put out on their small press Blatt Books, that has offices in Prague and New York. The Plathian poetry is by Travis, graceful illustrations by Jeremiah Palecek with the overall brilliant book design by little Mario. Ah to be so young and talented, Mario celebrates his 15th birthday on Wednesday, while Travis turns 17 this year. For all you hornpigs out there in cyberland who are obsessed with Travis and Mario from reading about them in this here blog, stop trying to figure out ways to break them up as a couple, so that you can get your filthy paws on them. They are wildly in love, and cant´t keep their hands off each other. When they do have threegy´s and fourgy´s its with other young, super smart, literary type boys, and they are not interested in you lecherous Allen Ginsbergs who keep emailing me for their personal contact information. Some of you are just shameless.
Went to Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras 25th birthday party at his cool flat in Prenzleberg, lots of luminaries including Kele Okereke of the British band Bloc Party who i saw at the Steam Sauna a few days ago, film historian Marc Siegel with ladylove Susanne Sachße of Cheap who stars in Bruce La Bruce´s latest film Otto, Up With Dead People that scandalized the Sundance Film Festival, and will probably do the same at the Berlinale. Pretty Emka Rosenbrock of Style Magazine, silver fox Weiland Speck of the Panarama section of the Berlinale, director Wolfgang Eißler, cute skaterboi Sebastian of MTV Germany,and the Super Norweigans from Oslo who did this wild and madcap 8 hour production of Ibsen´s Ghost recently in Scandanavia, that would be perfect for Berlin, hopefully at the HAU.
I got an email from the hot hunky, Slovenian artist formerly known as Davide Grassi, now going by the name Janez Jansa, along with two other comrades they have taken the name of the right wing leader as part of a massive political art project. They were invited to Berlin´s Transmediale Festival at Haus de Kulturen der Welt, then unceremoniously uninvited right before their performance, and given some lame excuse by the festival director Stephen Kurats and guest curator Natasa Petresin-Bachelez. Now if this isn´t a scandal i don´t know what is. I will give you more info as i receive it.