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Friday, June 22, 2007

sLOVEnia as its spelled in the tourist publicity pamplets is gorgeous in the summer,but because of global harming its hot and super humid, two combinations that can make a drag queen quite ill and sluggish when having to do a performance in a gallery with no air-conditioning. Actually air-conditioning was installed, but with all the people it didnt feel like there was any,so of course i turned into a sweaty disaster. It didnt matter the piece went off without a hitch thanks to the efforts of producers Davide Grassi and his enchanting wife Marcela Okretič,their children Sofia and Dante Vaginal(named after yours truelly) Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art,City of Women, the Association For The Promotion of Women in Culture, and Kapelica Gallery where the event took place.
Special thanks and kisses should be sent to Sabine Potocki, Katia Kobolt, Dunja Kukovec and all the City of Women collaborators who provided the sexy living sculpture and cherubic baby supermodels for the VDasVB Madonna of Laibachdorf accompanying photoshoot, which took place at Alcatraz Gallery photographed by the brilliant Nada Žgank. The City of Women ladies took Professor jennifer Doyle and i to a sexy luncheon spot, and we laughed like old girlfriends, traded international art gossip and flirted with the hunky boy waiters including the muscular owner of the bistro who is from Montenegro. For more information on this incredible beautiful kollective of women superstar talents go to their website at
O and i must mention my incredible stylist, make-up and hair designer Miss Metka Megušar Bizan, who made me look overwhelmingly sensational, so that all the bubble butt, big peniled Slovenian men were dripping to place their manifests inside my dank orifical. I adore Metka,and she is a delight to work with.
juri of Kapelica Gallery was looking as handsome and dashing as ever, as the main art czar of the Balkans he is the point man of the former Yugaslavian country art politik.
Many local celebs came to the show,as well as an incognito unrecognizeable Marilyn Manson who was in Slovenia performing. He came up to me and said hi with some young girl who didnt look anything like his current love interest Rachel Evan Wood, in fact this girl looked more like his ex-Dita Von Teese.
The City of Women sponsored an after party at the Squat Metelkova,where their offices are located, and we all got down until the wee hours.
Early in the week Dr. Doyle took me to a fancy din din at the Lunch Cafe where the 19 year old waiter oogled us to death with lovesexy attention. This boy had gigantic hands and feet, and i really wanted to kidnap him.
Friday afternoon taken to brunch by super stud curator at the Ljubjiana Museum of Modern Art, Igor "Spaki" Španol, where we both cruised the insanely juicy boys in the city center and traded international art gossip. Tonight is Professor Doyles presentation, so hopefully i will get a chance to write some more about this Balkan trip before i leave to go back home to Berlin.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Had a joyous last evening in Berlin before leaving for the Balkans. My youthquaking escorts: boy writer Travis Jeppeson and his child bride Mario. We all went to see DJ Snax behind the famous wheels of steel at Shwuz in Mehringdam. Cute crowd of young suburban looking subterraneans. Had a great time, but as usual i am too old to stay out late, though Snax warmed my heart by playing Bernadette Cooper (from Klymaxxx fame) black dagger anthem "You Look Good".
Tried taking S-Bahn to Flughafen Schonefeld, but of course the German efficiency, was lacking and someone was cleaning all the rail tracks, so it was almost impossible getting to this Henry Left of Fielding aeroport. Somehow i managed, almost missing my Easy Jet Flight to Venice Italy, where handsome Davide Grassi of Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art was picking me up. We made a Death in Venice/Don't Look Now Julie Christie detour, and i got to feel like both Donald Sutherland and Dirk Bogarde, with Rhumatoid arthritis flaring up in the feet, and the stale humid air giving me the double d vapors. Rendevous with Professor Jennifer Doyle and her Lubian young lover for the long scenic drive to Slovenia. Davide and his co-producer and lovely, serene Argentine/Slovenian wife Marcela Okretic>know just how to take care of everything, so with print, radio and TV interviews all secured and deliciously coordinated, and collaborators firmly entrenched, i don't need to worry about a power bitchty thing, and i can enjoy the bountiful summer beauty of the city, and its many sun soaked bubble butt male splendours.
Need a good night sleep because tomorrow morn is the big photo shoot called, Vaginal Davis, VD as VB Madonna of Laibachsdorf.