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Monday, October 24, 2022

dem Hednosmus zugeneight

The delicate and dainty little Vagimule doll traveled to Köln, her first time leaving Berlin and performing in almost three years with Kollektiv CHEAP. The train ride was pretty smooth until a group of fugly aging schlager football hooligans came on the choo-choo with an arsenal of beer cans singing, swilling, dwinking and being rowdy with general cutting up at 10am in the morning. Tante Vag is immune compromised with late onset type one diabetes so she has to be really careful with a raging pandemic that is far from over. The elderly woman Lady D is also inflicted with asthma, and gicht(gout) which causes swelling in joints, knees and feet. Ms. Davis was popping ibuprofen like M&M`s but she was delighted to be with her art gang that included the divine fearless leader Susanne Sachsse, big dick film historian Dr. Herbert Marcuse Siegelstein, cheeky Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson, beauty expert Christian Fritzenwanker, juicy couture Richard Gabriel, manly lighting designer Martin Siemann, Major Ms. Gorgeous Pola Sieverding, with the supreme genius that is XIUXIU's Jamie Stewart & Angela Seo. New additions to the CHEAP fold the vivacious Chris Korte, enchantress Ligia Lewis, dynamic Ilyich, sweetie pies Mischa&Claudia on video, Aussie/Teutonic humpster Marc Duncan the sound engineer, and the gifted sensation that is the stunning Nele Ruckelhausen. Of course tying everything together is frequent CHEAP collaborator the first child of high art in New York City Jonathan Berger who designed not only the sets and production but the ill costumes that included sportiv mesh soccer kits with homemade sequinned applique, dayglo tube socks and stockings worn with meshugenah slides.

This presentation of Sleep Disorder was another version of the CHEAP Kollektiv concept of a worn-out concert. The invitation came in accord with the ten year anniversary of the Akademie Der Kunster Der Welt. We were housed in the wonderful Hotel Chelsea that has the most accomodating staff along with the scrumpteous food at Central Cafe. The performance took place at the unique and lovely venue Altes Pfandhouse. Special Thankx to Jan Krsyzons and his rock steady crew and I hope i haven´t forgotten anyone.

Jamie and Angela were on fire throughout performing in such a celestial manner with Angela creating soundscapes out of slippers with boundless energy and kinetic glamour. My favourite moment was when Miss Angela mounted Jamie and was plowing relentlessly his succulent bubble butt. XiuXiu fans and everyone in the house were riveted. There were so many fascinating moments and things to take note of including NYU Berlin´s Chris Korte´s death rock dance to the Sisters of Mercy and lecturina, Pola Sieverding`s live akshun photography and videography, Ilyich´s otherworldly innovations of poetry and sound sculpture, and the kickboxing sparring between Richard Gabriel and super athlete and Olympian Nele Ruckelhausen who is quite enigmatic and lovely. Everything came together and Köln presented the group with Indian Summer like weather.