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Wednesday, May 08, 2013


Since the Vagimule doll has a barren womb that a child will never emerge from I receive comfort from mothering and mentoring young artists from around the world. My new colleagues in Chicago are quite prolific and abounding in talent and verve. Was fortunate to meet a resounding cast of vibrant artists at an informal morning roundtable at the Student Leadership Suite. Delighted in the nice mixture with a high dosage of Black, Asian, Latinos, pretty babydykes and fagulas. So many of this new generation are  focused and determined and taking their art practice in scintillating new directions. Had a very full day of studio visits that was quite invigorating and many artists gave me presents and luscious gifts as tributes to my grande dame status. Feels wonderous to be appreciated. My first studio visit on a warm bright Chicago morning was with a charming young woman named Natalie Nicholsen who was a performance grad who did a short tableaux vivant presentation for me with her collaborateur that encompassed a pert soundscape with text. Natalie also sang me a lilting original blues song that had a Laura Nyro shimmer to it. The time melted away with Miss Natalie and her friend, then I was spirited off by Miss Andrea Green and Laura-CarolineJohnson for  a short luncheon followed by more visitations with another performance grad the lovesexxy Keijuan Thomas who reminded me of a young version of Squirrel from the David Rouseave Dance Company and a more humble and engaging Lyle Ashton Harris. Keijuan’s work is very choreographic and sensual and with a body as tight and delicious as his he needs to always be running around town butt naked or at the very least clad in nothing but a thong. I am very anxious to follow his career trajectory. I had a swellegant time with Daviel Shy who showed me her work-in-progress film. Daviel who is utterly adoreable has the makings of a baby dyke Jack Smith. Her movie could be this generations Flaming Creatures. I also was wowed with her performance series of lesbiana fight klub. Can’t wait to hang on my studio wall her Battle of The Exes silk screen poster. I was also blown away by the site specific performance work and total generosity of Li-Hui Huang. One of her pieces taking place in a Chinese brothel that 70 years ago was a place of intrigue during the Japanese occupation. Her whimsical Chicago interventions are very brave as she outdoes my Fertile La Toyah Jackson Video Magazines Streetwalker Fashions segment from the 1990s by a landslide. I really could see the filmwork of Ms. Shy and Ms. Huang being screened in the Berlinale’s Forum Expanded section, Sundance’s New Frontiers or Outfest’s Platinum. My last studio visit was with sweet Stevie Hainley a sculptural painter who I actually met in Berlin last year through Toby Raucher during the Camp/Anti-Camp:Queer Guide to Everyday Life Festival. Mr. Hainley’s work is psycho sexual and dark, but honey you can’t have light without dark. I pronounce Mr. Hainley a dainty Satanist in the Aleister Crowley/Rosemary’s Baby school of honky tonk bisquit queen perfectionism. I hope I am able to nurse more talent from SAIC through my letter writing salon. It would make me a most happy grandma auntiela. After a day of studio visits I was interviewed by NPR at the same downtown studio space that interviewed me in 1990 for the SPEW Festival along with G.B.Jones and Bruce “Judy” LaBruce. Talk about déjà vu. The super masculine and muscular Art Historian David Getsy conducted a fancy free interview with me for the Video Data Bank that just breezed along with lots of joy and laughter. I decided to go off on a manifesto rant during the interview quoting of all people The Love Camel of Bristol with this zinger: I have realized that I am done with conventional penises and from now on I will only dabble with environmentally friendly penises which are the future in penile terms. How useless are dogs? You can’t do a thing with their milk. Afterwards the young, handsome Dr. Getsy treated the doll to a sophisticated brunch at the French bistro Henri located at 18 South Michigan Avenue. My meal was heavenly and the atmosphere divoon with lots of ladies who lunch in this olde fashion boite. Our dimunitive Miss priss of a waiter didn’t seem to be featuring the Vagimule,but I was more amused then distressed by this fact. Later I was able to enjoy a rare afternoon off, so with no pressing duties, I treated myself to a ho stroll down Michigan Avenue and a tempestuous session of leering lasciviously at all the humpy young male college co-eds in flipflops and board shorts. For some reason I kept thinking of Oprah Winfrey and her beard Steadman. I stopped off at a little cute café for a delicious cappuccino and skoan and a handsome bearded young fellow around the age of 30 came up to me and complimented my lecturina from the other day. I gave him one of my business cards, and he said he would look me up when he came to Berlin. We chittle chatted for quite a bit and I flirted outrageously with him. His name is Elliot Bergman and he is in a band with his sister called Wild Belle and he plays the saxophone, I do believe he said that was the instrument he plays which intrigued me. I kept thinking about the White Stripes for some reason, and how when they first started they said they were brother and sister like The Carpenters, who I believe had an incestuous relationship. Several times as he spoke to me he got very close as if he was going to kiss me. I wish he had as it would have upped the ante. I walked around the city for another hour until my feet started to swell so I decided go back to my hotel and enjoy the largesse of my fab suite with its floor to ceiling windows and luxuriant city views. I started reading through the SAIC packet I received on the first day of arriving to Chicago. The president of the school is a black man named Walter E.Massey who looks like a cross between Blaxploitation actor Thalmas Rasulala and black character actor Roscoe Lee Brown from the 1970 film The Liberation of L.B. Jones. Dr. Massey is also a prominent physicist and has been the provost of Historic Black College Morehouse. Having a minority heading the school really sets the tone for so many students of color which is quite novel in the tired US of KKK and A. I also wasn’t aware of all the notable alumni of the school like Rirkrit Tiravanija who I worked with on the Trespass Parade and Festival through West of Rome in Los Angeles in 2011, writer David Sedaris who was at SPEW the homographic convergence back in 1990 and was a good friend of Steve LaFreniere who was stabbed after the performance I did along with G.B. Jones’s band Fifth Column at Hot House, fashion designers Halston and Cynthia Rowley, Jeff Koons, Georgia O’Keeffe, Claus Oldenburg and MGM nelly film director Vincente Minnelli.