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Monday, October 10, 2016

Pump macht stark

French supershtar Alain Delon's 22 year old fashion model son Alain Fabien accompanied Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and I to the anime art installation Delete Beach at HAU 3. Delete Beach is by the British video art joy Phil Collins and is part of the HAU's festival Die Asthetik des Widerstandis-Peter Weiss 100. I adore Mr. Phil Collins. He is a Good Time Sally of the highest order. 
Delete Beach reminded me of the 1960s Japanese cartoon The Amazing Three. A3 tells the tale of three aliens who come to earth to destroy all humankind and save the universe from menace. A3 are disguised as a bunny, a duck and a horse, and wind up in sexy shenanigans with a juicy teenage farm boy.
For all you Washington DC Vagimulic fans out there, the doll will be the keynote speaker at the Creative Time Summit-Occupy the Future. Lady Davis hasn't been in DC since 2001 when she was on a 50 city tour with Margaret Cho. Back then the nations capital was very sleazy. Don't know what to expect on this trip. Ms. Davis will headline the queer section of the congress that also features LA based artist Andrea Bowers, South American poet Patricia Ariza, Ryan Hammond and Sheldon Scott. Also taking part in the three day festival Ian McKaye of Fuguzi and Minor Threat fame, the Austrian performance kollektiv Gelitin and Alicia Garza of Black Lives Matter. My original gangster pal Hector Martinez from Edendale via Southgate and Watts will come out to support his stinky lady and will certainly madd dogg anyone who gets on my last raw nerve. I wonder if Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who in his frat boy premature ejaculating youth was a major hornpig chaser of my ilk of ladies will be in attendance?