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Saturday, June 16, 2012


You must all be wondering how the Communist Bigamist - Two Love Stories tour has been going.  Well we had a pitstop in Basel, Switzerland as part of Art Basel Art Faere.  The venue was the Kaserne Theatre which is a great space that presents theatre, dance, music and performance.  It was my first time in Basel so i was really excited.  Didn´t realize until the night before arriving that Basel hotels are booked a year in advance because of the tired Art Basel, so our accomodations were less then thrilling. I am not a major diva who requires to be shod in the lap of luxury but when i am on tour i need a certain level of comfort and privacy which this trip did not afford.  I was luckier then the rest of our cast and crew in that I stayed at a beautiful  Bed&Breakfast manor called The Kulture House located just minutes from the theatre, but I did have to share a bathroom which is a pain when you are on tour and you need to focus on your performance and not on worrying whether you or going to bomb the toilet out with a fierce dookie or if you´ve spread too much water all about in the shower.  Thats why I always have to insist on a private room and bath because I am a big lady who is known to make a mess.  I have been so busy lately with a million projects that I wasn´t on top of things so much with this tour so I only have myself to blame. It was nice that Tan Binh Nguyen our brilliant make-up and hair stylist was also housed in the Kulture House.  We had a hoot of a girlish time together gossiping and carrying on and causing major havoc in the city.
The performances were spectacular, and the audience ate it up royally.  Susanne Sachsse was in fine form and its always a supreme pleasure working with her and Marc Siegel who was very cute on stage with this outing.  Susanne and I got all lesbiana on the last night with Susi jumping on top of me and proving to the world what a hot femme aktive she is.  If she had been wearing a strap-on I would have been sent to the hospital for repairs.
In the audience on opening night Wed June 15th: Kaserne Artistic Director Carena Schlewitt who use to work at Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, senior Kaserne dramaturge Tobias Brenk with his über love sexxxy beau Boris who gave us all VIP passes to the Art Faere which was duller then most art fairs.  I only stayed at the giant pavillion for an hour or so.  Also scene and herd----David Velasco of Art Forum Magazine, Kosuke Mori the stylish Tokyo art collector with Julie Miyoshi the LA art advisor, architect Alex Tirziu, Rudolph Schiesser of Hotel Trois Rois who looked like he wasn´t so into my performance, former football star Yoann Goureoff with Poppy Delevingne.
On the second night was Berlin based Israeli art shtar Yael Bertrana and her gallerist, artist Daniel Marti who use to be  the boyfriend of Hollywood punk rock princess Pleasant Gehman.  Mr. Marti relocated to Basel from his native Zurich, and cooked me a fabulous dinner after my last performance and loaded the doll down with wonderous presents.  I was also introduced to the Swiss/Hollywood director Marc Forster whose movies I have never seen,  and flirted with Parisian art specialist Edouard de Moussac and Hong Kong interior designer Roy Li.
The Commi Biggi crew were all a flutter over an American performer named Miguel Gutierrez who was part of the Zap Festival at Kaserne and whose ill bearded and rainbow flag covered gender fuck image adorned a giant unattractive poster.   Mr. Gutierrez seemed personable in our limited interaction with each other, but the Commi Biggi gang who heard him rehearsing while they were setting up our show didn´t find his art to their liking.  A local curator whispered to me that Mr. Gutierrez is the newly crowned otter darling of the dance theatre world and that his performances and choreography is something of a mixture of Tim Miller circa mid 90s meets Jeremy Wade.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Was wondering what ever became of Tyler Brule, the handsome Canadian from Winnipeg who started the magazines Wallpaper and Monocle.  Back in the late 80s when i was producing the zine Fertile La Toyah Jackson the young Mr. Brule was a huge fan and came to LA to visit with me, pick my brain for ideas and take me out as his date to some chic restaurants where we created quite a stir.  Tyler looked like Montgomery Cliff before the accident.  He was extremely fresh faced and innocent looking. 
It seems that he has led quite an interesting life since the 1980s.  He was a war correspondent in Afganistan and was shot twice by snipers and had a long recovery.  His father was a famous Canadian football player and they are estranged because of Tyler´s homosexuality.  Tyler is still quite young at 43 and is every inch of a mover and shaker.  I like to think that I had some influence on his successes.  Well i am the muse to many.
Received an email asking me about what is was like knowing the famed sci fi writer Ray Bradbury.  Well he was my mentor when i was in the 11th grade.  Mr. Bradbury was one of those rare white liberals who put his money where his penis is and actually gave back to others.  He went to Los Angeles High School and was very active in his support of the school, which is the oldest in LA.  I was a very fortunate recipient of his largesse.   Mr. Bradbury you are loved and missed as a true Angeleno of high graciousness.  Another tidbit about Mr. Bradbury is that he never learned how to drive a car, just like yours truelly.  Imagine someone born and raised in LA and not ever learning how to handle an automobile.


I forgot to tell you dear readers, in my previous post about the old Santa Monica bookshop Midnight Special that one of their regular customers was musician Michéle Ndegecello, her girlfriend & kids.

Off to Basel Art Faere where i will be performing with the great Susanne Sachsse and Marc Siegel in Communist Bigamist-Two Love Stories.  Hope there is a lot of eye candy in Basel.