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Monday, July 11, 2005

I forgot to mention my hot sex date after Bricktops on Friday. No i didn't pick up someone from the club---that happens to EVERYONE except me. When i was doing Club Sucker, i scored maybe two boys a year, though my Sucker partners Frank & Dale had at least 4-6 boys a night in the loo, not to mention the many they took home, or the wilde unbridled sex orgies they participated in at the end of almost every Sunday evening at various homes and apartments, usually involving handsome and rugged Ste'Eve Harrington Hall(who is the worlds type) Tommy "Big Balls" Henrikson and an assortment of hunky Sucker regulars.
I wish i was a complete sex magnet, but alas i am not. Earlier in the evening after i had my interview at the studio with Jane Pratt i took the bus to make-up artist of the schtars house in Hancock Park, Patrice Rojere, who beat me a fine Bricky face, but on the autobus was a cute Japanese student going to USC who was on his way to work at some Sushi bar. These young kids from Japan can be tall and sexy with very nice pale perfect skin. I told him i was working late at this bar and could come over to his place at around 2:30am. I didn't need to tell him my life story, that I'm a tired black drag queen, luckily he lives right off of Fairfax and Santa Monica Blvd. So i tried to wash my make-up off as best i could and got to his place as he was walking up----perfect timing! I plowed that little round bubble butt to an inch of its life like a true mack mama baracuda femme top. I guess i was taking out all my righteous anger of the last few weeks on that poor innocent Japanese bum----he loved it!!! When we woke up around 7am with our early morning hard-ons, i preceeded to plank him again, the poor child was so caught up in my jackhammering that he didn't seem to notice my putrid acid breath. This is my second Japanese trick, and honey i want more rice! I'm not attracted to Japanese American boys, i guess because i grew up with them, though my very first crush was on my best friend from from 1st grade, Michael Takaneshi. He was so pretty and perfect with a warm smile and the darkest shinyest straight hair, i remember being crazy about him,even our mothers got along, and my mother is such a loner that she never liked anyone, but she and Mrs. Takaneshi would talk for hours while me and Michael played. My mother always felt that Japanese people were prejudiced against blacks, so she always proceeded cautiously with them, and other Asians. Though i remember her fondly talking about a Japanese couple she and her husband at the time (My sisters father) rented a room from in Portland, Oregon before World War II and coming to California. When Michael's family moved from the Normandie and Pico area to Gardena, i cried for weeks.
Actually i have a crush on that young Korean actor John Cho(no relation to Margaret). I saw him once coming out of that rehearsal space on Hollywood Blvd and Ivar. I guess he has some kind of punk/emo band. I loved him in that guilty pleasure movie Harold & Kamar Go to WhiteCastle. He's really gorgeous in person, i bet he has a nice kimchi flavoured bung hole.
Since i was up early on Saturday, i tried to connect with Larry BobGoblin of Larry, Hall & Jack to have breakfast, but i couldn't get ahold of them, so i went to the studio to work on my new piece that I'll be doing further work on in Berlin. Later that night Mar Lou De Luna and her husband Hal Marinas picked me up and took me to eat at Cafe Du Village in Larchmont Village. I've known Mar Lou since 4th grade when she came FOB from the Phillipines. We went to middle school together, but different high schools, and started off as undergrads at UCLA, somehow we were meant to stay friends, even though she is now a lawyer for the State of California and is married to a lawyer and they both live in a upper echlong enclave in Glendale's Montrose Hills. She and her husband Hal have been going out since College. Fertile and I use to DJ parties at Hal's Fraternity. I guess i have this other side of me that most people don't know about. I've been out with Hal and MarLou and run into friends who later asked me how i know the conservative looking couple. They look astounded when i tell them our history.
After dinner MarLou wanted desert at Sweet Lady Jane's on Melrose, but the lighting is so unflattering that i refused to go inside, also the people were such icky overbearing yuppies, and these days I'm not exactly featuring yuppies or other wealthy people who for enjoyment must sit in their bank vaults once a week, and count all their money--just to make sure its all there.
Didn't Sweet Lady Jane use to be on 3rd near LaCienega? I think it was better at that location. So we wound up having desert and capacinos at the Pacific Dining Car which was marvelous. Marlou and Hal are such an hysterical couple, they keep me constantly laughing with their droll sense of humour. When we were walking to the restaurant in Larchmont Village, they ran into one of their friends, who i could tell was puzzled by the fact they were with me, and didn't quite understand the connection.
Sunday, Bruce "Judy" La Bruce arrived. She has a installation at the Peres Projects Gallery in Chinatown, and is staying at film editor Billy Rich's house while Billy is in North Carolina working on a hip-hop movie. Bruce and I had dinner at some Thai food restaurant in the mini mall across the street from Akbar. We wanted to eat at The Kitchen, but they close too damn early. The food at the Thai place was fine, but the Kareoke was intollerable. I hate Kareoke. Judy and i caught up on gossip about Ricky Castro and others, and had a general hoot of a girlish time.