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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stammtisch im Himmel

The inaugral presentation of Rising Stars, Falling Stars: Sweet 16mm,Never Been Kissed at silent green Kulturquartier was a late Spring/Early Summer triumph. I've never seen an audience of such dazzling intergenerational faces all geared,greased, and ready to have a grand old fashion hoot of a time.
Our shorts program was odd but somehow thats what made it click, mixing Kenneth Anger, Chantal Akerman, Sharon Sandusky, Pasolini and WC Fields, plus one of my own vintage short subjects from 2001 Frau Unter Einflus that was filmed on location in Berlin during my sixth months residency with the first CHEAP kollektiv project CHEAP Jewelry.
After 8 years at Kino Arsenal its marvelous to have a proper performance set-up at silent green complete with lights, sound,spacious dressing room private bath including shower facilities. Lovesexxyline!
The SRO crowd included Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus reigning majestic over the proceedings along with Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and his hot lover Piero Bellomo, Ulrich Ziemons, the fine folks from the Harun Farocki Institut, the beautiful young blondine UdK student David Schoeler and his gorgeous friend Yannick Spiess, Marcus Ruff, a bevy of ultra attractive UdK Media Art department tyro artistes, big peniled Tobi Ashraf, prima ballerina Trixie Schoenherr,Cairo Egypt artist/curator and current Living Archive artist in residence at silent green Maha Maamoun, Manuel Vicki Baum Schubert of Die Taz Newspaper with his delightful pal Olivier Nowitsky, the wonderful Pedro Marum of Queer Lisbon Film Festival, Kathy Ann Tan who is an adjunct professor at Humboldt Universitaet and Associate Professor of American Studies at University of Tubingen, Nadine Voss and her top notch silent green crew, Berlinale Panorama's Michi Stuetz, Gweneal Radtke, Brazilian director Antonio Canto Porto de Moraes, documentary filmmaker Sebastian Winkels, the sweet lady from L'immagine Ritrovata Filmrestoration lab in Bologna, Denise Anh-Dao Beyschlag formerly of Berlinale Shorts, a bunch of other people from various Berlinale sections including William Faber, Haytham El Wardany the famous writer,Joerg Heitmann and Tina Ellerkamp,Laurie Anderson film editor Ruth Schoenegge, Lea Schneidermann, girlfriend Arnita Jaunsubrena and hot posse,
Gerrit Woltemath, Elizabeth Taylor's activist grandsons with violet eyes just like La Liz Quinn and Rhys Tivey,Peter Dundas the creative director of Roberto Cavalli seeking out Ms. D as a new muse or at the very least inspiration,London designer Michael van der Ham, actor Taylor Kitsch, Kornelia Kugler and her rock steady crew, Sophiensaler's Anna Muelter,CHEAP fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and lovely daughter Salome Gersch, Cannes film festival fav Maren Ade,and pretty boy tennis shtar Alexander Zverev.