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Thursday, May 27, 2004

The week that went. Robert Coddington the sound designer with H-Gun of Chicago who now lives here in LA came by the studio for a long visit and luncheon break. We had a lovely time reminscing about the old fun days in the Blindy Citi, yes Chieta was a town that was very good to me whenever i came through on tour in the 90s.

Mar'Lou De Luna and her hubby Hal Marinas took me to a radu din din at Cafe Du Village in Larchmont. I always have a phun time with them. I've known Marlou since the 4th grade when she was fresh off the boat from the philipines. Now she is a success lawyer working for the State of Cali and has a giant house in the La Canada/Flintridge Hills.

Professor Jennifer Doyle had a bon voyage party at her Silverlake compound. Nice little gathering. She cooked some amazing vittles and mixed wine spritzers that were very refreshing. She's off for Montepelier, France and won't be back to August. I'm going to miss that sweet smile and jewel of a personality.

Visited with my hot Aztecan Cesar Vega at his office at the old CFI Complex in the middle of Hollywood Proper. He took me to lunch at this industry hang called Grub. The food was fantastic and the owner a colorfull character with lots of charm and spunk. Later in the evening i had a movie nite with Andrew of Gould. We saw the latest segment of Pretty Things that dimunitive Michael and Amanda of the Ditty Bops produce. Its hilarious. I love the last vignette with a trendy Asian girl called "Fashion Victim" These kids are talended!

Had a power lunch at the Pacific Dining Car with Joel Lipman, The VP of Development and Rick Scott, the President of Autonomy a design firm in Hollywood that is branching out into production. They want to do a TV show with me where I can do anything i want. Little do they know what that would entail.