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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

My loving sister of the clothe, Judy LaBruce wrote me this little emug that i now share with you my glamorous fans:

hey vag guess what? you know the young actor who played me in the movie "Sugar"? He died. apparently he went back to newfoundland to visit his family and he atesome poisonous flowers and died at the tender age of 22. that is the storythey're presenting so far. i'll try to see if it's a cover. but isn't thatstrange? it makes me feel like i'm cursed or something. like when i did thatbloody car crash fashion spread for a spanish magazine a little while back,and just when it was supposed to be published the terrorist bombing happenedin madrid which killed several people associated with the magazine includingthe major backer, so the magazine folded before it ever came out. mother,what's wrong with me? x blab

Monday, August 02, 2004

Friday at Bricktops Alice Bag strutted her stuff channeling the pigfoot spirit of Bessie Smith with punk verve and hutzpah. Alice looked ravishing along with her husband Greg "Jailbait" Velasquez. On hand to get a view of the ageless diva: Fertile LaToyah Jackson with wife Yadi Delicious, Donita Sparks of L7, Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, Patty Powers(Mrs. Kid Congo)academe and radio presenter Josh Kun, Augusta and her photog hubby Don Spiro, Stephen Campbell Moore(Bright Young Things)Hilary Goldberg, the director of Beyond Lovely with cast members Katrina and galpal, producer Cesar Vega, set designer Cynthia, and cinematographer Alison. Also in full Alice Bag worship mode: filmmaker Laura Nix, Mr. Uncertain, and Zach Braff(Garden State)

Only got 3 hours sleep the next morning so i could be in front of Ron Athey's compound for a yard sale on Saturday and Sunday. Actually made some good coin and had a lovely time visiting with those who stopped by. Sunday i went to check out Dead Lee's new hip hop nite at the Parlour called The Down Low. Love his big peniled gogo boy "Shy Boy". Saw Marvina and that Silverlake 40 lot,and visited with the Club chub gang of Alex and Greg.