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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wenn man auseinander geht

Deliriously fun and sumptuous bruncheon at the stately Victoria Louise Platz compound of Baby Papilein Gunter Gerdes the sexy lover of Ali Jenka of the Vienna based art kollectiv Gelitin.  Ali is now Dr. Professor Jenka and is head of the sculpture and transmedia department of the Kunst Universitaet Linz. Congragulations darling Ali.  So happy that Ali wants me to be a guest professor in Linz, Austria for the Spring 2016 semester.  For those of you looking to rent out a nice studio space here in Berlin, Ali’s 35 square meter studio in Wedding at Wiesen Str 62 at the famous Gerichtshoefe atelier will be ready for sublet between October 2015 to August 2016 for the dynamically cheap price of 310 euros a month that includes heating and internet.  The space is not for living in though and you have access to toilet, shared kitchen facilities and large windows.  Please contact my assistant Glee Brevard at if you are interested and he will put you in contact with Ali of Gelitin.

Had a glorious din din at Fearless leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse’s eastside manor along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and his juicy ItalioGerman lover Piero Bellomo of La Collezione.  After dinner Susi screened the first three episodes on her beamer of the new British series Vicious starring Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.  This olde school style sitcom is lovely in its British bitterness.  Mr. McKellen and Mr. Jacobi are perfect as two sniping battleaxes, but I love the supporting players even more. 

Forgot to mention that I had been invited to a preview of the Amy Schumer starring comic film several months back.  I’m not familiar with Ms. Schumer but I like big boned haus frau looking girls who are so underrepresented in the mainstream film world.  This Judd Apetow directed movie was renamed in Germany with the odd title “Dating Queen” but in the states it is known as Trainwreck.  Ms. Schumer allows the cinematographer to light her in the most horrid manner.  Is this part of what makes it a comedy?  This maudlin klunky vehicle did manage to bring forth at least one revelation----- that most straight men secretly only want to have sex with each other.

If you get the chance purchase a copy of this academic  journal out of Duke University called Radical History Review edited by NYU assistant professor Zeb Tortorici and others. The latest issue is called Queering Archives- Intimate Tracings.  There is an essay from Robert Summers called Queer Archives, Queer Movements:  The Visual and Bodily Archives of Vaginal Davis.  There is also an article about the underrated Chicano artist Mundo Meza who is a little known art world figure who died of AIDS in 1985.  Mundo also use to create the incredible window displays at the fashion forward store in Hollywood Maxfield Blue and it was because of Mundo that Simon Doonon the well regarded fashionista and former window dresser of Barneys New York even has  a career and is so well known.  Doonon and Mundo worked together at Maxfields in the late 70s and early 80s and i believe were even involved in a relationship.

Received a signed copy of the new book by Australian expat writer Stuart Braun, City of Exiles-Berlin From the Outside In which I’m quoted along with Marcuse Siegelstein, Zazie De Paris, Romy Haag and about a zillion others.  Added the book to my nightstand along with the bitchy memoir about Marlene Dietrich by her daughter Maria Riva.  I saw the legendary star perform in 1975 at LA’s Music Center.  At that time I hadn’t seen any of her films and only knew her as an old movie star.  What I remember most was that she was placed on stage by a group of male stagehands, and you could see this happening through the sheer curtain.  When she finished performing the curtain closed and the same men came and carried her away.