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Saturday, October 17, 2009

LA punk rock legend Brendan Mullen died age 60 this week of a massive stroke while on holiday with his beautiful long term companion Ms. Kateri Butler. Brendan ran the famed punk rock club The Masque that was situated in a basement below the Pussycat Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. The entire building is owned now by the TV and film production offices of World of Wonder. The Masque looks the same as it did in its 70s heydey and should remain that way as a shrine.
I´ve known Brendan for what seems like centuries. I never performed at the Masque, but i did perform many times at Club Lingerie, the niteclub that he booked from the mid 80s to early 90s. Brendan was also my house DJ for the performance art boutique GIMP UnLtd that i curated with Ron Athey from 1999-2000. Brendan also guest DJ´d many times at Club Sucker at the Garage and at the first Platinum Oasis endurance art festival at the Coral Sands Motel that i also co-curated with Mz. Athey. Brendan was also one of the artists to create an installation for the 2002 edition of Platinum Oasis. Brendan and Kateri Butler were a hot love-sexy power couple. I worked with Kateri who was my managing editor at the LA Weekly for many years, and she and Brendan were family. An event wasn´t really complete without them. Mr. Mullen´s sense of humour was notoriously gallows. We both didn´t suffer fools, and whenever we would get together the hooting, hollering and gossiping would not stop, plus riotous giggling like two teenage school girls. Brendan also managed the yearly LA Weekly Music Awards ceremony, and DJ´d many entertainment industry events like the Emmy´s and Grammy parties. His writings on the punk scene was clear and sharp. I will miss that mischieveous twinkle in his eye, and its very difficult to lose someone you loved dearly, and admired so.
Jason Segal the cute young comic actor gave me a surprise phone call. Jason was a semi regular at my Bricktops at the Parlour club. He is one tall young man standing 6´4" and has a Jewish father and Christian mother. He looks very Jewish, and so being that I am a fierce Hava Nagila queen he always has a place in my foolish heart. Jason grew up priveledged in Pacific Palisades, but is not like you would expect him to be. I do have this natural disdain for people who come from wealthy backgrounds. When i first met Mr. Segal i didn´t know he was an actor. He had appeared on the unsuccessful TV show Freak and Geeks in the states, that now has a cult following because it produced the very successful director Judd Apetow, and actors Seth Rogan and James Franco. I have never seen this program.
Jason is somewhat obsessed with me, but in a good way. I think he has a little sugar in his tank, and doesn´t know what to do with it. Usually i get these nutty emails asking my opinion on stupid things like his film career. I have only seen one of his movies, a pic co-starring another cuddly Jew named Paul Rudd. I don´t remember the title of this flick, it had something to do with a bromance, and was amusing, Jason and Paul were very appealing in it. Jason also appears in a current TV sitcom I have never seen. I guess reality TV shows havent completely taken over yet.
Also got a surprise long distance phone call from my best girlfriend Glen Meadmore. Glen and his christian cuntry band had some big successes on a recent tour of Europe. Ms. Meadmore is a mega talent, and I am so glad she is getting recognition and appreciation. Can´t wait to reunite with her, Dean the babe Opseth, and Big Dicque Sneaky Pete Tomlinson in New York on November 16th at Santos Party House for a special performance as part of the 2009 Performa Biennale.
In political news here in Germany this fugly uber tired openly gay politician named Guido Westerwelle who use to be the head of the FDP has joined in a coalition with the divinely beautiful Chancellor Angie Merkel and is now the new Finance Minister. This guy is really creepy. A lot of German faggots are super right wing and fascistic, they make Log Cabin Republicans look downright liberal in comparison. Old Guido with his Italian first name, which is really weird because he is so nationalistic is 47 years old, but looks and acts stiffer then any 77 year old spinster. I can´t imagine what his life partner is like, and I don´t want to. Major yuck appeal.
Was treated to a lovely business luncheon with Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of the Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst. Looks like there may be an Arsenal Annex located on Potsdamer Strasse which is down the street from where I live in the Rote Insel section of Schoneberg. Wowza if this happens, as that could be a magnfi development. A lot of Mitte galleries are moving to Potsdamer Strasse as the rents are cheaper. It was also nice to hang with the Arsenal Experimentale crew of Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons, Nadja Talmi and Garret one of the sweet Arsenal Kasse girls.
Last night i DJ´d along with Sheila Chipperfield of Elastica at the opening of Phoenix Radio art exhibit at Kunstraum Bethanien. It was a fantastic show of young Berlin queer artists, and I will give a full report a little bit later. Tonight i am part of a group show that opens at the St. Montgomery Gallery space in Wedding - 13 Pankstr. Drop by if you can. I think it begins at 8pm or so.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday the doll was treated to high tea with rum and dainties by two of my former Weissensee art students Lydia Hamann and Jenny „Cyber Cashy“ Hauke at the Bierhimmel in Kreuzberg. Lydia & Jenny are wonderfully talented pretty girls with a very bright future ahead of them. They will have a big exhibition called Phoenix Radio-Politik Queer Feministischer Räume that opens Friday October 16th 7pm at Projectraum 1 Kunstraum Bethanien, Raumerweiterrungshalle Mariannenplatz 2. I will be VandDJaning in the exhibition space from about 9pm to midnight along with super lovesexy British DJane Sheila Chipperfield from Elastica. So stop by and say Hi while we are doing our spinderella thing behind the wheels of steel.
You are in for a treat. Today I begin a new feature with Speaking From the Diaphragm blog. Yes a special re-occuring series called The Loves of Danithy, 1919. Its almost like the Pearl White serial from the early days of cinema substituting Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim for Ms. White. Herr Hendrickson is one of the most fascinating Ex-Pat flaming creatures living in Berlina. He can speak fluently100 different tongues including Polish, Turkish and Korean and possesses the largest English language library in all Brandenburg. Besides being a founding member of the well respected CHEAP art collective Danny is known as the translator to the stars collaborating with an international array of publishing houses, renown academics, and the world famous Berlina Film Festival. On a personal note he has been lovers for almost 10 years with hunky, young Italian fashion designer Piero Bellomo. Danny is a jackhammer power top who sends his lover to the hospital for repairs everytime they fornicate.
The Loves of Danithy-Part One
One of his major loves is Canto pop, or Cantonese pop music. And when it comes to Canto pop there is no bigger star then Grace Chang, the heroine to Taiwanese filmmaker Tsai Ming Liang. Canto pop music stars are also movie stars, and this has been true from the 1950s to the present day. Leslie Chung, Tony Leung and Anita Mui, who died around the same time that tragic Leslie Chung died was one of the most famous of the singer/film stars of Canto pop.
Danithy´s alltime favourite however is the unbelievably beautiful Edmund Leung, who is a real musicians musician in that he writes his own songs and isn´t just an overly hyped Taiwanese mega product. Danithy also adores Edmund for not shying away from using overt homosexual imagery in his rock videos, many of which reference the films of Wong Kar Wai, like Happy Together and Days of Being Wild. Because of the Chinese Mafia cartel, the Hong Kong film industry has been in crisis for the last ten years or so. The heydays of the 80s and 90s with stars like Michele Yeoh and director John Woo are way OVAH with a capital Oh!
Well that’s it from Danithy for now, but when he returns to this blog expect a some timely info on Turkish pop music with a mini profile of Turkish Ganymede stars Zeki Müren, the Turkish Liberace and teen idol Tarkan.
Got an email from director Spike Jonze of the films Adaptation, Being John Malkovich and the upcoming Where The Wild Things Are. Spike who is the heir to the Speigel Catalogue fortune is coming to Berlin to see the Live Film!Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World Art Festival. I guess Mr. Jonze is going to make a Hollywood movie about Jack Smith. For those of you who have been reading my blog since the 1990s, then you know that I have known Spike Jonze before he was a famous film auteur. He use to be just a nerdy queer boy going to see my performances at Jeffreyland Hilberts LA clubs Trade, Sit & Spin and Hai Karate and hanging out at my HAG Gallery. In fact he was the editor of Dirty Magazine, the boy version of the teen girl glossy Sassy. The magazine didn´t last very long but Spike courted me to write for it, and also was involved in a relationship with a muscular wannabe singer named ”K” who later was signed to the vanity record label of Elton John. Spike works with KK Barrett as his art director for movies, and KK use to be in the legendary LA punk band The Screamers with Tomato du Plenty and Tommy Gear. See how Vaginal Davis connects all the purported dots.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Filming Saturday at the Haus de Kulturen de Welt for Hannah Hurtzigs invigorating version of La Ronde. For this project the head of the circle revolves around intermedia couple Susanne Sachsse & Marc Siegel, and the intimate cosmos that surrounds them, from the Cheap Kollective members Daniel Hendrickson, and Tim Blue to pretty Stefanie Schulte Strathaus the leader of programming & curating at the Arsenal Institute für Film und Videokunst, legends Zazie de Paris & experimental film master Wilhelm Hein, Israeli art star Keren Cyter, interdisciplinary studkin Christophe Chemin, make-up dynamo Tan Bihn Nguyen and la Sachsse´s beautiful, charming 16 year old son Richard Gabriel Gersh who I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful insightful discourse on friendship. Young Mr. Gersh relayed to me how he is missing his adorable best boy friend Jakob, who is living in Washington Sttate as an exchange student in a very small town. Jakob´s new American family are religious fundamentalists who listen to Christian music 24/7. I have known Richard and his amazing twin sister Salome since they were six years old, which makes me like their unofficial black grandmother. All of their friends are fresh faced and personable teenagers. When Jakob is in Berlin he pretty much lives at their Prenzlaurberg compound and is completely part of the extended family of close friends and associates. I couldn’t help but start thinking about when I was a teen, so many hundreds of years ago. I lived in my own crazy universe, and was a bit of a loner to say the least. I even turned my Barbie dolls into punk rock vixens dressing them in tiny versions of Betsy Johnson and Claude Montana outfits. I wish I had a super best friend like Jakob. Come to think of it I do in Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin who lives in London and is completely devoted to the Doll. I am not as good of a friend as Richard is to Jacob. I treat the poor Love Camel horribly and I am always taking him for granted. I guess its human nature to always hurt the ones you love the most. Excuse me a moment while I cry.
After a day of filming I went back to the Sachsse fortress to eat and relax and got to watch MTV´s tired dating show Next with Richard and Marcu. Next was mildly amusing. I´m certainly not missing anything by not having a television or cable.
It starts to pour liquor rain while on our way to Exile Gallery to see the Jack Smith: Cologne, 1974 opening featuring a film by Brigit Hein and photographs by Gwenn Thomas. This gallery exhibition is the first happening that is part of the larger Live Film!Jack Smith! Five Flaming Days in a Rented World eventa. Seen sniffing about the gallery: British artist Andrew Kerton, Ludwig Schönherr and his prima ballerina wife Trixie, Wilhelm Hein & Annette Frick, Anna Muelter & Nadja Talmi, Nanna Heidenreich, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Uli Ziemons, Michael Bryntrup, hunky South Afrikan Adrian, Christian Siekmieir and his ginger beau, actor Daniel Brühl who I just found out lives on Hufaland Str, the same street where la Sachsse and Herr Siegel reside, Tim Blue, Daniel Hendrickson, sexy Italian clothing designer Piero Bellomo of La Collezionne, silver foxxx Weiland Speck of the Berlinale´s Panorama Section, The Chocolate Grinder boys: Little Alex, Juicy Julian, Elektra! Tasty Tim and his super model girlfriend, director Francesco Scianna with English Live Artist Richard Hancock, Liz, Gunnar and their youthful Kz.Kölln posse.