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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Spent the day with little, pretty Billy Miller of STH Magazine, and he is one of the most fascinating people in the world. The information that comes out rapid machine gun style out of his mouth. We had luncheon at Santa Maria the Mexican restaurant on OranienStr and ran into Senol Senturk who looks great with his new short haircut. Billy told me all about David Hurks of Old Reliable now living in some nursing home in Los Angeles, but is being looked after by Dian Hanson the head of Taschen Books adult section. Taschen Books is going to do for Mr. Hurks what they did for AMG and Tom of Finland, namely put out big giant coffee table books. And thanks to John Waters interest David Hurks´photos will be shown at the blue chip New York Gallery of Marion Busky. A young fan of the Old Reliable studio is a very talented and handsome fellow by the name of Christopher Trout who works for Dennis Bell the San Francisco businessman who took over the AMG archive. Billy Miller will exhibit some of the unknown works of the late Bob Mitzer of AMG at Exile Gallery in the fall. This will be the ultimate coupe. Unbeknownst to anyone Mr. Mitzer took photos of women. Most likely the girlfriends of the hustlers he picked up over the many years operating from his Pico Union Compound on 11th Street in Los Angeles. Mr. Mitzer also did commission photography work and its some of these rare fotos that will be shown at Exile in October. Can´t wait. I went to the AMG compound in the 90s when Mr. Mitzer died and what a sight it was to behold. My Afro Sister Clitoris Turner (Bud Thomas) bought some of the many props and posing straps sewn by Mitzer´s mother. I could have killed myself for not taking advantage of the historic gay items, some were just being thrown away. It was really a free-for-all. Jeffrey Hilbert of Sin Bros and Hai Karate fame orchestrated one of the last Bob Mitzer photo shoots that featured 90s hunk Andrew Sears recreating classic Mitzer imagery.
Saturday i went to Exile for the release party of the new issue of STH with sweet young, Polish/Japanese supermodel Winston. Billy was showing his special collection of porn movies like outtakes from Latin Fan Club featuring the most yummiest blatino roughnecks imagineable with tight, taunt bodies and killer weapons between their legs. I also loved an explosive film by Janine Gorden featuring a humpy young thing with a mullet/faux hawk wanking, and Brian Kenny´s homegrown porn with him devestating a tight bodied humpkin.
Sunday night it was the Ullrich Ziemons/Marc Siegel George Kuchar screenings in conjunction with the Berlin Biennale at Arsenal Intitüt für film und video kunst. I adore the Kuchar weather diary series, and all things Gorgeous George. I love my filmmakers raw and nutters. Plus Mr. George made a special hilarious appearance live via Skype to delight the throngs. Also on the bill a wicked selection of short subjects by Austrian filmmaker Friedl vom Gröller. I love what Marc Siegel says about Frau vom Gröller, „Friedl was filmmaker Peter Kubelka's wife, but like most of those macho hetero jerks of the avant-garde, he didn't make filmmaking easy for his wife --It was all about him. Nevertheless, she ditched him and made a number of lovely films, including one great toilet series to warm your hearts.“
Well that toilet film features Ali Jenka of Gelitin kollective volunteering his golden turds for cinematic greatness. Ali was in town for a few day and came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to pay hommage to the Vagimule Doll. We had a hoot of a time together, as he is one of my favorite German language art shtars.
Friday was invited to a Vietcong din din hosted by filmmaking sensation Hoang. The delicious meal was cooked by his hot topshop lover Dredge. The visiting couple are housesitting for Brazilian filmmaker Karim Anouz. At the dinner party was Dean Zanuck of the filmmaking Dynasty.His father is Richard D. Zanuck and grandfather Daryl F. Zanuck who co-founded 20th Century Fox. Didn´t ask him what he was doing in Berlin as i was busy flirting outrageously with the handsome 37 year old, who mentioned that he has a movie starring Robert Duval and Bill Murray that will be coming out after being in some kind of limbo for centuries. I am not exactly interested in movies starring Robert Duval and Bill Murray so i doubt that i will be seeking out that film any time soon.
Also at the dinner party was film historian Marc Siegel, his beautiful girlfriend Susanne Sachsse, Daniel Hendrickson and his African/German/Italian beau Piero Belhommo, Nanna Heidenreich and her gal pal Djane Olga Damnitz. Special thanks to Ms. Damnitz for fixing by bicycleta which had a flat tire.
Had to go to the American Embassy in Dahlem to renew my passport, it was so easy, breezy covergirl. You just walk right up to the counter---no Q, and i was in and out in less then 15 minutes.
O and those of you visiting Berlin and want to check out some nitelife, tonight is DJ Snax´s club Headache. Here is the info: HEADACHE POUNDS August 3rd at Bang Bang Club in Mitte!

Candie Hank - live
Candie Hank (The Mischievous Alter Ego Of Patric Catani) Has Been Messing Up The Musical Landscape From Tokyo To Sao Paolo For Some Time Now. If You Don’t Find Candie Very Likable, Hank Only Confirms This Impression. However, Its Really Only On Stage Where He Truly Lets His Arrogance Loose. It’s Salon Music For Vampires -- Laid Back Terror. It’s A Frantic Ricochet Shot Through The Rubble Of Gone Eras, A Jellyfish Tango Of The Future. Regardless, At The End Of The Day Candie Hank Couldn’t Care Less Whether Digital World Music Is Wanted Or Not. In His Eyes It Just Turned Out To Be ‘A Mixed German Record’.

Khan - guest DJ
Of Turkish and Finnish decent, raised in Frankfurt and having performed and DJ'd all over the world, Khan is truly an international artist. Starting with techno releases under various names (4E, Shakar Khan, Super 8) released on just as many labels (Mille Plateaux, Harvest, Playhouse), Khan moved on to three releases on New York's Matador, collaborating and touring with Kid Congo, Diamanda Galas and Julie Cruise, co-founding Captain Comatose with Headache host, Snax, and currently releasing under his own imprint, I'm Single. After Candie Hank, Khan continues the party behind the decks. Bang your Headache.

Brought to you monthly by international musician and performer Snax and his partner, the irritated Michael R.

Freak out on the dance floor, medicate yourself with one of our dainty SPECIAL COCKTAILS and loll around in the soothing WAGNER LOUNGE downstairs, where Dr. Eklatant presents his quaint vinyl cabinet.

Every first Tuesday of the month
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(S-BHF/trainstation Hackescher Markt)