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Friday, October 10, 2008

Jenny Lumet the daughter of director Sidney Lumet (Dog Day Afternoon) and granddaughter of Lena Horne has written the screenplay to the new Anne Hathaway film Rachel Gets Married directed by Jonathan Demme. I use to run with Jenny back in the 80s in the downtown New York scene. Back then she was a high stepping "It" girl, dabbling in this and that. I heard she became a Jr. High school teacher a few years ago, but now she is getting a lot of acclaim with this movie. I'm sure i will run into her again, perhaps at the Berlinale in Feb 09.
Buck Angel aka: Jake Miller aka: Laura when he was a female fashion model is the subject of a new sculpture by Marc Quinn, the British artist who has also immortalized Kate Moss. Mr. Angel, is becoming the most notorious Female to Male Transexual. I go way back with Buck Angel, the man with a pussy who i still call Jake. As Jake he was married to Mistress Ilsa Strix, aka Dizney aka Karen, the famed dominatrix i use to work with at her house of Domination in Los Feliz. Back then i used the dom moniker of Mistress Veronika V'Interest.
Mistress Ilsa is now married to male to female transexual director Larry Wicholski of the Matrix trilogy.
Last night i went to John Heys Singt at the Kino Arsenal. Mr. Heys is the legendary downtown NY figure who has lived in Berlin since the mid 1980s. John was part of Charles Ludlam's Ridiculous Theatre, muse and lover of famous art photographer Peter Hujar and the first editor of the activist magazine Gay Power from 1969 that featured the earliest photos of Robert Mapplethorpe.
The best of the films screened was The Moroccan Bride 1979, that John made with Andrew Horn, who also directed the Klaus Nomi documentary. Moroccan Bride is an experimental short subject that is sumpteously photographed, lyrical and haunting. John made another short in 2000 that has to be one of the finest meditations on AIDS ever filmed. It parallels John's life as an AIDS survivor with that of a 92 year old German woman named Frau Conrad. It was fantastic seeing John Heys work from decades ago, and also his most recent projects. John Heys is a gay treasurer, and someone you all in the blogosphere should do research on and learn from, and that includes you know-it-all academics who are looking for an interesting subject to write your thesis on. Stop writing about me, and write about John Heys.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Suzi Su aka the delicious Susanne Sachsse, the fearless leader of kollective Cheap had a yummy omlette bruncheon at her spacious eastside compound.  Its always a delight to be at the famous table of Frau Sachsse.  I cant wait to see her playing Little Red Riding Hood at the Parkauer Theatre, and everyone is talking about her collaborative installation The Guilt House with Karen Cytter, an Israeli artist who is like a younger more neurotic version of Tracey Emin.  Look for The Guilt House at the HAU in November.
Its way too easy to dismiss dance theatre as pretentious.  I was expecting pure agony watching the premiere of Dvant, the living in a big way production that is part of the Sasha Waltz and Guests invective at the Radialsystem V, the new space for the arts in Berlin off the Spree River in Freidrichshein.   I was pleasantly surprised by this somewhat uneven piece, but couldnt ignore the sheer muscularity and power of the Gregorian boy band headed by Juan Kruz Diay de Garaio Esnaola, Sidi Larbi Cherkaiui, Luc Dunberry and Damien Jalet who is the latest fiance of my blood of Abraham son Assaf Hochman.  What a Denishawn evening it was.
Went with film historian Marc Siegel to the Rise Gallery in Neukolln to see Christophe Chemins solo show Jeder fur sich und Gott gegen alle which in English is Each for themselves and God against everyone.  This beautiful installation of  macabre color pencil drawings features children of the korn, feral hellmound doggies, fallen sparrows and deluse a daize  straight outta the cauliflower sphincter of Verlaine.  M. Chemin is one super original hot French chick.
Later we wound up in Wedding to catch the opening of art photog Annette Fricks Casa Baubou salon.    Treated to a moving performance from legendary jazz bassist Sirone of the Revolutionary Ensemble, and his gorgeous wife who read an audience member for not paying attention.  The bros Blue, Tim and kJohnny showed radiant musical charm with violin and cello, and a poetry reading from Sissy Tax.   Making the scene sizzle  Susanne Sachsse and her lovely 15 year old daughter Salome Gersh, Evi  Russler, Boris the famous raw foods chef, with his Irish gal pal Rochelle, writer Travis Jeppeson and Slovakian beau Mario, Aastin Brooks and Nadine, Christian Siekmieir of Exile Gallery, cinematographer Michel Belague and his Paris posse,  and Matt Helders the cute drummer of the Artic Monkeys.
Invited to yummy chicken dinner by Tim Blue, and the sexy young son of Patrick Duval of the Zanzibar movement was the surprise guest.  Wow!!!!