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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Bodybuilder gegen einen 14 Zoll dunklen Schlong

For my 600th year on this island Earth I was relentlessly surprised with lovely presents this year. Also Berlin was treated to unseasonably warm weather that almost reached 70 degrees fahrenheit. I couldn't believe that boys were running around town in booty shorts, topless and bare feet. Last year it was freezing cold until Easter Sunday. Not a week ago the lay of the land was covered in snow and ice. Bizarre! On my birthday February 20 i was surprised in the morning by the Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and his husband Piero Bellomo who came baring gifts in the form of some exotic nail polish colors that I can paint with and some other make-up that's perfect for my iconic cosmetics portraiture. Daniel also made me home made Tamales and chocolate chip and shortbread cookies which are my favourite. Daniel and Piiero also took me for take out capucinos.

My gallerist Isabella Bortolozzi and her wonderous famiglia at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi: Aisha, Philip, Maria and Kamilla sent an elderly courier to bring me a delicious chocolate cake (Sachertorte), festooned with colourful macaroons and octaroons, some Bollywood masks, a sensual Tom Hardy beefcake roundabout, a sweet Mario Testino card featuring a nekkid James Gooding and Donavan Leitch, and video conference lights that I really need because of all the Zoom conference calls I seem to be always on, and of course a very large major Ms. Gorgeous bouquet of tulips. Later in the early evening Susanne Sachße and Marcuse Siegelstein surprised me with more lovely tulips, dainties a pair of orthopedic shoes for the Spring as I am so old now that I have to wear not only orthopedic shoes but the orthopedic insoles as well. Susi and Marcuse also took me on a nice power walk and we stopped off at an Indian Restaurant for takeout food and Vino which we consumed on the street enjoying the warm weather with everyone around us. My child of high art Jonathan Berger and my west coast gallerist Amy Adams sent me a gift certificate to feast at the high class Austrian restaurant Ottenthal. Lots of telegrams, and emails with fervant Birthday wishes from around the world. Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus sent me a giant box of chocolate covered cherries, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras who has been personally training me so I can lose my winter speck and have a summer Bikini bod took me to Goggi BOSS for Korean street food takeout and yesterday my Israeli adopted art son Assaf Hochman aka Blood of Abrahamic Covenant invited me for burgers at the Burgermeister that has the best hamburgers in the city.


Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
is pleased to announce

Morag Keil

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi

27 February – 3 April 2021
Open by appointment


That delicious troublemaker Janet Klein is causing mischief once again, this time with Steven C. Smith and film music legends legend Max Steiner.


One of my delightful students from Work Master HEAD Geneva the super talented Loren Kagny just sent me her new newsletter chock full of activity and inventiveness from Loren and her rock steady crew.

Here are some news about what I am currently doing :

You can see some new pieces in Fribourg - I participated to the beautiful show Giggling Softly, Smiling big along with very talented artists at Wallstreet.

It is currently closed but you can still see it in private by appointment only - more information on their website

Otherwise, you can virtually visit the show here

Still in Fribourg, you can see costumes and a gourd I created in the show
A Selene Blues from my friend Giulia Essyad at Fri Art.
It is a truly amazing show w(°o°)w
I am so proud of my friend and so glad I had to work for this beautiful project. The museum is curently closed but you can still see the show virtually here and also see me as a character from Giulia's sci-fi story Blue Bot.
i pla

Another exciting news is that some of my creations are available in Japan now in the shop Radd Lounge in Shibuya, Tokyo
It is a dream coming true for me because as a teenage I would dream of Shibuya as I was reading the manga Gals ! about a group of very stylish girls who would always hang out in Shibuya

Ok.. I think that's it for today :)
I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of art as we have lower access to it in real life for now...