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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Oden an Die Melancholie

So sorry folks in cyberland that I have been lax in my blogina writing but the Vagimule doll has been one busy blacktress crisscrossing around the planet with one project after another. My North American trip to New York City was granada. Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse and I scored major kudos with Magic Flute Part Two: A Film in Pieces which opened June 8th at the 80 WSE Gallery in Greenwich Village NYU compound across the street from Washington Square Park. The film installation by the legendary Michel Auder with assist by Michael Stickrod came together in a spectacular fashion and of course Jonathan Berger and his adept crew did an amazing job in mounting this fab exhibition which will be on view till August 12th so if you are in the tri-state region go and see it.  My iconic make-up paintings and other ephemera are also featured. 
The Goethe Institut put Susi and I in the cute Chelsea Gem Hotel at 300 West 22nd Street which was conveniently located near every place we had to venture to. The Gem is a former single room occupancy turned mini boutique hotel with no frills or thrills. The staff was very sweet and accomodating though the lobby lighting isn't flattering to someone like myself of a certain age,but they had a most charming tiny rooftop garden.
The Magic Flute Part 3: Press Conference at Goethe Institut was a crazed hoot and a half, Deconstructing the panel discussion was our aim and we succeeded with the divine assist of luscious Lia Gangitano of Participant Inc as moderator and Cleofus Gwenvere of punk band black fag as respondant. The Irving Place auditorium was SRO with a divoon Manhattan audience that included exBerliner Annette Knol one of my former Weissensee students and her vivacious significant other Amelia Bande, Jeanne Vaccaro, Viktor Neumann, Ektor Marie Garcia of the gay ceramix club, who was also one of my kids from The Chicago  Art Instititute now a grad student at Columbia, Josefina from Sweden,Bricktops at the Parlour Club's Charity Hope Valentine who now writes for Bomb, Chicano hungthrob Sean Carillo, the legendary scholar Douglas Crimp looking very handsome and dapper as usual, juicy glam power couple Asya & Ted Berger, Prince Alex Casso, lovesexy artist extroidinaire Damien Davis, Ian Alcock, Ralph Baylor, Chris Blue, Lucio Castro, Emily Clayton, Izzy Cohan, Kelian Delice, Samuel Draxler, Dustin Foster, Jacquelyn Gallo, Sara Gil, Roger Matthew Grant, Juliette Hayt, Bonnie Lane, Sawyer Mitchell, Julia Moses, Kit Tyson, Punk Rock Dave Perett, Patricio Schmigeglow, Zachary Shoenhut, Sara Tasini, Scotland Zief, Jess Garcia, Glenn Belverio, Mark Morgan Perez, Baseera Khan,Wenzel Bilger, and the incredible Michele Lamy visiting America from Paris, France checking up on the east coast Rick Owens Empire.
Susanne and I were the special guests at a fundraiser for Lia Gangitano's amazing Participant Inc.Gallery, the only not for profit gallery space left in New York City. The bodacious event was held at a secret garden studio of Israeli artist Izhar Patkin that was part indoor/outdoor.  Participant After Dark was modeled after Playboy After Dark.  The alcohol and middle eastern food constantly flowed with a delectable array of celebutants that included: Robin Richman the Chicago fashion supershtar, interior designer Dean Holdiman, Michelle Handelman and her partner Vincent, secret dealer Brian Kish, the wonderous Kathe Burkhart, Elisabeth Kley, Marja Samson, Douglas Ferguson, David Everitt Howe of Bomb Magazine, Olga Dekalo, Jackie Rudin, Rafael Sanchez, Pati Herting, Glendalys Medina, Rafael Melendez, Robert Boyd, Spencer Product, Marti Domination of Jackie 60, Mr. Twinkle, Amanda Trager, Gary Indiana, Slava Mogutin, Lucien Bahaj, John Brattin, the delightful Gala Verdugo the daughter of actress Elena Verdugo of Marcus Welby MD fame and former Universal Pictures starlet in the 1950s with husband Benjamin Tischer of Invisible-Exports Gallery, Nath Ann Carrera, Gavin Downie, Pailo Heitz, John Kelly, Craig Hensala, Amy Scholder, Elisabeth Subrin, Bibbe Hansen, Richard Gabriel, Ross Evangelista, diva of divas Kembra Pfahler, Hunter Reynolds, Justin Vivian Bond of Kiki and Herb fame, Jack Waters, Ethan Weinstock, Steven Azo Michaels, Glenn Belverio, jewelry goddess Jelena Behrend who made a CHEAP kollektiv dazzler for VD and SS with her lady love Ruta Petrakovaite, T. Delong,Cady Noland, Scott Ewalt, AK Burns, and Christian Music. The weather in New York was boiling hot and humid so of course Lady Ms. Davis was forever sweating and not exactly looking her best.

Art photog Annette Frick converses with Anette Kubritza who wrote the feminist cult book Fluxus, Flirt and Feminism in the new Camera Austria nr. 134. Pick it up now!!!!