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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

After Berlinale was over i got a little sore throat that didnt last long, but then my re-occuring knee problems reared its ugly head, making it difficult to walk, when that started to fade, i really got my black ass kicked with a stomach virus that had me projectile excrementing and vomiting at the same time. i have never felt so sick in my holy life. My apartment is till more of a vomitorium then flat. I am feeling much better now and can actually eat solid foods.
I guess getting this bug that has been trolling around Berlin since December was like having a free high colonic, and i did lose some inches around the waisteline, but what a way to diet. I certainly don't need to pattern my life after an Olsen Twin.
Its confirmed i will be at Le Palais de Tokyo in Paris France on April 9th with Porno Adorno, F*ck Like the F*cking Blacks. Le Palais is one of the few hip performance spaces in France. Everything else is just too dreary and institutional.
I've also been invited to the Busan Biennale in South Korea, that takes place in September of this year. Hopefully i will meet a hunky Korean boy who will turn me into his kimchi concubine.