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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Been having to write recommendation letters for a lot of my former students including the wonderfully talented and handsome Damien Davis who was in one of my seminars at NYU back in 2006.  Damien’s artwork is quite impressive.  I consider him to be a main  proponent of the Stacy
Lattisaw/Patrice Rushen Op art school of Ubangi Realness.  Damien is not related to me as Davis is not my real surname but I  would always tell people he was the grandchild of Sammy Davis Jr. and his last wife the Las Vegas dancer/showgirl Altovise, who had a small supporting role in the Nancy Walker directed HiEnergy disco musical Can’t Stop the Music 1980 featuring The Village People,  Valerie Perrine, sexy Jewish hungthrob Steve Guttenberg(who I was an undergraduate with at UCLA.  The young Mr. Guttenberg could really fill out his Dolphin shorts) and Olympic track star Bruce Jenner.  Can’t Stop the Music is one of my favourite early 80s guilty film pleasures along with the Brooke Shields romantic drama Endless Love co-starring Shirley Knight, Don Murray,Penelope Medford(Richard Gere’s ex girlfriend when I knew them back in the early 1980s when they were neighbors with my NYC mentor George "Mommy" Byron) James Spader & Tom Cruise in their first film roles and a beautiful Martin Hewitt who reminds me of one of my young NYU students named Alex Casso.
Was cleaning out a bunch of boxes and found some letters from a former admirer Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor who is now the Duke of Westminister and worth billions as his family is one of the riches in England and have been for centuries.  Once Lord Grosvenor gave me a diamond bracelot which I blythely passed on to one of my best girlfriends as I am not much of a jewelry person and hate diamonds.  Whenever I had wealthy beaus I have always done something to jinx the relationship. I guess its my inherent disdain for the wealthy. William Waldron another Brit from the nobility that also fancied me and owned a store on Melrose Avenue called Just William I wound up insulting.  Years later I heard from his ex-wife that he turned into a mountain man living in the wilds of the Sierra Nevadas.  Warning to men everywhere:  Don’t fall in love with Vaginal Davis or you will wind up either committing suicide or going mad. 
Two of my perfect Goethe Universitat students the beautiful and vibrant Julian Scherer and his pretty and personable gal pal Sandra Bruetting are in Berlin for holiday and took me out for cafĂ© &kuchen at the Neus Ufer on the Haupt Strasse which was the perfect place to just hang and catch up on every little thing.  It was so wonderful being able to spend quality time with these two amazing young people.  With Julian and Sandra taking the lead I now have faith in the future generation.  

Monday, March 24, 2014


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music Sunday evening was really all about the music with a documentary about the legendary Indian auteur Satyajit Ray. Daniel Hendrickson the Skandinavian Muslim started the evening off perfectly playing Armenian klavier melodies as infernal hostess Miss Vaginal Davis went off on one of her Finnegan’s Wake like gossipy riffs. The after the screening wine reception was completely Bengali style as a whorde of celebutants proffered about the Kino 2 space. Looking fabulous and regal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus just back from a working tour of the Middle East and India promoting experimental film with the charming and stately Doina Popescu head honcho of Toronto’s Ryerson Image Center and former director of the Goethe Institute of Toronto. Ms. Popescu was wearing a silver Tibetan medallion that was beyond gorgeous. Also seen in full juicy splendour the effervescent art shtar Antonia Baehr aka Werner Hirsch who is so dapper and delightful along with fellow art goddess Angela Melitoupolous, DJane Bianca Kruk aka Manuela Schinina, DJane Olga Damnitz with the always lovely Angela Anderson and posse that included Noam Gorbat. It was wonderful seeing the beautiful Nazli Kalerci the Turkish/Kurdish film programmer who is making quite the international name for herself. Nazli was telling me all the gossip about Turkish president Erdogan and his sex tape which features his rather large but ungainly presidential penis. The extroidinary Ms. Kalerci who is one of the smartest, most engaging and powerful young women I know came to RSFS with her new roommate the personable young filmmaker Syllas Tzoumerkas of Greece who is editing his second feature film A Blast. In the Kalerci/Tzoumerkas entourage was the pretty young Israeli video artiste Adam Kaplan, the lesbian supermodel Cara Delevingne with gal pal Caitlin Cronenberg the daughter of Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg and blondine American actor Dane DeHaan. RSFS regulars: Markus “SexGod” Ruff, Uli Ziemons whose book on George Kuchar the first of its kind in German will be out shortly, Arsenal projectionist Anselm and Little Alex of Macedonia who made the Vagimule doll look stunning with his make-up, hair and sophisticated fashion styling expertise. Next month April 20th Rising Stars, Falling Stars will host a Manifesto Night with a screening of the1940 classic Dance Girl Dance directed by my former teacher Dorothy Arzner the first openly Lesbian golden era Hollywood Director in the Director’s Guild. This is a must see film so don’t miss it. The movie stars Maureen O’Hara and Lucille Ball in her first dramatic role years before her TV fame as I Love Lucy.