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Thursday, June 11, 2015


CFile, a global community for clay and ceramic creatives have featured the Vaginal Davis doll and Rod Bianco at the NADA fair in their weekly blog
Was coming back from the post office and ran into a pair of bubblebutt bobsytwin looking blondine boys wearing matching hippy style harum pants on the Hauptstrasse. O and they were also barefoot. I love me some of these dirty white German boys. In Berlin there are also a lot of straight men who have very femme features and a lot of straight women who have masculine features including broad shoulders and are very tall. Several times i found myself cruising on the street what I thought was a college age boy and it turned out to be young woman, and several times I pointed out a hot looking babydyke and in reality it was a genetic man or teenage boy of the early Justin Bieber modus. One look that is quite prevalent with middle age men in Berlina is that of the adult baby. Resembling an infant or toddler when you are 50 years old is never a good thing.

Monday, June 08, 2015


The weather in Berlin warmed up to heat wave levels which was actually nice because it forced the boys and men to wear skimpy clothing providing some nice eye candy for The Doll's hairy eyeballs.  Gone are those god awful hiphop influenced board shorts that are now being replaced by "who wears short shorts" and "Daisy Dukes".  I wouldnt mind if thongs became the new male trend in Berlina proper as men in my adopted hometown tend to have rather voluptuous asstrovars.  The only thing that is missing is broad shoulders.  Berlin can't hold a candle to the men in Hollywood who have surfer boy shoulders that taper down to a tiny waist.  The only problema is that men in Southern California---especially ACTORS are way too short. Berlin herren have the height but i can do without those narrow shoulders, pigeon chests and way too skinny ankles in stove pipe pants and complicated jeans.
Attended a scrumpteous dinner party at the compound of Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse of CHEAP kollective where she cooked some spring awakening asparagus and field salat that was way too divoon for wordlings. Delightful visiting scholars from New Yorika  headed by the handsome Heather Love and her gorgeous wifette Mara and personable daughter Juliet along with vibrant lesbian fagademics Ann Marie and Lee of New Zealand via Australia.  Lots of booze was consumed  as assorted expensive Kentucky pussy galore Bourbon, vodka body shots, gin martinis, and fractured fairytales spilled into the wee hours  as Marcuse Siegelstein the hilarious juicy jewsy film historian who teaches at the Goethe Universitaet in Frankfurt am Main did his best Zero Mostel/Shecky Green impersonations.
I had a nice meeting at the Romeo und Romeo Cafe in Nollendorky Platz with young junior curator  Mahret Kupka who will be putting on a drag congress and art & film festival at the Museum Angewandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Arts) in Frankfurt in the Fall of 2016.  I hope to do an installation with Susanne Sachsse of our Communist Bigamist(Two Love Stories) piece. 
Frau Kupka is very lovely and tall like a supermodel.  There aren't many curators in Germany who are people of color as Teutania is still very anglo-patriarchalsific.
Received this sweet missive from that sexpot and intellectual power top Alex Jovanovich who also is the best reviewer that Art Forum Magazine has on staff:
"Love your post on man-buns and Christian commune cult-leader beards. All foul. I
intend to chignon the hairs growing from my back wart and grow to rabbinical
fullness m'southern region pubes. I'll be sure to leave a little Thousand Island
dressing in there at all times." 

Those of you in the New York area must check out dear Alex's latest events----

Dear All:

I'm happy to announce I have a few exhibitions/events happening this month:

" The Nothing That Is - a drawing show in 5 parts" at the CAM Raleigh--a huge group belt-buster curated by Bill Thelen (see attached the beautiful invite he created for the show):
" Making a Scene: Objects for Performance" at the MAD, curated by Jake Yuzna (I'll be performing " New Day," commissioned especially for the series, on June 12 + 13):

" Inside the Episode" at Launch F18, a summer show curated by Jack Pierson (attached is the marvelous invite Jack made for this show):

Hope all of you are far better than well--see you soon!