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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Took a break from writing text for my West of Rome/Getty/Pacific Standard Time commission piece to have a breakfast date with my two young sweet Tenderloin boys Jan Klesse and Andreas Stoiber at Café More in Nollendorky Platz. We had a hoot of a time shooting the proverbial breeze. Andreas gave me a copy of is CD Hello World where he takes on the persona of Krach der Roboter.I can't wait to listen to it. Earlier walking over to the boite with Jan from Rote Insel Jan told me some very interesting stories about his family during World War 2 that was completely engrossing. His grandfather and his grandmother are still alive at ages 90 and 86 and his granddad is missing an arm from the war. His grandmother’s brother was killed at age 20 for speaking out against the Nazi’regime in the public square.
We also talked about my pen pals as a child and how when I use to write to one French boy when I was in elementary school how surprised I was by his political protest activity at such a young age.

Oh received these sex emugs from a good friend of mine in the states. Hope you enjoy:

I had a visit this afternoon from my lil bike buddy.

He was in a super horny mood today. He walked in, I was in a suit, he stripped down, and did an acrobatic hand stand number with his pink hot lil foondio in my face...I was sitting and his hands were on the floor, if u can imagine that. It was a deep munch session and straight into some bootie action.

He says young guys don't know how to fuck. I had him on his belly, side ways, puposa style and on all fours arched high with a straight down the hole push. He said, he was new to the high back arch and bootie dig...

The kid is very flexible and shoots huge loads. Two loads were offered up to
the Gods today and then he slept for about an hour.
Yesterday I was home working when I get a text message from the little dude I sent u pics of. He wanted to hang out, that normally means he wants to get fucked. I told him to stop by. He was over soon after, he stripped down and started massaging me and was boned up rock hard as soon as he took his chonies off.
I took in the massage, didn't touch him back, I just let him take care of daddy! He was out of control horned up, arching his ass so I can see, rubbing my body with his, he was all Cat in Heat!
I let him continue and paid little attention to his needs and worried about my needs. I was all Mac Momma!
It wasn't until about 1 hour or so later, i let him suck my chorizo, which was very short, as he wanted to mount me, as he says. He has such a Hot lil body, and his tiny tight pink Butt Hole is delicious... he finally sat on my chorizo, on his second trust he shot a fucken guzzler of cum all over my chest, face, eye, hair, ear and pillow... at that point, i started my jack hammer fuck and pushed him as he said, to another level. I held his ass tight until I worked my own Nut. So, it was over, I was busy, he slept for about 3hrs. (it was his day off) it was hot. he's a hottie.
My very talented student Stine from Malmo Art Academy in Malmo Sweden emailed me her schedule with her band for the next few weeks. If you get a chance go and see her perform let me know how you liked it as I won’t be in Berlin for most of Jan and February.

Jan 14th at some place called supamolly but think thats just a soliparty for a lost street
Jan 26th at king kong club berlin think this one will be fun
Feb 25th at madame claudes xberg

Below is the latest update from Ms. Elly Clark the delightful young British artist and gallerist.

The Mobility Project
Curated by Elly Clarke / Clarke Gallery
At The Meter Room
58-64 Corporation Street
Coventry CV1 1FG
With work by Simon Clark, Elly Clarke, Enda O’Donoghue, Kerstin Honeit, Rebecca Pittman, plan b/Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers, Fedora Romita and Kym Ward
Private View: 19.01.2012
And then exhibition is open 20.01.2012 – 19.02.2012 – Friday-Sunday 1-5pm
Panel Discussion: 21.01.2012, 2pm – with all artists plus Alfredo Cramerotti
Clarke Gallery is delighted and honoured to bring The Mobility Project to The Meter Room. This is the second stop of this exhibition, which began at Galerie Suvi Lehtinen in Berlin. We are extremely grateful for the support of Arts Council England, Coventry Council and Culture Ireland - without which this exhibition - and all artists - could not have come to Coventry.
“Keep connected, you are never alone, never alone with a mobile phone in your pocket.”1
Over the last decade, particularly since the mass take-up of the mobile phone, the ever-increasing mobility - of people, goods, information and images - has radically altered the way we perceive, interpret, navigate and even describe the world. Notions of presence and absence, solitude and togetherness and even of geography are changing as our personally tailored collections of contacts, communities, photos and politics are with us 24/7. The way we travel around the places we live in, and how we interact with others whilst we’re there, has a great impact on the way we understand not only where we are but also who we are. Communication and movement are, and always have been, closely linked, dictating the scope of our influence. But today, in a world where one tweeted photo can be seen across five continents within seconds, that influence can reach areas and cultures of which we have no concept.
This exhibition presents seven different projections of mobility. From Simon Clark’s epic cycle journey around the UK delivering postcards he picked up from the Galapagos Islands direct into people’s hands to plan b’s live redrawing of their GPS traces gathered (and redrawn) day by day during visits to the UK over the past few years direct onto the gallery wall; from Enda O’Donoghue paintings created from low-res mobile phone photos found on the internet to Kerstin Honeit’s multi-city performance-experiments where she instructs women to stand on the same area of pavement for fifteen minutes; from Fedora Romita’s audio recordings of the U-Bahn network of Berlin as a means of getting to know the city she just moved to, to Rebecca Pittman’s two screen video installation of her journey along a featureless road in the states listening to driving music and finally also my own five minute video showing an unexpected moment of stillness on the German Autobahn - these are personal portraits of navigation. But, between them, they touch on wider issues that affect us all as we negotiate our way around the world - including gender, power, surveillance and the relationship between physical and virtual materiality.
On 21st January at 2pm a panel discussion will take place in the gallery, featuring all the artists in the show, a performance lecture by Kym Ward and guest speaker artist/curator Alfredo Cramerotti.
All work in this exhibition is for sale. There is also a specially commissioned set of prints by all exhibiting artists - the sales of which will help fund this exhibition’s onward journey.
Many thanks to Dan Pryde-Jarmen of the Meter Room, Daisy Ware-Jarrett, Genea Bailey and all artists.
Elly Clarke is an artist & curator based in Berlin and Birmingham, UK.
1Excerpt from Instanteous Culture by Berlin band Theodor Storm
My horndog pal with the exagerrated sex life sent me another little missive that i think is very cute:

I got an email from a Hot Ass'd swimmer checking in with me if I'm interested in a 3-G today.
I get a second email from a yoga friend letting me know that today he's having a little gathering, with a 21 year old hottie as the Fuck Machine, if I'd like to join him...
Negra, I just want Peace in the Middle East and get on with my work!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Cozy holiday dinner party at Piero Bellomo’s spacious Lutzoplatz flat with delicious food cooked by his lover Communism aka: Daniel Hendrickson that included flying fish,teutonic potatoes croqs,green bean pistillaries and a tart floozy for desert. Piero is Mr. Christmas and really lights up during the holidays, the delightful small gathering also included part of Piero’s Greek posse of the bubbly and personable Ms. Mariana and dimunitive queeny straight dude Elitheris who is a doctor of optometry. I don’t celebrate Christmas but that didn’t stop Piero from gifting the doll with lovely presents that included some of his latest sportwear designs, bedding, make-up and nail polish. Thank you Piero for taking care of this insane wo-man.
Christmas day I spent with Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras at his Rix Dorf compound for a Xmas brunch that featured his hearty pumpkin soup. The handsome artist and musician is one of my favorite peeps and is so childlike and playful that I always have a splendid time with him. The next evening was invited to a post Christmas dinner brunch with a lot of celebrities who I cannot name at this time as lots of secrets were discussed and I gave my word that I wouldn’t broadcast this information on my blogina, so sorry but I have to keep somethings private.
Tuesday I spent the early evening at Uli Ziemon’s who was helping me prep some musical materials for my big performance in Los Angeles via the Getty/Pacific Standard Time and West of Rome. Uli also cooked the doll a scrumptious dinner, then we took off for the Arsenal to see a packed screening of Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense featuring The Talking Heads. The last time I saw the film was when it was released at a premiere at Hollywoodd’s Cinerama Dome and at the after party at the Hollywood Athletic Club I was being chased by the band’s drummer and the film’s director. I made out with both of them, though Sean DeLear wound up bedding the drummer. Also dancing and singing along in the Arsenal aisle: Daniel Hendrickson, Angela Anderson aka: Olga Damnitz and birthday girl Angela Melitoupoulous.
Wednesday it was the yearly Hannukah feast by Jewish Muslim Daniel Hendrickson at his Neu Koelln apartment. There is nothing more delicious then homemade latkes and persimmon pudding washed down by a champagne cocktail and the entirety of CHEAP was on hand to chow including Marc Siegel, Susanne Sachsse, Tim &kJohnny Blue, Salome&Richard Gersch with Miss Vicky and Piero Bellomo.
The next morning I went to breakfast with Mr. Uli Ziemons, the handsomest man in all of New Germany at the More Café. Uli really turns heads and everyone in the joint was trying to get his attention, but of course he only had eyes for his Vagimule doll.
Was taking a break from working on my text for my new performance piece in Los Angeles that takes place at the site specific location of the famed Bullock’s Wilshire Department Store. So I dashed around the corner to catch a screening at the Xenon theatre of the German gay film Romeos directed by Sabine Bernardi that features Rick Okon as a young F2M falling in love with a mega hot half German half Turkish boy played by the stunning male ingénue Maximillian Befort. Mr. Befort is major eye candy and he and Mr. Okon were quite effective as well as Liv Lisa Fries as a randy lesbiana. The performances were sincere & compelling, but the film had too much of an overall TV movie feel to it. Last night had a juicy playdate with Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who introduced me to Silence, the Kreuzberg healing house and holistic massage center that features computerized jade thermal massage that got me feeling very whorelistic. After the massage met with Susanne Sachsse, Marc Siegel, Nanna Heidenreich, Daniel Hendrickson and Piero Bellomo at a wonderful Italian restaurant La Bionda(The Blonde Girl)where I ate a most appetizing salami pizza. 2nite is new year’s eve and the fireworks that highlight Silvester celebrations in Berlin are going to be even more intense as the city ok’d bigger and louder fireworks being sold to the general public. I hate Silvester celebrations as the city sounds like a war zone. I plan on trying to get some writing done and then its bedtime by 10pm. If I am not working on New Year’s Eve I spend the time doing something productive like meditation or writing, but I never go to parties as that would be trite.