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Friday, March 16, 2007

It sure is cold here in Montreal. I appreciate the early Berlin Spring more now that my face is freezing when i step out of my lovely suite at the Omni Hotel right across the street from McGill University. My hotel room even has a bedet---i drink from it all day.
The long flight from Berlina wasn't that bad. The first leg took place in one of the most cramped commuter jets i've ever flown in. I sat next to a handsome, young Swiss business type, who was completely indifferent to the charms of "The Doll". Of course Mr. Henry Grethel suit needs to be killed immediately for not wanting to join the mile high club with la diva.
The Zurich Airport is like being in the 1930s film version of Brave New Word. Talk about high tech. Been to Zurich many times, but always by train from other parts of Europa. I thought i would have to exchange my euros from Swiss Francs, but the woman at the till said, we take American Dollars, British pounds, Euros, Pesos, Crankels and Kernels. Got a bite to eat at the Burger King and it cost 10 euros-- Yikes!
Luckily on my flight there were lots of lovely pale skinned boys with peaches and cream complexions, and a throbbing group of juicy young hasidic jews, whose thick knobs i would have loved to polish.
Cute and efervescent Ms. Leila, one of the main organizers of the arts conference i am participating in at McGill, looks like she is 17, and is good pals with Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras. Professora Jose Munoz of NYU, and i grab a bite to eat at a chi chi french bistro, and then check out the limousine lap dancing boy bars Campus and Stroke. We will save a date with the legendary male showpalast Taboo, for when the kids take us out for a nice dinner after our lecture, then its all show and Guiermo Tell.