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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Was back in Los Angeles for a few days and for some strange reason I was feeling nostalgic and decided to go back to my old childhood neighborhood in South Central. Had a gigantic soul food feast in the Shaw as in Crenshaw. The old Japanese movie theatre is still there but now its some kind of Pentacostal Church and the Googie style bowling alley is a Starbucks. The Crenshaw Shopping Center where my mother and older sister use to put my school clothes on lay-away is now an icky Wal-mart, but the Robinson’s MayCompany is still there, and the building looks almost the same. Leimert Park also has retained its glamour. Back in the day the boys from Crenshaw High were know as the sexiest Jubas Jubilees in all of Funkytown. Maverick Flat, which use to be a gay bar is still there, but now its rented out for private parties.
Went through USC to cruise eye candy and there was plenty. Ran into Buttons Sinclair and El Cholo’s new Phd girlfriend who were on there way to Summer Schule class. Ended up near Santa Monica and Fairfax and bumped into three American Idols who were on there way to the Subway sandwich shoppe. Of course I didn’t know they were American Idols, but these two young girls standing near me did, and they went into a veritable tizzy. The three American Idol boys were dressed very casually, two were wearing flip flops, one had a shiny bald head and looked like a wannabe alt rocker dude, he even had the obligatory wallet key chain, the other kid had a long blond mullet pulled back in a ponytail with a goofy crooked tooth grin, and the last boy was super hot, tall with longish dark brown hair and a fantastic mantinee idol smile and big come hither eyes. I wanted to drop down on my knees and digest a load of the kids thickerous semen right on the spot.