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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Had brunch with Edith "head" Gonzales at The Pantry downtown. I adore Edith, she's one of the true blue ones. Her marriage to Steve Human of the Vandals fame seems to be rocky once more. They have a beautiful tow headed little girl, and Edith is step mom to Steve's gorgeous 18 year old son from a previous relationship. When i see my good friends having a hard time making their lesbianic domesticity work, i'm glad that i've never had a long term relationship----its sooooo not worth it.

Last night i went out Margarita drinking at Casita, welcoming Eddie G back to LA from Montreal. Eddie was my beautiful nazi skinhead doorman from Club Sucker and the star of my film "The White To Be Angry". He looked amazing. Eddie is one of the worlds best kissers, and i've heard he can suck the rust off a cock.
Went back to the Fairfax Laemmle for their musical tributata. Saw Fred Astaire in lady Vincente Minnelli's The Bandwagon and Easter Parade with Judy Judy Judy. I've never seen Easter Parade in a movie theatre. It really holds up, and is surprisingly not that dated as musicals go. Well it is dated and not dated at the same time, if you know what i mean. Can't wait to see Pal Joey, and Gigi.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Went by the Spotlight and missed Michael Waugh, the great great grandson of writer Evelyn Waugh(Brideshead Revisited) He's supposed to come by Bricktops Friday, but something tells me his romantic piccadilos with some well endowed LA hunkasauruses will prevent his appearance.
Friday's Cole Porter Love For Sale night at Bricktops was magnifique. Chanteuse Anna Biller with Jerod Sanford,accompanied by a gifted ivory tinkler, Wynn Myerson put on quite a show of shows, and Buttons Sinclair and Shauna Leone were taxi dancing like it was going out of shiny shiny. DJ Pirate Jenny was also in finala form. The celebutants in the audience included the curvy singer Abby Travis and handsome beau in tow, designer Michael Schmidt with former matinee idol Mickey Roarke, who was such a good sport as Madame Bricktops mocked his plastic surgery victim look from the stage. Also stopping by was Marquis de Gris and Mattvin of the Hobo Jazz Band, Melissa Sexchester,John Quayle celebrating his birthday, Jean Spinosa looking as fetching as ever, heiress Andrew Sears, art historian Robert Summers who is the nephew of County Supervisor Gloria Molina, and video art star Ming Ma. The Persian tranny temptress Parisa was locking jaws with Brandon Flowers of the Killers, and also with various members of the Brit band Bloc Party.
Sunday i went to the Laemmle Fairfax to see 7 Brides For 7 Bros and Showboat starring the great Ava Gardner. It was a perfect way to escape the unseasonably warm weather. Had lunch at Farmers Market and was cruised by the comedian Howie Mandel and director John Landis(An American Werewolf in London) Didn't know that they had suger in their tanks, maybe they don't, and innocently clocked me as an out of drag tranny and wanted to simply hit some of my racehorse arse. Who could blame them or any man for that.
I hope the skater bio pic "Lords of Dogtown" starring that juicy Victor Rasuk doesn't gloss over Tony Alva's drag queen and tranny chasing forays. Back in the 1980's when i lived at the Via Rosa on Sunset i had me a lot of fun with Mr. Alva and Max Perlich, the skate rat turned movie and TV character actor.
Buttons Sinclair took me to lunch downtown at the LA FishMart on 6th and Central, one of this cities most dynamic working class hangs.
Mark Simon of the Samuel French Booksellers invited me along with The Boyfriends to the Harold Arlen trib at the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences. Michael "Too short and Queeny" Feinstein was the hostess. She's a good cabaret singer, but is a little too shticky for my tastes. The late Bobby Short was much more edgier. I enjoyed seeing Fayard Nicholas of the famed Nicholas Bros and a dapper looking Tony Martin with his legendary dancer wife Cyd Charrisse. The queen of apple cheekdom, Mitzi Gaynor in a white pantsuit and orange ruffey tan proved she is still a horny good time Sally coyly throwing down some dirt on ex-lover Howard Hughes while purring and acting all buttery.