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Friday, August 31, 2012


My Vagimulic relationship with the Saarbruecken Scientist has certainly opened up my sex chakras. Lately I’ve noticed that men who use to pass me on the street with disdain and a sneer are suddenly giving me the hairy eyeball. Even the young entrepreneur Aaron Levie is all wrapped up in the House of the Vagimule doll, though I think his interest in me is more business oriented as he thinks he can exploit my talent and not my Beyonce bubbled derriere.

After my last date with Herr Saarbruecken we left the fancy Turkish boite Defne on the canal and as he was walking me to the underground we ran into kJohnny Blue of the famed Blue Brothers on a date with his gorgeous young mom visiting from Portland, Oregon and prima ballerina Trixie Schoenherr aka: Beatrice Cordua. It was a round of merriment by all as we laughed and hooted along Kottbusser Damn. Mrs. Blue is an earthy and sensuous mother of 12 spirited and talented children, and kJohnny takes after his hot mom in the looks department with sparkly eyes, joyous smile and hearty laugh. Mrs. Blue is quite famous for shaking up the Catholic Church. Her current husband left the priesthood for the love of this great beauty. She and kJohnny had just returned from Lisbon, Portugal where they enjoyed a glorious mother/son holiday. One fun fact about kJohnny is that he is an expert seamstress. His momma taught him how to sew like an El Salvadorean mamacita in a downtown LA sweatshop.

Just heard that my old pal Rufus Wainwright just got hitched to his long time beau Jorn Weisebrodt who is the artistic director of the Luminato Festival in Toronto. Jorn appeared in a segment called Frau Unter Einflus of my 2001 omnibus film Berlin Stories along with Susanne Sachsse. Jorn use to be known for having the longest, thickest penis in Berlin, and after acting in a scene with him in my film where he is nude I can attest to his length and prodigious girth. Jorn is also a complete sweatheart, extroidinarily handsome and has aged very well over the years since I first met him when he worked for director Robert Wilson. The last time I saw him and Rufus was when I was their special guest at the Berliner Ensemble where Wilson and Wainwright collaborated on the musical project Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Got together with my darling Christian Weber for breakfast at East London-God Save British Food on the Mehringdamn Corridor. I always have a wonderous time with my beautiful young Phd boy Christian, who is so adorably cute, lovesexy and dorky with his tight muscular bubble butt and pre-raphelite pale skin.

Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was packed to the rafters with a young, energetic crowd. Its really developing into something new and fascinating. The movies screened included 1929’s short subject St. Louis Blues starring Bessie Smith which was problematic with its stereotypical depiction of urban black life and violence to women so I had to give it a disclaimer. Still the movie is powerful for the strident musical force that is Miss Bessie Smith in her only film appearance. Paired with St. Louis Blues is the short feature by Amos Poe and Ivan Kral Blank Generation featuring startling appearances by Patti Smith, Television, Blondie, Talking Heads, David Johansen, Annie Golden who use to be in a New York New Wave band and had a feature role in the film version of Hair and the illustrious Jayne County when she was still known as Wayne County who stole the film with her Toilet Love costume and mock French fuck of an audience member with plunger. I loved how the film’s musical performances weren’t in sinq and the rough n tumble raw like sushi quality of the entire proceedings. Some of the bands in the movie looked very hippy dippy and sounded completely middle-of-the-road which shows you that 1975/1976 in New York and Los Angeles were definately transition years.

Enjoying the ambiance of the Arsenal’s Kino 2 during the wine reception a robust Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus in conversation with prima ballerina Trixie Schoenherr aka: Beatrice Cordua and CHEAP kollective’s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marc Siegel, Living Archives Markus Ruff with the Arsenal guest curator in residence Joel Pizzani of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mr. Pizzani will present his program 2nite at Arsenal at 7pm and also Tue-Friday at 8pm. Also seen the delightful young artist Andrea Bellu of Staedel Schule with her handsome brother Mathei,hunky Israeli modern dancer Assaf Hochman who will in Dusseldorf for two months dancing as fast as he can with his muscular little beau Little Alex of Macedonia who did a wonderful job on my make-up, and styling, the cute Portuguese thick haired art connection were turning heads with their sheer loveliness, and rock goddess Texas Terri made her first appearance to RSFS. Texas Terri has lived in Berlin since 2007 buts wants to relocate to London. Texas and Berlin superstar Zazie de Paris bonded over Jayne County who lived with Zazie when Jayne was in Berlin in the early 1980s. Breaking hearts with his tight bodied gaysien beauty the patrician Brown scholar Eng-Beng with Conor Oberst of the band Bright Eyes, DJane Manuela “Bianca” Kruk, lovesexxxy artist Pauline Beaudry and her handsome Italian girlfriend, NYU’s Performance Studies professor Tavia Nyongo, actor Jake Gyllenhaal blending in the background and feeling a little miffed that hardly anyone recognized him, muscular Uli Ziemons who has started going to the gym and will re-emerge even buffer by next month at RSFS Sept 23rd when we will screen the French musical Les Parapluies de Cherbourg starring Catherine Denueve, Muslim Jihadist Daniel Hendrickson whose piano intros are always the talk of the evening. Daniel will be leaving for vacation to Italy with his hot lover Piero Bellomo and will be greatly missed by his doll.