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Saturday, August 15, 2020


 Der geneigte hellgelbe Fliesenboden des Badezimmers leitete das Wasser zu einem Abfluß

Once again Ms. Davis is in major apology mode for not writing in this very blog even after being gifted a wonderful brand new Mac Book Air from some very generous admirers here in Berlin.  The ladies  benefactors who want to remain anonymous not only bought her a streamlined lap top which is so light an airy its like typing on a mist cake.  The Vagimule doll is feeling very Polychrome the Rainbow's daughter. They also came to her rescue in getting the woman DSL internet as her old flat from 1860 wasn't able to accommodate high speed.  The Davis creature has lived in Berlin since 2005 with no internet. Don't ask her why or how, as she remain forever "Tunte und Technique".

For those of you who still haven't watched CHEAP People Are Other People the first CHEAP Collective feature film in five reels.  You can still see it for free streamlined from 10pm-6am Germany time every day until August 20th on the Academy De Kunst of the World Cologne website.  The film was made while all the CHEAP members were in isolation in March and April with  fearless leader Susanne Sachße editing all the parts together from various CHEAP contributions.


Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome, the performative film event will make a special site specific appearance at the HKW Sunday August 23rd 9pm with a social distanced open air rooftop terrace screening of Werner Schroeter's 1968 film Neurasia starring Magdalena Montezuma.  The last CVS was December, 2019 so this will be the first time Berlin  audiences will get to see Vaginal Davis and Daniel Hendrickson back in action.  This is a joint cooperation between HKW - Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Arsenal Institut für Film und Videokunst.  There will be some special surprises so do yourself a favour and come on down and be ready to get down and dirty.  For more info go to: or