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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I’m always forgetting that my webblog is one of the most read in the world. Webmaster Larry-Bob tells me that the number of hits is astronomical. Of course not all the hits are for me, the majority are just horndogs looking for girlie action. Google Vagina and it instantly goes toyours truly. Fortunately some wind up being intrigued and actually become fans. Too bad I’m not business oriented, I could use this to my advantage and actually become gainfully employed for the first time in my life. Alas, thats not going to happen anytime soon.
My recent Margaret Cho posting caused a title wave of emugs my way. My intern hasn’t sent me all of them, but one missive from Bill Silva of Bill Silva Touring, Records and Filmworks was a pleasant surprise. Besides producing tours for Miss Cho, Bill has done every biggie in the music business. My intern Gleeson showed me Bill’s web page and he also handles management for Margaret now, and her opening act Bruce, as well as former tour manager John Hogan. Bill has his work cut out for him if he’s now repping Bruce and JHo. Oh welpsis. If he can make that cute little self-centered kid Jason Mraz a huge recording star, he can work wonders on anybody.

Here is what Bill had to say:

Hi vag,

Just wanted to send you a little "heeeeeeYyy" and some love. Saw your blog re: margaret and laughed my ass off in between feeling warm and fuzzy about the nice things you wrote about me. Wow. I'll never make it in hollywood if that nice reputation gets disemminated.

Also didn't realize that the jho relationship was not mutual love, hmmmmm.

How are you? Are you loving life and living it with all the passion you've ever had? I am. I leave on a 6-month sabbatical as of june 30, going all over the world, studying buddhism with monks in thailand, going to south africa to help in aids orphanages, I can't wait!!!

Love love love,

And Larry Bob just forwarded me a note from Margaret’s ex-manager Karen Taussig. Didn't expect to hear from her. Ain’t the internet grand?


You know what? I think you are brilliant. There's nothing I respect more than an artist forsaking mainstream acceptance in order to remain true to her vision. That was the message behind Margaret's first film, I'm The One That I Want. That message made her into an icon.

I always thought that you had a unique insight into people's souls. For the record...
a.. Margaret chose her opening acts. Fwiw, I don't think your career would have benefitted from the continued relationship.
b.. And cheap? Well, let's just say it was my job, on Margaret's behalf, to be cheap. Every dollar you earned or spent came out of her pocket, not mine.
c.. I loved J Ho. So flawed, confused, and full of heart and, without the typical hostility towards women. He had lost his mother recently and was truly devastated.
d.. Austin is an incredible artist but an even more opportunistic businessman. He's got Margaret wrapped around his "I will make you look beautiful as long as I can use your name and image for my portfolio" finger.
e.. Margaret's husband tried to kill her at least once. At least that's what I was told by Margaret, Bruce, and Ava. Him spending her money was the least of my concerns. In his latest video project in which she took part, a woman is stabbed with an ice pick and bleeds to death. The minute we parted, she began promoting his projects. I hope everyone in her life isn't just yessing her to death.
f.. I see her new manager a bit differently than do you. They are suing me. Details here.
Karen Taussig

P.S. You coming out on stage in that American Flag dress 4 days or so after 9-11 was the single most awe inspiring moment of my life.