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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Merce Cunningham the famed avant garde choreographer and dancer died at the age of 90. Cunningham was the longtime hornpone lover of the composer John Cage who left this mortal coil in the early 1990s. My favorite Cunningham quote “Experience is a form of paralysis”.
I just got two lovely fan letters the other day that put a great big pumpkin smile on my face. One from the French novelist Michel Houellebecq known for writing the book The Possibility of an Island, and the other from Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie who also sent me a screener copy of his new movie Moon which I´m sure he wants me to write about, and I will as soon as I have time to watch it undisturbed.
Just got some gossip about the firing of Laurie Ochoa as the editor in chief of my former employer The LA Weekly. Basically the story goes that Laurie went to lunch and never came back. I guess the Village Voice/New Times Media corporate bosses were as mean to her as she was to some of the people she fired in the last few years. I have no bone to pick with Laurie. She was always nice to me, but that fugly husband of hers Jonathan Gold I couldn´t believe he won a Pulitzer Prize for food writing. I remember in the 1980s when he was a music writer and had a lame band called Tank Burial. He always struck me as bitter because he wasn´t good looking, and didn´t have the charisma to be a rock star. Well what do you expect when you are a balding portly ginger. He should just be content that he has an attractive wife, who spit out for him a couple of brats. I wonder if Jonathan and Laurie still live in Pasadena next door to the aging actress Madeline Stowe. I really loved Laurie´s mother, she was a very white acting Chicana who was not about to play the role of the pepperpot Abuelita.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Filmed a sweet short intermedia dance oriented film with little Alex of Macedonia for his Choc Grinder Production company. Loved working with his film crew which includes manlische Tasty Tim as cinematographer, handsome Julian Radlmaier his producer, and pretty Elektra his production designer. Tan Binh Nguyen did an excellent job on the make-up and hair making me look like the ultimate desire goddess. Tan Binh is a genius. After filming Alex took me to dinner at a scrumpteous Greek restaurant where i had the best split pea soup I’ve eaten in a coons age.
Just got a report that my old pal singer/songwriter Rufus Wainright just premiered to mixed results his first opera, Prima Dona at the Manchester England International Theater Festival. The libretto was written by Rufus and luscious Frenchwoman Bernadette Colomine who I´ve known for many years on the LA scene where she sang in the underground art bands The Apache Dancers and Shoo Fly. I´ve always adored the beautiful soft spoken Bernadette, and I hope she has finally escaped from the artistic clutches of her moody bisexual husband Terry Dorn.
One of my sweet NYU students Mila Geisler sent me a lovely care packagina from the States that included some new wigs via her sexy pal Valentina, and her pretty San Antonio Tex Mex friend. The two New York ladies were in Berlin vacationing and I met them in front of the Bassy Cowboy Club where we had a few drinks and engaged in a bit of girltalk. The next morning they were off to London town for some serious clothes shopping and manhunting.
Gorgeous Princeton scholar Ricardo Montez stopped by the Cheese Endique Trifecta to bring me a luscious designer cheesecake before taking a train to Strausberg. Young Mr. Montez had gone to the art fag club Pet Shop Bears and had a wonderful time I´ve been told that it is filled with the usual homo careerists, and that there isn´t much of a broiling hot sex vibe. Ricardo confirmed my suspicions. Berlin has a lot of yummy men, but they just don´t seem to have the energies to really get down and dirty in a manner that is filled with joy an elan.
Later at the Trifecta I was joined by my Weissensee students for a send-off for Joana Coppi who will be studying in New York City for a school year. The movie ingenue looking Ms. Coppi was all a flutter with her fun loving beau, Aussie Axel. Lots of laughing, drinking, eating and joyous merriment with all involved.
The other evening i went with Daniel the Scandanavian Muslim to Gayhana the middle eastern nightclub at SO36. Due to the summer holidays the Kottbusser Tor streets were somewhat empty for a Saturday night, and the nightclub wasn´t at its usual capacity. It was nice to experience a weekend with out the usual drunk and disorderly types that make Berlin a bit of a pesky nuissance.
Got a phone call from Frankie McTavish, one of the peripheral members of the First Family of Fuck in Los Angeles. Frankie was in Berlin for a short visit. We weren´t able to connect in person, but it was nice hearing a familiar voice from my hometown. Frankie told me that he is still a hairhopper, and was going to cut his vacation short to service a client in Las Vegas. Frankie use to be gay married to a mogul and lived a Carol Burnette ill hairdoo Hollywood wife life up in the Mulholland Hills. Frankie was always a good time Sally and is known for his Evil Queen from Snow White tatoo on his back. I´m sure he had a blast at that tired techno club Berghain where he was heading when we chatted on Saturday.