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Saturday, June 28, 2014


I am so tunte und technik---- so if you are having problems with the link to my radio interview with Manuel Schubert of The Taz just go down and click on to it:


Oh and I got singled out in an art review in the New York Observer of the group exhibition I have 12 make-up paintings in at the Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery on the Lower East Side of New York City. Go the gallery and buy my art work. The prices are very reasonable and not inflated like everything else in the tired art world, plus I am famous but not rich so i need the moula$. I don't talk about this much, but I am a single mother supporting my nephew and neice back in Los Angeles. My older sister died of cancer back in 2011. In fact I support all my family in Los Angeles as there are no jobs in the USA anymore and even though my relatives lived in Funkytown aka South Central Los Angeles the cost of living has risen so much that they all had to move out of the city to Lancaster up in the mountains North of Los Angeles which is very bleak and dismal part of Xurbia. Anyway enough of my sob story here is the review:


Havent had a sex report from one of my ultra frisky USA pals in quite some time so I was happy to receive this little missive fresh from the prostrate glandular:

Hello Momma Chula,

I have been in a bit of a mess with the end of the second quarter. We closed out the quarter with a record business production, I will not know the final numbers until next week.

I have been busy with my little friend Richie. He is a real cutie, we r pushing almost 2years of weekly fuck sessions. A few weeks ago he asked the question: Where or what would this relationship lead to. I very Matter of Factly replied. Why do u ask, u know the set up. I told him he was young and that perhaps our arrangement was confusing his ideals of a relationship. He went about his way and that was that. About 2 days went by and he sent me a text. He apologized for his question and said he would not ask again. He then asked if I had time for him to stop by. I agreed. He stopped by, stripped at the door and went to the bed, laid down ass up and we went about our routine. His Hole is absolutely Beautiful.

In my yoga class I met a skinny white dude with a hot Latina girlfriend. We've chatted a few times about class and small talk. Twice he suggested a beer after class. I finally said yes. He lives with his old lady. He is 32, she is 20 something. I kind of figured something was up when his yoga buddy did not show up for a beer. Anyway, in class the next day he suggested if I ever needed to get away and chill with a beer, he said I should chill, as he put it, at his place.
He wanted to hear burning man stories. I was down as I knew he was a little sugary. I went last Saturday, his girl was in San Diego with family. I had one beer he had 3. He started to tell me about his girl and how she couldn't handle his cock. I laughed and said, ok, I want to see this cock. He showed it to me. It was huge. I grabbed it and it was thick and rubbery and long. I said, fuck, no wonder, he is super lean. I said, take ur clothes off. He did. I said, a guy can suck and take ur dick. He was pre cumming really heavy. I wiped the pre cum and sucked on it. He got hard but not Real hard for his age.

I turned him around and studied his ass and spread his cheeks, his hole was hairy, I dug my tongue in there and he stiffened up and then relaxed. I chowed down on his hot tight hole. It didn't take long for him to show me how hard his dick was. I licked his balls and shaft and then took in his head and I swallowed that entire big dick down to the base. It was a clean swoop all the way down. I pulled back and he exploded with a huge cigarette smelling cum load. He smokes and I could smell that smoker smell on his body. He was pouring sweat and had cum all over the floor and his leg and abs.

Since that day we have met up twice. He is all over being Rimmed. He is a dorky white dude with a big dick.

There is also a 22yr old FIDM student, he is a rough hottie. A top, he likes my energy, he likes that we r both Tops and are cool with rimming and sucking. He is uncut and is into uncut. I met him through a hustler I took pictures of. He needed pics for a portfolio. I did them at no charge. He loved my place and my books and photography. I have played with him twice. The fool told his 37 year old boyfriend he fucked around with me and got kicked out of his apartment. So now he living with 3 other students, where I told him he should be.

So my Negra feya, I'm still a dog. This past Thursday I played with Richie in the morning and then Grant, the 22yr old sent me a text if he could stop by that afternoon. Of course I said Yes. He has the nicest furry hole on a lean bubble butt. He says lots of guys want to top him, including me. But he does appear to be a full on young top.

So there u have it. I'm on my way to the Grand Canyon with my Boo and Oliver the German Schvulie.


THE HESSIAN COURIER" target="_blank" style="color:#808080; font-weight:bold;">Rising Stars Falling Stars - Vaginal Davis & Ornette Coleman & Shirley Clarke - June 2014
by" target="_blank" style="color:#808080; font-weight:bold;">Filmanzeiger on" target="_blank" style="color:#808080; font-weight:bold;"> Mixcloud

Friday, June 27, 2014


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Monday, June 23, 2014


Went to Arsenal with Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Magazine for the Hollywood Pre Code screening of the sexually charged Alfred E. Green film Baby Face starring Miss Barbara Stanwyck and fey George Brent. It was a packed house eager to see la Stanwyck triumph after reading Nietzsche "All life, no matter how we idealize it, is nothing more nor less than exploitation." That's what I'm telling you. Exploit yourself. Go to some big city where you will find opportunities! Be strong! Defiant! A woman, young, beautiful like you, can get anything she wants in the world. Because you have power over men. You must be a master, not a slave. But you must use men, not let them use you.Get the things you want! And boy does she---beautifully clawing her way up the corporate and social ladder merrily melting the stained glass ceiling in the process. I love how her character stays true to her Black lesbian soulmate Chico. When Barbara Stanwyke is living in a penthouse flat dripping in diamonds and furs she spreads the wealth to her girlfriend the blues singing Miss Chico who is also dressed to the nines while masquerading as her maid. The ending is a little sappy and unrealistic that after being pimped out by her own father she would experience true love in the form of a bland marriage to ganymede Mr.Brent. A far better climax would have been staying true to her principles and sailing off to Paris with her black gal pal and letting her weak willed husband die from his suicide attempt. But that’s just the practical Ice Cold Katy in me talking.

After the screening I had to rush off to the Friar’s Club at OstBahnof as its Hideous Creatures Week in Berlin. I was almost certain that the Friar’s pignic palasst would be crawling with touristas of the heavy genet lokki. Sad to report utter disappointment by the lame turnout of everyday lizards, grunions and archaepelicos. If I hadn’t been compted by my pal Cunnard Lines who was working the door, the trip would have been a complete waste of time leaving me in perpetual Jurgen Anger. I couldn’t believe that there was only one real beauty present in the house. This striking gorgon was much younger then I would have expected at the Friars possessing a sizzlepraelean body, full throttle breastage, high buttocks, rump and a handsome vaguely rugged face. Of course he was sporting the modern day obligatory facial hair that seems to come as standard equipment with the metropolitan mensis of late. O and yes his dorg while in a flaccid state was lengthy and widthicus. He and his swarthy Brutus looking companion like me were eager to flee the premises early with such poor pickings abound.