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Friday, April 14, 2006

Wonderous time in Bregenz with my Gelitin boys. Much love kisses and thanx to daddy loving Ali and Papi Choulo, bick dicked dwink of water Flo, and his pretty wife and gorgeous children, Chevalier Wolfie Amadeus, and matinee idol Tobi. you are the bestest.
Got up early and took train to Berlin. Of course i got a bit lost as i don´t do trains well either. nice adventure though. met cute fat assed train worker who helped me MUCH, and lots of deli eye candy on the long long winding road to Oz as in berlina. sat next to a handsome baby dyke and a flawless young business man---yum
reunion with cheap din din and lots of drinking at the communista pizza joing with daniela and tim blue, lots of hugs and kisses. went to the Sheuna leather daddy salty dog bar and it was packed with leatherettes and costumers from all over fairyland. everyone wanted to suck on my lady tits and i let them, i was so hungry for stink. settled down and had a mini romance with a cute chinese aussie fashionista twinkasaurus till 3am, came back to flat and crashed until 3pm the next day. i had a lot of sleep to make up for.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I don´t know what day it is, thats the whirl i´ve been under with the boys from Gelitin here in Austria. I´ve had a wonderous mad swirl of a time. Got to flirt with cute tiny Christof of of the many Geliten army memebers. Christof has the tightest roundest bubble butt on record, and is sincere and sensitive. He doesn´t know exactly what to make of me. The Gelitin exilhary members are an international lot scouring the globe. David Jourdain, from France is one of the most masculine. He reminds me of a slightly taller Jean Genet, but with a bigger thicker penis. Hooray! The girls including Joey Heatherton look-a-like Rita Novak and Romy Schneider doppleganger Sabine Friesz are just delights. And the rest of the performers and crew are the most lick and suckable in all of Christendom.
My good friend and younger art sister Rosina Kuhn came to the fancy opening last night. There were a thousand people crowded into the museum, enjoying the liquor that never stopped flowing.
During the performance a hot father, daughter and son partook in the mudslide room, stripping and playing in the Volcanic kanundra. The boy was such a beefy bubble butt divinity that he made everyones jaw drop. Fine ass, face, dick and titty. The quatre whammy. unbelievable.
after the opening we went to the only alternative bar in town on top of a mountain. i flirted some more but the only ones sharing my room were two girls that decided they didn´t want to sleep with some of the gelitin crew boys so i wound up hosting an impromptu slumberina party. not exactly what i was hoping for but i am a lady who goes with the flowzilla. Got run now its time for the gourmet artist luncheon.