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Friday, November 22, 2013


For all of you dear and lovely Vagimule fanatics in the New York trifecta I highly recommend or rather demanda of you to attend the exhibition Devotion:  Excavating Bob Mizer that opens tomorrow.  This very important art event by two of my smartest and most talented comrades of armic delicacy Billy Miller of STH fame and Jonathan Berger who is my very first child of Manhatta High Art is the be all and end all so you would be a fool not to see it and I pity such a fool.  

DEVOTION: Excavating Bob Mizer

NYU Steinhardt / 80WSE Gallery
80 Washington Square East, NYC
November 23, 2013 - February 15, 2014

OPENING RECEPTION November 23rd 6-8pm

Afterparty: THE MONSTER NYC (DJ's SALVOR Projects & Johynny Dynell)

The Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development is pleased to present the exhibition "DEVOTION: Excavating Bob Mizer", on view at 80 Washington Square East Gallery from November 23rd, 2013 to February 15th, 2014. DEVOTION will be the first major institutional solo presentation of Bob Mizer's work to be shown anywhere in the world. The exhibition is organized by Billy Miller and Jonathan Berger in collaboration with Dennis Bell of The Bob Mizer Foundation and students and faculty from the NYU Steinhardt Department of Art and Art Professions.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Met with the lovely and stylish Ryann Donnelly at WAU Café who interviewed me for the new popular music mag Popular Noise. Ms. Donnelly is in a Phd program with my wonderful British academic hornpig pal Gavin Butt in London but came to Berlin to perform at HAU 2 as part of Andrezej T. Wirth: Flucht nach vorn-mit Gertrude Stein Im Gepaeck. Pretty Lady Miss Donnelly wrote a fabtastic article about my paintings and sculpture for Art in America last year. Love going to WAU café and seeing all the staff including their sweet manager Thomas and also getting the chance to chit chat with the HAU technical teams including the great gorgeous Susanne Goerres who is my neighbor in the Rote Insel kiez.

Monday night I was invited to a super duper 35 course catered Sri Lankan dinner party at the Hofjaeger Palais Embassy Row home of the El Salvadoran Embassador to Germany Anita Escher who is lovely and most gracious. Ms. Escher and her brother Frank Escher grew up in the German part of Switzerland to a Swiss father and Salvadoran mother, but they were raised also in the US and hold dual passports. I met Frank Escher and his lover and architectural partner Ravi Gune Wardena when they were my production designers for my West of Rome/Getty/Pacific Standard Time piece in Los Angeles in 2012 My Pussy is Still in Los Angeles(I Just Live in Berlin). Frank and Ravi are in Berlin to visit Frank’s sister and then do lectures in Poland and France. Their illustrious party started with high tea at 4pm, cocktails at 6pm and a George Cukor Dinner at 8 with a dazzling array of international celebutants including glamour puss Angelika Taschen of the Taschen book publishing dynasty,UDK architecture professor Andreas Fuhrimann who is the proud owner of five automobiles, vivacious Kimberli Meyers the director of the MAK Center for the Arts & Architecture at the Schindler House in Los Angeles who use to be a regular at my Club Sucker, the punk rock beer bust and olde English T-dance, and her personable German wife Silke,lovesexxy young Australian choreographer Adam Linder who has worked with Michael Clark and his French beau Shahryar Nashat.

Saturday I tag teamed DJaned along with baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras at the re-opening of the new Schwuz Club in Neu Koelln. Joel and I handled the spinderella chores during the VIP private shindig from 8-11pm. The new Schwuz is massive and from the looks of things its still a work in progress. I think it was smart to leave the Mehringdamn Corridor of Kreuzberg for fresher digs. Seen partying up a storm at Schwuz: film historian Marc Siegel and his lady love Susanne Sachsse. Earlier in the day I had a girlacious luncheon with La Sachsse at the Shaunbraun in Friedrickshein Park. Also scene and herd: Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim, with his lover Piero Bellhomo, Bruce La Bruce’s long time film producer Jurgen Brunning with Klaus, Michael Bidner the filmpartner of John Heys, beautiful diva Kaey, DJ Nicolas Tange Lange, handsome French art fotog Thomas Dozol minus his significant other Michael Stipe who is in Athens, Georgia having Thanksgiving with his parents, Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Magazine and too many others to mention.

Went to a short film program of the Interfilm Festival at the Passagen Kino in Rixdorf to see Akmed Constantine Berger’s short subject Lunch Hour which is a very charming film with strong performances from wonderful lead actors. There were several other good films including a documentary about that stupid billion dollar castle they are building in the center of Berlin, another documentary about a homeless man and a short subject involving a young patrician fellow trying to break free from the constraints of growing up in a “good German bougie family”.