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Friday, August 18, 2017


Had a delightful time conversing with the great Mr. Plattenspieler-Thomas Meinecke the other night. He was with his gorgeous wife Michaela Melia’n and lovely daughter Julia who is a student at the DFFB. 

This all took place at the 39th birthday celebration of famed art photog Wolfgang Tillmans.
If you’re not familiar with Herr Meinecke he is a noted DJ, musician and author. We were both part of Hannah Hurtzig’s last Mobile Academy installation at the Kampnagel, Hamburg in the Spring. I simply adored hearing Thomas talk about his many projects, as he is quite prolific. He is also a super fan of my best girlfriend Glen Meadmore. Soon Thomas will have his first book translated into English through an Amazon imprint. 

The atmosphere was sumpteous at the Tillmans shindig. You can’t go wrong with a penthouse roofgarden studio in the very heart of Kreuzberg. Goldenen tinsel decorations matched the sultry summer evening. Panorama views engulfed the guests as the alcohol flowed non stop erotic cabaret style. Lots of cute young trendy boys smoking lethal smelling cigerettes. One doesn’t expect any righteous flirting or sexing at these artsy Teutonic affairs. That would be a major naynay Papa.

I hardly ever go to gatherings as I am such a loner, but when i do I come around starting time so i can see the place fill up, and leave early. Another first arrival I chittle chatted with was a sweet Lesbian artist who is represented by a New York gallery, and she told me she liked my Come on Daughter Save Me make-up and clay sculpture exhibition at Invisible-Exports Gallery in 2015.
Speaking of skulptresses the great German artiste Isa Genzken was at the party looking quite 
handsome and stately. There were many celebs afoot as well, but with Ms. Genzken in the haus all others paled in comparison.

Monday, August 14, 2017


Thank Jehovah of Armies for my new Berlin gallerist Dan Gunn of the Dan Gunn Gallery. Dan has been such a devilishly sweet and sexy exterminating angel in helping me get all my paintings packed and ready for shipment to New York for my two woman show Chemira. Yes Chemira opens Sept 8th at Invisible-Exports Gallery with the late great Louise Nevelson sculptures and my make-up paintings. Dan also arranged a buttery promotional photo shoot with Brit art photog Nicky of Monumental Strasse where I am in Louise doo rag drag.

The CHEAP kollektiv did a special taped version of their popular CHEAP Funk radio show for Reboot FM 88.4. For this edition of ReBooty FM the playful CHEAPies called the evening CHEAP Norway and Queer International Camels. The show includes Ms. Davis reciting the 15 Commandments according to Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin and a camel Penelope Pitstop Top 5 of summer music listening, plus lots of other oddities and attrocities from DJ Nancy, Fearless Leader and Marcuse Siegelstein.

The Vagimule Doll, Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson got together last week for some long range planning and have decided that after 10 fabulous years Rising Stars, Falling Stars will come to an end at the close of 2017.  Its sad, but hey, all good things must end. 

For the last year, the latest itteration of Rising Stars, Falling Stars has been under the subtitle: Sweet 16mm-Never Been Kissed. Our next screening will take place Sungay, Sept 3rd 8pm at silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin Wedding. The film shown will be the musical comedy Lets Make Love 1960, starring Marilyn Monroe, Yves Montand, Tony Randall and Frankie Vaughan directed by the all time great faggot film director George Cukor. This version of Rising Stars will also celebrate the 22nd birthday of Susanne Sachsse the Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv, and will be presented in association with Arsenal Institut fur Film und VideoKunst and Goldsmith University London as part of their Summer School.

The last Rising Stars will be around Christmas time but don’t despair as from the ashes of Rising Stars will emerge a new concept that will premiere in the Spring of 2018 called Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome. Be on the lookout for CVS as everyones mothers brothers auntie's cousin will be talking about it the world over.