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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


Whooshing in the former East at the compound of Susanne Sachsse for a bruncheon celebrating a visit from the James Caan doppleganger father of film historian Marc Siegel. The elder Siegel and his longtime companion travelled to Berlin all the way from suburban Detroit. The Sachsse/Gershe/Siegels will then venture to Lake  Perry Coumo and have an audience with Sir George of Clooney the closeted Hollywood actor and his humpy young boyfriend. It was a very festive gathering that featured such stellar VIP’s as Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Daniel Hendrickson, Richard Gersche and his lovesexy bestfriend and roommate Jacob and Richard’s lovely girlfriend Miss Vicki who has not only one but two starring roles in German films coming out soon. Saturday I welcomed back to Berlin the handsomest man of all Europa Uli Ziemons with a breakfast meeting at Mokalola on Lebener Strasse the Marlene Deitrich street in the Rote Insel. Uli was looking quite hot and very tanned and relaxed from his holiday in Greece with Little Alex of Macedonia. He also went to the Locarno Film Festival where he saw several films that were part of a George Cukor retrospektacle and a new film from Canada called The Dirties that was quite a hilarious hoot. Friday I had bruncheon at the Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras’ Rixdorf Villa along with Dree Hemmingway the daughter of my old pal Mariel Hemmingway and international supershtar DJane Honey Dijon who has a new album coming out and has been working on some music with the Baby Diaper. I also recorded my Rising Stars, Falling Stars text for Miss Honey to use on a track. Saw the fantasy film The Mortal Instrument which is trying way too hard to be the next Twilight franchise, one of the actors who is Irish named Robert Sheehan plays a dweeb with glasses and is very cute reminding me of Little Alex of Macedonia and there is a tall stately Asian actor who plays a gay Warlock who is extremely sexy but poor CCH Pounder’s talents are completely wasted in this film. Lucky for Ms. Pounder she gets killed. Was invited to luncheon with Manuel Schubert of FilmHighlights Magazine and his visiting ganymead film historian friend. They took me to this great Japanese restaurant across the street from UDK near the Zoo Station. One thing I miss about not living in Los Angeles is Japanese food. Had another late summer laundry party with Mr. Schubert after which we ventured to Mokalola for breakfast and then to see a guilty pleasure Hollywood film in the form of We’re the Millers starring Genital Aniston who I can’t believe still gets starring roles in movies and Jason Sudeikis who reminds me of 1940s comic actor Eddie Bracken along with Emma Roberts the daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia and a dorky ginger haired Brit boy Will Poulter who was just adoreable playing a teenage nebbish.