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Saturday, November 05, 2011

The poor Vagimule doll is still exhausted from olde London town and my workshops with the phd students of Goldsmith College. Left England in the morning and arrived in Barcelona where i was whisked from the aeroport by lovely Lara Navarro, the assistant of Gloria Vilches of Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona. They put me in the beautiful Jazz Hotel and fed me and my CHEAP collegue Marc Siegel. I could barely keep awake during the lecture by Matthias Mueller--thats how tired I am with so little sleep from all my responsibilities in London. After dinner i had to skip the Mueller screening and jump into my California King sized bed. In the morning i had the delicious free breakfast and will write all about being in London and my Tate Modern performance as soon as I get an adapter for my lap top which is running on empty. So sorry for going so long without regular updates but it just couldn't be helped.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Vagimule doll is exhausted beyond belief after an intense Framing the Freakazoid workshop process with a spirited, gifted group of young sexy tyro artists here in London that was part of the Performance Matters Arts Festival and Live Art Development Agency. The workshop took place at the Toynbee Studios Court Room which is a beautiful Victorian Hall that use to be a children's courtroom that prosecuted street urchins and artful dodger types. After 7 hour days of rumination with my co-facilitators Jonathan Berger the visionary young New York based artist & curator and juicy Lewis Church the 23 year old dark ginger Jewish hungthrob, the efforts paid off royally in a wild installation/performance called The Lesbian Seperatist Junior League of Freak Nations Summit. We presented some historicals that we felt would inspire and did just that. You can't go wrong with Kembra Pfahler, Nina Simone, William Blake, Exuma, Andy Kaufman, Reza Abdul, Peter Schumann, Superstudio, Dolemite, sculptural outsiders: Annie Hooper, James Hampton and the likesis of The Tired Danielle and Goddess Bunny.

The participants in the workshop: Allie Carr, Beth Leticia Savage, Fatima Serghini, Jason Graham, Jian Yi, Laura Adamson, Owen Parry, Pavlos Kountouriotis, Rebecca Weeks and Sara Zaltash are destined to become the next generation of Rising Art Shtars.
Now the performance/installation part of it was beyond wicked. Featuring walks of high shame, show girl theory, conjuring of voice, alien anal sex fiending, Put the Blame on Mame from Gilda, and endurance masturbating----what could go wrong?
After the piece the entire company along with big daddy Ron Athey, Lois Keiden, Gavin Butt and Adrian Heathfield retired to to a Kurdish boite for drinks and feasting. The restaurant was picked by Laura Adamson as she had quite a dramatic encounter earlier in the week with the places chef when she was doing field research surveillance as part of my art stalking exercise. Art stalking always produces inspirational results.
The other evening Tara aka: Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Show who is also the manager of pop punk sensations Gossip and her love sexy beau treated the doll to a fancy dinner at Hawksmoor, the British steakhouse and cocktail bar. I felt like i was at the Pacific Dining Car in downtown LA slurping down vodka gimlets, flawless pieces of sweat meats, divine mash potatoes, and cream spinach. Ms. Oakley was looking supermodel fresh and she and the band have been living in England off and on for months. They started working on a new album with pretty boy Mark Ronson producing but he had to be fired as his love entanglements with two girlfriends and a wife became too much to put up with. On a similar note i was a bit shocked that Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth left Kim Gordon for a chunky but funky version of Hope Sandevol of Mazzy Starr. I always expected him to leave Kim for a gay stripper or Chelsea gymbot. Wonders never disease.