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Friday, May 23, 2003

here in birmingham england. Yazoo!!! the fierce festival has put me and daddy at the holiday inn in the city ctr. My flight was wonderful. plenty of legg room on the plane and lovely juicy young beautiful boys to troll. Went disco dollying on my first night and picked up a hot blonde twink with a bubble butt and bigg titties. pretty nelly but very sexy in that english walk of several flights of stairs to get to flat way. I plowed the living daylights out of him all night long. In the morning i gave him an extra plow just because i was feeling so mack mama. now he is my new young husband. In the morning my young boy had to go to his designer for his gay pride out fit. that was a bit tired, but alas he's only 19 years old so what can i expect.
oh i fogot to mention that Skot Armstrong had told me about a movie called Jesus Christ Vampyre Hunter, filmed entirely on location in Ottawa or Ottywood as its called by those in the know. I got to see this film also flick called The Happiness of Kata Kuris which is a japanese horror musical directed by Tahishi Miike who directed a film that is very well known called Audition.
Glenn Belverio aka: Glennda Orgasm arrived yesterday and we're having a hoot of a time. The rest of the Visions artists get here today. Its going to be wonderous. Oh and i ran into this 16 year old tennis star from spain named Rafael Nadal who is a fan of mine. Boy is this kid a beaut. Wait till he grows up, he will be breaking a lot of young ladies hearts.