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Thursday, July 03, 2014



My darling Nazli Kilerci the young beautiful Kurdish/Turkish junior curator and activist just sent me a message about a performance that is happening tomorrow involving some colleagues of hers that I highly recommend you check out if you are visiting Berlina during the summer holiday season.
becoming undone
Giorgio Dursi & Yuya Suzuki 

4th July - 27th July 2014
Opening Friday 4th July 7pm with performance of Giorgio Dursi at 8pm.

Kindly invites you to the opening of their newest exhibition :

What happens when two artists from two different language spaces get together and look for an in-between-ness to redefine themselves, starting from a point, where they accept the language as a medium of (mis) understanding and (mis) communication?
In the second installment of the artisticDialogue project, artists Giorgio Dursi and Yuya Suzuki deconstruct and interpret the language anew, conceived and mentored by Nazli Kilerci.

The exhibition-project “becoming undone" deals with language of thought as a miscommunication tool and takes human language as a failure. 

Giorgio Dursi works grows out of a constant collision between the physical perception of reality and the abstraction through mind. In his artwork he uses visuals, sounds, physical things and theory.

For Yuya Suzuki "art" is the way for knowing and thinking about the real world and in his artwork he is interested in the function of the "images" as one 'universal language'. He translates this into installations, sounds, drawings and  videos.

Giorgio Dursi 

Yuya Suzuki

More information about the project you will find here

Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin
Kreuzberg, U1 Görlitzer Bhf


Manteuffelstraße 42, 10997 Berlin
Kreuzberg, U1 Görlitzer Bhf

Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Since I don't have access to internet I may be a little late in posting this situation so sorry about that but I've received notice from great friends like Senol Senturk who work as an activist in the migration rights community so I am forwarding what Marcuse Siegel has put on the the CHEAP mailing to all my followers.

link with latest info:

Dear CHEAP Friends,

We in Germany are currently struggling, protesting and organizing against a horrible act of political neglect and police aggression, a state of emergency in an area of Kreuzberg in Berlin where desperate refugees have had no choice but to occupy an empty school for the past months. The extent of the police presence (over 900 of them, some marching the streets with machine guns in a closed-off neighborhood) coupled with the refusal of the responsible politicians to address the issue and keep their promises to the refugees has created a crisis with serious consequences.
Friends in art, the academy and politics have formulated the attached letter that will be sent to the press (who have been denied access to the refugeees) and politicians. We in CHEAP are supporting this call with our signatures. If you would like to do so as well, and we hope you will, please send an email with your name, affiliation (if so desired), location to Katja at 

For more information about the situation see:

many thanks for your attention to this issue of great importance to so many of us



Accompanied by Manuela “Vicki Baum” Schubert and Uli Ziemons the handsomest man in Europa I was back at my second home of the Arsenal to see the Pre Code Hollywood screening of Lloyd Bacon’s Footlight Parade starring puddy pud James Cagney looking very slick in a sailor suit with his jaunty rap tap dancing style along with double chinned tenor Lil Dicky Powell, a very effective Ruby Keeler in her early scenes doing the school marm kinky librarian bit plus the reliable and always adoreable Miss Joan Blondell. The racist “Shanghai Lil” production number took me by surprise with its come hither, “me so horny love you long time” patois. Busby Berkeley’s surreal alcoholica staging actually hasn’t dated—its so olde skool that is seems somehow freshly new skool. I haven’t seen this film since the early 1970s when the UHF station channel 52 in Southern California use to regulary show films from the Warner Bros. archive. I complete forgot that the movie is making commentary on early talkies with the entire subplot revolving around prologues. O and lest I forget that Warners early 30s scene stealers Ruth Donnelly as a dowager with a thirst for young meaty meatballs.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Went to Arsenal with my fun loving journalista girlfriend Manuela “Vicki Baum” Schubert of the Taz and FilmHighlights Radio Magazine to see Gabriel Over the White House which is one of the most unusual films to come from the Golden Era of Hollywoodland. It’s a bizarre poli-fantasia with socialist/totalitarian trimmings that incorporates brown shirting,demigoggering and dystopi-calaminapia. Walter Huston stars as the bachelorette president along with cutesy Franchot Tone fresh from the Actor’s Studio he co-founded and the intelligent politically active actress Karen Morely who is also quite effective in George Cukor’s Dinner at Eight (1933). The film was produced by the German/Jewish intellectual Walter Wanger who had been a champion of the young Louise Brooks. In the early 1950s Wanger was involved with a scandal involving his wife actress Joan Bennett who was having an affair with her agent Jennings Lang of MCA who Wanger shot in the testicles. Gabriel Over the White House is directed by Gregory La Cava who was a Chicago Art Institute grad. Louis. B. Mayer who was a Republican and very conservative hated the film and La Cava never worked at MGM again.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was a scandalous hoot last night. I didn’t expect our screening of the Shirley Clarke documentary Ornette: Made in America to be so jam packed as it seems all of Berlin is wrapped up in Football(Soccer) madness. The newly restored 35mm print looked gorgeous as projected by helmsman Anselm in the projection both and my partner in grime mulatto Skandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson surprised me by playing one of my own ditties as my introduction song. I am so retardo that I didn’t even recognize his free jazz version of “You’ll Never Eat Pussy(In This Town Again)” Recognizing the song and more was studly Blue Bros John Blue and his ravishing Italian fiancé Emilia who brought along with them blatino American R&B sensation Miguel(whose music I have never heard) and his date A-list acting hungthrob Ryan Gosling who didn’t even stay during our Manischewitz after screening wine reception-how rude! He did take a picture with La Diva on his smart phone before he rushed off, but will I ever see a copy of it? Mr. Gosling was smart enough to skip the Transformers premiere at nearby Sony Center Cine Star Kino that featured the former sexy Marky Mark Walberg who now looks like a middle aged banterweight boxer in decline. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was back in Berlin and looking AMAZING from her second home in Cairo Egypt where she has been involved with experimental film and activist work along with her Arab World colleagues. Stefanie had a lot to say and report on things that the mainstream western hack media chooses to ignore. Also in attendance: The lovely French art filmmaker Pauline Boudry, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental with pal Dominque from Zurich, Uli Ziemons whose book on George Kuchar’s Weather Diaries is finally out and looks fab so place your order NOW! Film historian Marcuse Siegelstein with CHEAP kollektiv’s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and a gaggle of her most talented lovesexy Copenhagen Art Akademy students: Mateusz, Stefanie, Adrian and Dina.
Everyone plans their holidays around visiting RSFS which was certainly the case with NYC theatre professor Jordan Schildcrout of SUNY Purchase.  Purchase is the town headquarters of Pepsi in the US of KKK. The personable Herr Schildcrout is writing a fascinating new tome on gay criminal characters in the theatre. He was accompanied by his partner bubbly David Zellnik, the poet and Broadway musical playwright and foremost authority on the writings of Rainer Marie Rilke. Flirting with everyone was Catherine Sullivan’s masculine Israeli dancer muse Assaf "Blood of Abraham" Hochman, vivacious and scintillating baby dyke Austrian video installation art schtar Kornelia Kugler with posse, Danish performance artist Christian Falsnaes, hunky art dealer Jean Claude Freymund –Guth, Guggenheim curator Katherine Brinson with artist Wyatt Khan,“It Boy” PYT’s David, Yannick & Hannes, Salome Gersch, Rosa, Nadia and sweet Emily the daughter of Heather Love of University of Pennsylvania and Mara Mills of NYU, British artist Emma who just finished celebrating living in Berlin for nine years with her friend Omar who is Dutch and just moved to Berlin from Joshua Tree, California. Omar is good friends with Julie Tolentino, Pig-Pen, Ron Athey and the late, great Baby Brian Murphy not to be confused with the recently deceased Baby Brian Tennessee Claflin of Club Pork at Ficken 3000. Baby Brian Murphy was in the Ron Athey Touring Company of the 1990s and lived in San Francisco where he was responsible for creating the image of the heavy metal band Metallica who worshipped his style and prowess as an internationally desired bubble butt beauty/ tattoo & piercing original modern prim god.

The next Rising Stars, Falling Stars is July 13th where we will screen George Cukor’s The Marrying Kind 1952 starring two hot blondines singing badly Judy Holliday and beefcake Aldo Ray and in August Rising Stars goes on tour in collaboration with the International Summer Fest in Hamburg,Kunstverein and Kampnagel with a screening of St. Louis Blues 1929 starring Bessie Smith and Amos Poe’s concert documentary The Blank Generation 1975. All part of the “A Paradise Built in Hell” program.
If you're looking for something fun to do in Berlin you will enjoy this special summer program from our ex-students at the Kotti Shoppe.

Dear friends,

You are cordially invited to the wonderful Entzaubert Filmfestival on Wednesday 2. July where our film Two Lakes will be screened in Berlin for the very first time!

Screening starts at 21:00 alongside Performance & Rabit-Holing.
Further info:

Kiefholzstraße 74
Berlin Neukölln
easiest to reach by bike!
Further directions on how to get there: