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Friday, October 19, 2012

Someone the other day asked me if I had seen Oliver Stones latest film Savages. I had forgotten I had seen it at a screening many months ago. I thought it was very designy living with its threegy the hardway with studkin thrombone Taylor”Hetero” Kitsch lovely suck-ulent Aaron Taylor Johnson (who I also saw in the remake of Anna Kerenina starring Kira Knightely)and bland blondine Blake UnLively. The piece could have benefited from having the boy beauties beating up each others pussy´s. Maybe they filmed this scene and it was edited out in the final mix. Ms. Travolta is revolting but Selma Hyak and Benecio Del Toro are a hoot.

Berlin is experiencing Indian summer and its major Ms. Gorgeous with all the leaves turning delicious Fall colors. In German Indian Summer is called Old Woman´s Summer.
Just received this note from sexxxxy Gio Black Peter who will be performing in Japan soon. Yes all my fans in Japan you are in for a treat, and I am sure they will be lining up to get a chance to chow down on Gio´s giant peterfication.

Friends & Family,

I will be in Tokyo from Oct 19-24, performing on Oct 20. If you (or someone you know) happens to be there as well then I would like to forward this invite :
OPEN 23:00 at ageHa WATER (POOL SIDE) @studio coast 
Shangri-La 10 Years History Special Shangri-La 35 "TRIBAL JOURNEY"  
special guest live: GIO BLACK PETER (from NYC)
djs: YORUKO BANZAI / Kosuke Adam / DETTO K
vj: RE:RE:RE:mojojo 
supported by American Apparel

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorry to all of you who wrote to my webmaster and student intern wondering why the postings are so sporadic.  I have been crazed lately working on my first major solo visual art exhibition that opens Nov 4th at Participant Inc in New York, and my computer that was donated to me by the generous folks at West of Rome Public Art Agency crashed and is kaput.  I have the worse luck with computers.  As they say in Deutschland "Tunten und Technik".  A few years ago the kindly professors Dr. Munoz, Doyle and Montez bought me a computer that met a similar fate to this one.
Just wanted to add to the report list of who was at the 5 year anniversary of Rising Stars, Falling Stars.  Humpy and LoveSexxxy Bolivian/German scholar and curator Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz, Yorgos the handsome Greek Byzantine Ottoman,Berlin art couple extrodinaire Christian and Karen Boras who live in a WW2 Bunker with their fab art kollection and Vito Schnabel.

Monday, October 15, 2012


The 5 year Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was packed to overload last night. I can´t believe i have been curating this monthly program for so long. In addition to a myriad of celebutants we also rejoiced in the publication of a book of my insane rants, notes and introduction texts for the series which was designed by the well hungariac Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim who has been my partner in grime these last five years and who also puts together the before and after screening musique. For the first time ever i screen the 1929 Louise Brooks GW Pabst collab Diary of a Lost Girl (Das Tagebuch Einer Verlorenen) which also features the divine Valeska Gert. Eunice Martin knocked it out of the proverbial ballpark last night with her performance on klavier. So many international shtars in the audience because of the ThinkFilm Congress that was curated by Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus which had everyone in Berlin talking. I am so stoked that I asked Marc Siegel and Uli Ziemons to give me the list of names of who came last night. From Marc with his handsome film historian flare:
Beautiful stage and costume production designer Ida Müller with huge peniled theater radical Vegard Vinge (who greeted audiences in the foyer with a show of his gorgeous celebrated cock from the glass elevators –this is true!!!) the acting legend that is Volker Spengler with his trusted hashish pipe, Ed Halter of Light Industries,seductive Bangalore filmmaker Shai Heredia, leader of Experimenta,the only experimental film festival in India, soft spoken British-Egyptian actor, artist and media activist Khalid Abdalla (star of Hollywood film United 93)committed and intense heavy browed Egyptian filmmaker and activist Tamer El Said, Jordanian curator beauty Ala Younis
canadian fim distribution goddess Lauren Howes of CFMDC,Nadja Talmi of Haus of World Cultures, Little Alex parading his tight ass to volker(he also did Ms. Davis´s Make-up and frightwig) Caem, France based New Zealand curator Brent Klinkum of Transit Video, New York film aristocrats Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes, glamorous Susanne Sachsse, and Kjohnny Blue
Seen by Uli:Trixie and Ludwig Schonherr, Markus Ruff of Living Archive project, guest curator from Brazil Joel Pizzini, Artists Cyprien Caillard, Knut Asdam,Alexander Ruthner, David Kidman, Joseph Abatti, Elsa Halalujah of Portugal, Clarissa Thieme the video artist who teaches at UDK, Julian & Tatiana, Olivier & Toby, Brit It Girl Alexa Chung model Alessandra Ambrosio, actor Shiloh Fernandez, Dylan Efron brother of Zac, Cara Delevingne the Chanel Ohrmanschette,Shameless UK star Qasim Akhtar and the daughter of Gloria--- Prinzessin Elisabeth von Thurn und Taxis.

Tuesday, 16.10.2012

Little Annie & Baby Dee (Tin Angel Records, New York / Cleveland)
Jordan Hunt (London)
Roter Salon / Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Linienstr. 227, 10178 Berlin, 20:00
get ready for two of the ultimate divas:
growing up in late 1970ies NEW YORK, ANNIE BANDEZ O'CONNER aka LITTLE ANNIE lived a funky and dangerous teenage life. with some 16 years she was the singer of the atonal dance-punk band ANNIE AND THE ASEXUALS, "screaming about thorazine and being in mental hospital“. during the following decade she left her home country, moved to the UK and teamed up with the folks of the adventurous polit-punk band CRASS as well as the pioneers of electronic music, COIL. after these procreative collaborations her artistic path crossed the one of famous producer ADRIAN SHERWOOD and his influential ON-U SOUND imprint - founded in the early 1980ies undoubtedly one of UK's important independent label, fusing reggae, dub, spoken word and post-punk to a widely respected experimental hybrid.
over the years she broadened her artistic horizon via collaborations with artists like KID CONGO POWERS, CURRENT 93, ANTONY HEGARTY and composer / pianist PAUL WALLFISCH. with him she extensively recorded while the last 10 years, defining a new balladic, jazzy, warm and fuzzy cabaret singing style.right now, LITTLE ANNIE and her dear friend, the equally extraordinary singer and pianist BABY DEE, are realizing the long-standing plan of a mutual album to be released later in 2012 on britain's TIN ANGEL RECORDS.
like Annie, Dee has a wild and vivid biography. born in CLEVELAND in the 1950ies, she moved to NEW YORK in the early 1970ies, worked as a choir leader and music teacher at a catholic church for 10 years, to later join the CONEY ISLAND SIDESHOW CIRCUS. eventually she rode through the city on a rebuilt tricycle with a harp mounted in front of it. now she’s back in CLEVELAND and fully concentrates on her musical career.
BABY DEE has worked together with companions like MARC ALMOND, DAVID TIBET from CURRENT 93, ANTONY HEGARTY and BONNIE „PRINCE“ BILLY.
JORDAN HUNT, in his regular dayjob principal violinist of the legendary queer chamber orchestra THE IRREPRESSIBLES, will accompany LITTLE ANNIE & BABY DEE and open the evening with a rare solo set.