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Monday, May 07, 2007

Enjoyed brilliant flirtation with lovesexy young Swiss footballer Blerim Dzemaili. Boy does this kid have large, masculine feet, and a winning soccer smile. Yowza!!!!
Performed at the Arsenal as part of a special presenation by Wilhelm Hein, the experimental film guru of Germany. I presented a small excerpt from my award winning performative lecturina "Porno Adorno" but this time i did the entire thing in German to thunderous applause. My German wasnt very good, but everyone seemed to understand what i was saying, or at least they were charmed by it.
Went to a posh dinner party with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and Stuart Comer of Tate Modern for down-to-earth British artist Hilary Lloyd, at a swanky apartment. Later we went to the Kuntslerhause in Kreuzberg for this big art shindig, that was very dull, with loud techno musik blaring.
Fearless leader Suzi Su took me to the famous Doctor Minx for my knee problem which has been getting worse. Thank god i have insurance in Germany, something i never had in the states. Dr. Minx is marvelous. He took blood, urine and stool samples, and is going to get down to the bottom of a problem that has been plaguing me for several years. He perscribed some strong methadone like medication, that has me feeling absolutely no pain. Berlin is not a city to be a cripple in. There is absolutely no wheelchair access, and elevators and escalators or almost non existant.
Cheap´s Tim Blue and I, had dinner with Wilhelm and his photog girfriend Annette Frick. The publisher of Wilhelm´s new book, "Who Killed the Underground" was there as well, along with hot French dyke Cecile, of London´s Horse Hospital.
Went to the joint birthday party of "Max und Moritz" star Dennis Pöpping and his Bulgarian husband Nickolai. Lovely international cast of characters, with good food and drink. At party i flirted with Moritz Bleibtreu, who is a big fan of M&M. In June i will do a command performance of M&M for the President of Germany, Chancellor Angie Merkel and her lesbian lover Condolezzie Rice at the big palast in the Tiergarten. What a hoot that will be.
Ran into my old Club Sucker regulars Marvina & Co in the gay ghetto Saturday. Great seeing them. Marvina is a dinge queen delight. Even men who never have sex with black guys, always fancy Marvina, who is too damn sexy for his own good, with an irresistible personality. A bubble butt Italian immediately latched on to him at Tom´s Bar and wasnt about to let go. After Berlin, Marvina and his rock steady crew head off to Istanbul, where there just might be a military coup. Don´t we live in an exciting world?