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Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Leckerer Twunk ejakuliert tollwütige Hände frei

Leckerer Twunk ejakuliert tollwütige Hände frei

One of my most talented and soft spoken students from Malmö Art Academy in Malmö Sweden Maria Norrman is in Paris receiving a myriad of outstanding accolades. Please avail yourself to her profound will and testament, you won´t regret it - The Vagimulic gottheit assures you wholeheartedly.

Maria Norrman (SE)"Jane Avril"
8 June 2022
6-9 pm/18-21H Studio 8208
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

A continuation of the project about my relation to Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Model and friend of artist Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
I will show textile works in progress and a trailer from a documentary about Jane Avril, as well as images of past works.

Maria Norrman (SE)
"Jane Avril"
8 juin 2022
18h-21h Studio 8208
18 Rue de l'Hotel de Ville
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

Suite du projet sur ma relation avec Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Modèle et amie de l'artiste Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
J'exposerai des oeuvres textiles en cours et une bande-annonce d'un documentaire sur Jane Avril, ainsi que des images d'œuvres passées.

Maria Norrman
"Jane Avril"
8 Juni 2022
18-21H Studio 8208
Cité internationale des Arts, Paris

En fortsättning på projektet om min relation till Jane Avril (1868-1943)
Modell och vän till konstnären Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901)
Jag kommer att visa textilarbeten (work in progress) och en trailer från en dokumentär om Jane Avril, samt bilder på tidigare verk.


The famed French designer and artiste extrodinaire Bernard Figueroa I first met back in the 1980s when he was on holiday in Hollywood. He flirted with his Gallic wide eyed charms and engulfed that poor young lady Ms. Vaginal Davis.   It didn`t hurt that Mr. Figueroa is button bright handsome, sultry and sexy with a mammoth sized peterfication on a rather diminutive frame. He also has a razor sharp tongue on him. 

When we met he had only been out of Studio Bercot  design school for a short time but had already made a name for himself working for Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, and Esprit. He took a job in the US in Boston for the conservative shoe manufacturer Rockport, hated the racial divides of Boston at that time and moved to New York City designing accessories for Adrienne Vitidini before breaking out on his own with the sculptural ladies who lunch shoes that brought him his ultimate renown. We had a falling out in the early aughts when I use to write for the influential fashion bible Dutch magazine but occasionally I hear word through the transatlantic grapevine about his various creative projects over the years. He has aged quite well and still has that rock hard body and great mass of sleek hair on top of his head. Will we ever be friends again? I doubt it. I do adore him, and I´m glad for all his tremendous success but I´m a notorious Mexican grudge holder. I forgive but I NEVER forget a slight no matter how tiny. I figure that If I am meant to be friends with people it will either happen organically or not and I´m willing to accept the Que Sera Sera of it. I´m very much like my Black Creole mother Mary Magdalene Duplantier in this respect with a lil Madame Mao thrown in for good measure.

Alex Jovanovich the gorgeous and talented writer and editor with Art Forum told me recently about the Rugby stars the Burgess Brothers and now I am obsessed with their asphalt masculinity. Triple Dong Yowza!

Vaginal Davis collage featuring Leslie Caron and Bernard Figueroa   2010

Maria Norrman in Paris, France with her Jane Avril Tributata!

The Burgess Bros. of Rugby Row.  All that rack scratching is making me itch

Thursday, May 26, 2022

kürzliches Gegenspiel von sexuellen Angestellten

kürzliches Gegenspiel von sexuellen Angestellten Saw a man on the street a few minutes ago who looked just like Spencer Tracy returned from the dead. Yes The Spencer Tracy, the Metro Goldwyn Mayer contract player who according to Scotty Bowers was one fierce hornpiglet when it came to seducing young men for trysts of a decidedly wicked nature. I believe in Scotty Bowers. The late Scotty RiP, knew the way of all flesh!

Tracy & Hepburn were quite clever in putting out into the world the fabrication that they were part of an adulterous coupling when the true reality was they were sisters of the clothe and just very tight gal pals with a very fluxiv sexual agenda, but their strategy worked as it kept the greedy press hounds from sniffing too hard on their particular fragrant scents.

The man I saw today was Tracy of the mid 1930s freckled, barrel house and barrel chested and just a little bit salty dog but an asphalt cute nevertheless. I was feeling a bit Wife vs Secretary myself as I walked by this man and his female companion who actually come to think of it resembled a little Katherine Hepburn but not as butch. I had earlier stopped off at my favourite cafe in the kiez - Unser which is part of a small Portuguese chain in Berlin. I really love the young ladies and men that work at this boite. They are all very sweet and accommodating. Is it just me or is Berlin becoming more service oriented? At the Quartier Apoteke next door to Impala Cafe at Nollendorkyplatz twice the pharmacists were so unbelievably friendly and just generally lovely in demeanor. Both pharmacists I encountered were German and the man was young and even dare I say it flirted with me which is almost unheard of in Berlin with the male populace.

Lately I have been trying to make more of an effort to wear cuter outfits in public so perhaps that had something to do with it. The young man making my coffee at Unser Cafe gave me a bit of an eye twinkle and sitting outside sipping said coffee a middle eastern man stroke up a conversation with me. The man is a neurologist and quite personable though I wasn´t physically attracted to him he asked me for my Pentagram page, and seemed quite bemused by it when he glanced it on his mobile. Is asking for a Pentagram page a thing? I'm so out of the loop in terms of how people younger then I am relate to each other in public.

Friday, May 06, 2022

mechanisiertes haariges Stampfen

 mechanisiertes haariges Stampfen

saddened beyond belief at the recent death of the great Howie Pyro of D Generation and Danzig fame. Howie was one of those all things punk and obscure musicale expertines. Plus he was also a very cherished, sweet and lovely human being, who like Tomata du Plenty, Craig Lee, and that genius Kari Krome was always so very supportive of all my crazed music and artsy fartsy ideas and pretentious productions.

Like so many others in the punk and post punk cosmos I will miss and never forget him in front of or behind the Green Door.

Alice Bag and Howie Pyro 1978.

Tuesday, May 03, 2022


Anna Lucast has had it with Angelo & Maxxie`s.

Ignoring all the red and vermillion flags at full and half mast she pressed on because she thought that maybe this time she got lucky, maybe this time he´ll stay.

Maybe this time, for the first time love won´t hurry away. She was holding fast.

She is home at last.

Not a loser any more, like the last time and the time before.

Everybody loves a winner so nobody loved her of course. 

 Lady Peaceful, Lady Happy thats what she longed to be.

When all the odds aren´t in her favour. Somethings bound to begin. Its gotta happen.

Happen sometime. 

Maybe this time she´ll win.

Tuesday, April 05, 2022



At the end of January the Vagimule Doll started feeling very lethargic with a lack of energy so all encompassing that she didn´t have enough energy to pick up a piece of paper that landed on the floor or barely get out of bed.  This feeling started to intensify into February so much that the poor tiny woman thought that perhaps she had caught Covid 19´s dreaded Omicron variant.  Of course that was impossible since for the past two years the lady has kept herself completely isolated in an obsession not to infected because of asthma and other pre existing health conditions.  

Little did our heroine know that multiple symptoms were going to start plaguing her body including having to urinate every 90 minutes making it impossible to sleep, cottontail mouth and uncontrolled thirst and hunger pangs along with losing weight even though she was stuffing her pie face constantly with fattening comfort foods and chugging down fruit smoothies.  

Leave it to her internal medicine doctor who warned  told that the liver and kidneys were barely functioning and  blood sugar was 500+ + +  sending Ms. Davista Jr. to the krankenshaft ASAP.  

Fortunately her colleagues at CHEAP Kollektiv including Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein and translator to the academic schtars Daniel Hendrickson and others like Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, gallerists La Famiglia Bortolozzi, Amy Adams, Ben Tischer rallied to the daughter of dusts aid.  

She of She's wound up in the hospital for ten days where they were working on bringing the blood sugar down to normal registers.  One of the doctors at the hospital did an ultra sound and saw something in the enlarged pancreas ducts and with the bedside manner of a shredded turnip told les damsel its probably pancreatic cancer.  So for two days until she was able to get the results of an MRT Play Misty For Me was basically preparing her last Willena  and testament.

Well the MRT cleared her of pancreatic cancer but was diagnosed with late onset type one diabetes, which came as a complete shockermickeyrooney.  Much better than krebs but its a very serious chronic illness that forces her I would to be on a blood sugar management program that would include taking pancreas pills with every meal and shooting oneself Christian F style with insulin.  Upon release from Vivantes Victoria August Frau Sachsse found a delightful feministiche diabetes zentrum with all female doctors and staff who are the coolest ladies in the land, but because we are still dealing with a raging pandemic there are no classes to inculcate Lassie Marie Pangborn into this new diabetes cosmos  so she is Norma Kamali OMO (On My Own)  to do a lot of the research of this second bedroom island.  

The last three years Ms. Davista Jr. went from one international exhibition to the other but I guess for the 2022-23 season the focus will have to shift to healthcare on the Road to Ozcot.  If any out there in Wide World Webland have any insights please reach out to via webmaster Larry Bob Roberts in San Francisco.  Those in the know will figure out how to reach him via the Vaginal Davis Facebook fanpage.

Last week along with Marcuse Siegelstein Ms. Davista Jr. was at the Reboot FM studio for the first time in two years for a live broadcast of the monthly radio program CHEAP Funk on Freies Künstlerradio aus Berlin - Kunst, Diskurs & elektronische Musik. Live aus dem ACUD - UKW 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.  The archive can be found by googling CHEAP Funk or Reboot FM.

 Special call in guests included  the brilliant scholar Sarah Lewis who ruminated on all things Sugar.  Sarah and her entire super talented, gifted family are international treasures that CHEAP Kollektiv worship. Miss Sarah had a lot to say on the colonial racist proclivities inherent in that sweet poison that Sugar manifests, and the ramification that are still wrecking havoc with funky nassau colored peoples the world over. Miss Sarah recommended reading these books:  

Curdella Forbes A Tall History of Sugar

Edwidge Danticat The Farming of Bones

Blood Sugar: Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America by Anthony Ryan Hatch.  

I will make it a point to get these important tomes and add them to what is already on my nitestand that includes Dodie Bellamy`s genius book of essays Bee Reaved.  Dodie Belamy and her late partner the great Kevin Killian together represented the very best of queer literary aristocracy, and were the only royals that mattered both in this life and the next.

Van Zandt and his hot young lover Bruce Lee during their tumultuous tortured courtship filming TVs The Green Hornet in the mid 1960s.

Lana Turner gets her soldier boy just where she wants him.

Become a top tier athletic supporter if you can handle it.

Marcuse Siegelstein and Ms. Davis live in the Reboot FM Studio - CHEAP Sugar with special call in guests Sarah Lewis in Lisbon, DJ Nancy in CDMX, music by Bessie Smith, Zero Mostel, Alice Bag, Craig Lee, Diahnne Abbott, Ilyich, and  Talking Heads. 

Brando Brando and the wearing of the turban. He is cuter than you, and can suck the rust off a cock at 30 paces.


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

schmutziger, lustvoller Euro-Ho-Schmutzhändler

schmutziger, lustvoller Euro-Ho-Schmutzhändler

Talk about Out of the Past starring Robert Mitchum, Kirk Douglas and Jane Greer I got an unexpected phone call from someone I haven´t spoken to in over two decades. Normally I never answer my phone when its a telephone number that doesn´t come with a name attached, but for some reason I decided to pick up the line. I´m not a very spontaneous person though it may appear to be that I am, because of my performance work. I don´t talk to that many people on the mobile phone as most these days prefer texting, but I do have a few friends that are regular phone pals and you can count them on one ungloved sequin hand.

So imagine my chagrin when the person on the other end of the phone is the famed television actress and pop culture icon Heather Locklear. Heather and I started college together at UCLA, I won`t tell you the year, I´ll just say it was a very long time ago. I also worked for ten years at UCLA´s Placement and Career Planning Center where Heather`s father Bill Locklear was the center director, so he was my boss. Heather would alway drop by the Placement Center when she was on campus filming segments of her nightime TV soap opera Melrose Place. They would always film in the Sculpture Garden which was the opposite end of campus from the Placement Center. Heather would come by to say hi to her father and sometimes I would run into her and we`d chittle chat. Heather was always a good time Sally who loved to laugh and party and just have an all around fanciful time. Back during our university days we´d go dancing with a big group to tired Dillons Disco in Westwood Village or go to Hollywood to Seven Seas where Dayle Gloria was the DJane or Osco`s on Monday Night when Rodney on the ROQ would DJ. Osco`s was where they filmed the Donna Summer disco movie Thank God It´s Friday. We´d also go to the Rainbow Room and The Roxy on the Sunset Strip and The Oddyssy at Beverly Blvd and LaCienega, its sister location Phases in the Valley, Flipper`s Roller Disco, Gino´s II at Santa Monica Blvd and Vine Street and the Sugar Shack in North Hollywood which changed its name to something I don`t remember now. There was also a disco in Santa Monica that we frequented that was trendy for a moment, and an underground hangout near the beach that had the nutty name of The Mirror-Go-Round. I think we also went once or twice to this Black club called The Bit-n-Apple that was on Wilshire Blvd near San Vicente in an office tower. This particular club was frequented by this flashy group of Black men that were part of the 280Z Club because they all drove this sporty Datsun automobile and would hang out at Fatburgers on San Vicente Blvd & Burton Way. One of the girls in our group was this wild white girl named Judy Brooks who only dated Black men. Judy drove a cute MG convertible and was so much fun to be around. We had worked together back when I was in high school at Equifax in Santa Monica and was already a junior at UCLA when I started there. Judy was a Jewish princess who lived in Cheviot Hills with her parents, and she had an older brother who had dark curly hair and such a hot muscular body. I was totally in love with her hot brother, but I was invisible to him. Judy´s brother looked just like the actor Steven Guttenberg in the movie The Chicken Chronicles. By the way Steven Guttenberg was also a student at UCLA while I was there as well, and he would zip about campus in the the most revealing Dolphin shorts where you could see perfectly his impeccable circumcision. The actor Tim Robbins was also a student at UCLA who was in my playwriting class that was taught by Oscar Saul, who adapted A Streetcar Named Desire to the screen. Mr. Saul was such a nice man who ate breakfast every morning at this Googie style diner that was on Wilshire and Westwood Blvd.

But getting back to Heather Locklear. I asked her how did she get my mobile phone number? She said she got it from a friend we both knew who worked in casting, who was close with the late great DJ Henry Peck. This person didn´t have my telephone number but only had to make one call to get it.

Heather and I talked for an hour. I guess she was feeling nostalgic about her past. I didnt know the poor girl had been going through such a rough time. I told her she needs to get out of Southern California and Hollywood. She agreed but I doubt she will. She texted me a photo from when we all use to go out in these huge group of friends from school. I won´t share the photo as I look horrible in it. Heather and I are the same age and her daughter Ava Sambora that she had with guitarist Richie Sambora is now 27 years old. It makes me feel ancient. Heather´s father Bill Locklear looks just like Heather with the same kind eyes. He was the nicest boss I have ever had. I hated when he retired because that kind of signaled that my days were numbered working at UCLA. A group of co-workers who had always resented my autonomy conspired to get rid of me. At one point they made a complaint that I wore bedroom slippers to work. How absurd is that? Let´s face it I was just too weird to work at that University and I´m surprised I lasted as long as I did.

The heydey of Osco`s Disco.

The Locklear Family-Diane, Heather and Bill

Friday, March 11, 2022

Verdammt, das Weenie sieht schäbig aus

Verdammt, das Weenie sieht schäbig aus

One of my incredible students from my time teaching recently a performance art seminar at Work Master HEAD Geneva is having an exhibition. Jacopo Belloni is a very talented young artist with a great sense of humour and a thick gorgeous head of luxurious hair, I´m so jealous of his hair, plus he has expressive sensitive eyes and is very kind.

Sensuous Supersensuous

apertura sabato 12 marzo dalle 15:00 alle 19:00

La mostra personale di Jacopo Belloni (Ancona, 1992) si focalizza sulla ricerca visiva e antropologica del giovane artista attraverso una serie di sculture in bronzo-ottone realizzata in occasione del premio New Heads Young Artist Advancement Award conferitogli nel 2021.
In Anathema Souvenirs (2021), Belloni conduce una ricerca sugli amuleti popolari che in alcune regioni italiane da talismani si sono trasformati, nel corso del tempo, in semplici souvenir turistici.
Simili a cornucopie contemporanee, le sculture dell’artista ci restituiscono una moltitudine di amuleti fusi in dense masse di bronzo-ottone, riabilitando la primitiva aura dell’amuleto come se provenissero da uno scavo archeologico grazie alla particolare patina di cui sono ricoperti e alle superfici in parte lievemente consumate che rimandano alle originarie manipolazioni apotropaiche. Privati della loro funzione originale, questi ciondoli prodotti in serie alimentano un mercato commerciale fiorente: sebbene pochi siano a conoscenza dei significati tradizionali dei singoli simboli, specialmente nelle famose destinazioni turistiche, si approfitta del fascino “sensibilmente sovrasensibile”, termine desunto dalle teorie marxiste in riferimento alla merce, di cui questi manufatti sono ammantati.

Jacopo Belloni (Ancona, 1992) si è laureato con un master in belle arti alla HEAD di Ginevra; vive e lavora fra Ginevra e Roma.
Fra le mostre citiamo: New Heads: Jacopo Belloni. Advancement Award of HEAD – Genève, Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, 2021 (personale); Badly Buried, a cura di Naz Cuguoglu, Alice Sarmiento e Jade Barget, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaundengo, Torino, 2021; Swiss Art Awards, Art Basel, Basilea, 2021; Lemaniana. Reflets d’autres scènes, a cura di Andrea Bellini, Mohamed Almusibli, Jill Gasparina e Stéphanie Moisdon, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Ginevra, 2021; Tarantula, a cura di Gabriel Stoeckli e Giacomo Galletti, Sonnenstube, Lugano, 2020; Wie zu Hause wo ich nicht bin, a cura di NilesTrannois, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Ginevra, 2020; L’impresa degli Angoli Acuti, a cura di Pasquale Campanella e Simona Bordone, Farmacia Wurmkos, Sesto San Giovanni, 2018 (personale).

me-sa: 13:00 - 18:00
e su appuntamento

Galleria Daniele Agostini
Via Cattedrale 11
CH - 6900 Lugano
+41 76 452 81 87

Sunday, March 06, 2022



One of Berlin's most prolific artists is the photographer Annette Frick. Just received this notice of her latest standout exhibition that if you are in Berlin without haste you must venture to.

Ihr Lieben
angesichts der grauenhaften Veränderung unserer aller Situation
habe ich überlegt, ob Kunst überhaupt noch Sinn macht...
denke aber, gerade jetzt ist es wichtig Menschen zu treffen und sich
auszutauschen, jetzt erst recht.
hier die Infos zu zwei Ausstellungen in denen meine Arbeiten zu sehen sind:

WHAT MATTERS in der Akademie der Künste
Eröffnung ist am 12.3.2022 -18 Uhr Hanseatenweg

wenn ich das richtig verstehe muss man immer noch einen Neg.Test

und "die Blüten von Berlin" in der Galerie Chert/Lüdde
am 19.3.2022 -16-21 Uhr

siehe Anhänge
freue mich wenn Ihr trotzdem kommt
Love Annette

Robert Conrad really needs you to see the work of Annette Frick it will make him very happy in the great beyond.

Friday, March 04, 2022

Monsterhafte Dong-Gesichts-Ouvertüre

Monsterhafte Dong-Gesichts-Ouvertüre

If you are in Hamburg this evening my loving comrades in arms Fearless Leader of Kollektiv CHEAP Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein and artiste extroidinaire Jonathan Berger have curated and organized an exhibition of the late artist Ludwig Schönherr called Bilderinflation that opens tonight and runs till the first of May at Kunstverein Hamburg. Please before you do anything at all see this exhibition. Tell them Louise sent you.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

super unten von älteren neunundsechzig mann

super unten von älteren neunundsechzig mann

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi is pleased to announce

Vaginal Davis


The exhibition at EDEN EDEN
will end on Saturday 12 February 2022

Bülowstr. 74, 10783 Berlin
Friday & Saturday, 12–6 pm

The exhibition at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
has been extended until 12 March 2022

Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi
Schöneberger Ufer, 10785 Berlin
Tuesday–Saturday, 12–6 pm

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Dieb erwirbt juwelenbesetzte Cashe und wird dann von einem Polizisten mit Dinosaurierschwanz erwischt und in den Schädel gefickt

Dieb erwirbt juwelenbesetzte Cashe und wird dann von einem Polizisten mit Dinosaurierschwanz erwischt und in den Schädel gefickt

My former student from Malmö Art Academy in Sweden has a brilliant new solo exhibition that opens this month. She is really taking the world by hook and by storm.

Maria Norrman (SE)

Millennium Star's 10 Year Retrospective

14 - 16/1 2022
Opening Friday 14 January 18:00-21:00/6-9 pm
Opening hours for member shows:
Friday: 18:00-21:00/6-9 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 13.00-17.00/1-5 pm

Galleri CC, Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden

This retrospective show works starting from the creation of Maria Norrman’s drag character Millennium Star in 2012 up to present time.

Many years before Norrman heard of RuPauls Drag Race and terms like “faux queen” (cis women who do feminine drag) she asked herself what would happen if a female bodied person was made into a drag queen?

What would happen to that person’s sense of gender and identity, and how would their surroundings react? Norrman decided to give a drag artist the task of making her into a drag queen.

Thus Millennium Star was created, a character which allowed her to, step by step, perform in different settings and places where Norrman wouldn’t dare, or want, to put herself. Millennium Star allows her to explore an existence on the side of the gender binary, where a more fluid state can exist.

Millennium is a displaced diva. Something is always slightly off in their performances, as in having a drag performance happen on that certain site or, with the performance itself. Such as the performances done under the umbrella of Gallery Extra, which brought Millennium to do a glittery lip sync performance at the almost empty Lorensborg shopping center in Malmö.

Millennium Star is, and has been, many things: a music historian who lip syncs to songs by past queer icons from the 1940s, like Karl Gerhard and Ulla Billquist. They’ve acted as an environmental cleanser, dressed in marine debris and picking litter around the Vege river in Scania, while singing the praises of seaside life.

Millennium Star is sometimes met with the stark reality of gender non-conformists, like when they walked in the outskirts of Copenhagen in drag, sensing how gazes transformed from appreciative to questioning and hostile.

Millennium Star started as, and still is, a way for Norrman to express herself, using femininity as a style. A style and expression we’re taught to shun and turn away from in order to be taken seriously.

The retrospective shows video work, documentation from performances and polycanvas wall images, along with photos of Millennium’s costume design and memorabilia from past events.

This is the first time Millennium Star’s entire body of work is shown.

Maria Norrman (SE) is a visual artist who mainly works with video and photography, in combination with performance and costume making. Norrman often uses herself and different characters in her work which allows her to put her appearance and gender expressions in relation to the participants.

The works explore the meeting between hers and other people's fantasies and topics such as war history, gender and sexuality. Her methods often consist of different types of role play, where body, clothing and identities are central starting points.

Norrman was born in 1987 and received her MFA from Malmö Art Academy in 2013.

Maria Norrman SE)
Millennium Star's 10 Year Retrospective
14 - 16/1 2022
Vernissage: Fredag 14 Januari 18:00-21:00
Öppettider under medlemsutställningar:

Fredag: 18:00-21:00
Lördag-Söndag: 13.00-17.00

Galleri CC, Båstadsgatan 4, Malmö, Sweden


The latest from international art treasures Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

Hello from the quarantine headquarters of Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle. Once again, we are dancing fast to dodge covid and to support our beloveds that have it. Sadly, for the coming few weeks, we won't be giving you big hugs, sharing breaths, or having indoor meals together. Damn it! However, we can send you our best wishes for the new year, oodles of love, some hope and good news.

1. We simply love the Earth and our ecosexy community, so we have launched a new non-profit, E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF. This has been Beth's dream, and she made it happen. The E.A.R.T.H. Lab at UCSC in Santa Cruz that started in 2014 will continue. However, having a non-profit in San Francisco to serve our wider community opens up new opportunities. We are an official 501c3, have a terrific working board, and a great creative team. Magic is afoot.

2. On New Years Day, E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF launched its new website. Take a peek. Read our mission statement, meet our team, and find info about how to engage. Please send any feedback you have about the site and any suggestions for the future. (See website here) The site is designed and built by the fabulous Julie Rogge. Our talented graphic designer Saul Villegas (Beth's former student), will be updating it colorfully as we go.

photo of Ms. Davis by Hector Martinez the Azteca Warrior