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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Art photog Annette Frick hosted a lovely formal supper at her large and spacious Mitte flat. Frau Frick lives in the only part of that area that isn't completely gentrified. Everyone feasted on the famous Frau's world renown lasagna, and the drink kept flowing until the wee hours. Annette surprised me with a belated birthday cake that was delicious to the taste and touch. Sitting around her gracious table handsome experimental film legend Wilhelm Hein, musician and cineaste Timothy Blue, video artist Evelyn Rüsseler, Johannes from Galerie Fischerundfischer, Solmas Shabazian the stunning internationally known Iranian videoartist with husband Stefan the typographie authority who teaches at the Cairo Art Academy and Berlin drag queen Juwelia who reminds me of a giant piece of delicious fruit that has taken on human form and characteristics.
I am still receiving a million emails from people who saw me perform at Semiospectacle in New Yorika.For those of you who were unable to attend Semiospectacle: A Literary Revue, there is now an image gallery up online with photographs by Bricktops archivist Don Spiro (, a writeup at Art in America (, Nubby Twiglet's post on her stunning Semiospectacle designs (, and a Semiospectacle Facebook group for news on future installments ( Plus
Jeremy (J F Thompson) and Paolo Javier are co-curating a new performance series entitled P||R||O||J||E||C||T||I||O||N||S at Bowery Poetry Club, focusing on the intersection of text moving sonically through space and the movement of image across the surface of the screen. For more information and information on upcoming performances, you can join the series Facebook group at:
And for all you ginger snap lovers, the hot young, bubble butt, big tittied LA based ginger artist Patrick Lee will have his first solo show in New York. Patrick is one of the most talented men I have come across in the last ten years and his work has to be seen to be believed. And if that isn´t enough for you he is also one fine piece of eye candy. If you are in New York do yourself a favour and check him out:

Patrick Lee
22 April – 28 May, 2010

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of drawings from Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Lee. Patrick Lee opens to the public on April 22 and will be on view until May 28. There will be a public reception for the artist on Thursday, April 22 from 6 to 8 pm.

This exhibition will feature graphite works on paper from Patrick Lee’s Deadly Friends series. The drawings in this series are composite portraits based on hundreds of photographs that Lee has taken over the past decade of men he approached on the streets of Los Angeles. Lee is a master draftsman and each of his drawings is painstakingly crafted over many labor-intensive months of refinement. His technical skill is evident in the subtle nuances and visual complexities of his images; rays of light, shadows, muscles, pores, intricate neckchains, facial hair, even blemishes and scabs all are rendered in photorealistic detail.

Lee’s subjects are intimidating figures, often drifters, outlaws, and gangbangers, some with fascinating or frightening stories to tell. They are men with threatening stares and broad, muscular bodies covered in gruesome scars and audacious tattoos that indicate gang membership, prison time and hard-won life lessons. He explores the way in which these physical signs of aggression and elements of masculine style are utilized to communicate complex codes of identity and amplify the subjects’ fearsome masculinity. The artist focuses his attention not just on the surface of the body, but especially on the gaze of his subjects and the expressions of hostility, pride, stoicism, strength and apathy that they seem to wear as protective masks. Aided by his inimitable technique, Lee’s drawings go beyond the obvious harsh physical exteriors to expose the nobility and humanity of these individuals who society dismisses as outcasts or thugs.

Patrick Lee was born in Butte, Montana in 1979 and attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Lee’s work has been exhibited at galleries and museums across the country including the Francis Young Tang Teaching Museum at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York; the Weatherspoon Art Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina; Rebecca Ibel Gallery in Columbus, Ohio; Western Project and Marc Selwyn Gallery in Los Angeles. Lee’s work is in permanent collection of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas. Patrick Lee currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.
Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm and by appointment.
For further information and visuals, please contact: Thomas Quigley at
The divine Stefanie Schulte Strathaus empress of the Arsenal Institute für Film und Video Kunst celebrated her 28th birthday at The Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant in Kreuzberg last Thursday. On hand was Tim Blue, Daniel Hendrickson with lover Piero Bonhomme, Susanne Sachsse, Nanna Heidenreich and gal pal DJ Olga Damnitz, scholar Nicole Wolfe with girlfriend as well as Herr Roman one of Frau Strathaus's oldest friends from childhood. Speaking of the Arsenal handsome Israeli Assaf Hochman took the doll to see the Romy Schneider tribute. Frau Schneider with Alain Delon and a breathtakingly young Jane Birken in the French psychological drama The Pool from 1967When it comes to the psycho sexual no one handles that better then Azteca Warrior in El Lay. Here is his latest whorestory:


My morning routine starts off at 6:00 a.m. at the gym just about every weekday. Over the years I have made some cool gym friends. The super hot eye candy includes the pretty young USC boys who work out before class. For the past 2yrs I have become friends with this SUPER HOT ASSED Jewish guy and his sexy girlfriend. This guy is a ripped muscle mega Bubble assed man with a handsome masculine face, he’s 32yrs old. Sometime last year we exchanged cards and we communicated a few times via email. He tells me that my odd sense of humor and perspective on different issues is very intriguing?
While at the gym we laugh at some folks, talk smack etc… He sent me an email once telling me that his girl noticed my Cornelius stare at his hot ass. I replied by saying that a hot ass was my weakness, and that an ass like his needs manly attention! After that email exchange, I’ve received some odd emails from him. On another occasion I was talking to him and his girlfriend when this super hot young guy moved to use a work out machine right next to us. The guy was very hot faced with a smoking body, I looked at his girlfriend and just raised my eyebrows. My ripped hot assed Jewish buddy just looked and smiled and said, he’s too skinny. I said, that boy deserves a nice Man to Man Nude Dude massage. I told him that Nude Dude Massages could bring peace to the Middle East! He laughed and we went about our business. Since that conversation, he tells me that my Nude Dude Massages are the same as Windex for Greeks, the cure for everything, I replied and said, it was.
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I made my way home and about 9a.m. I get an email from an address I don’t recognize. It had an address and nothing else. I remembered that he lived somewhere in the Valley. I did not reply, I got in my car and drove to the address. I parked in front of a small craftsman house and walked up to the door, it was opened. I called out, Hello, I walked into the house and saw a clean very well organized home. I see the hallway and the open door to the bedroom. I did close the door behind me. I walk into the room and there is my hot ripped friend lying in bed, ass up and naked. Pachuca, he had a professional body shave job going, not a single hair in sight. The ass was un-real, it belongs on a 16yr old Black cheerleader, it is round and hard and super white! He moved but didn’t show his face. I took off my shirt, pants and underwear. I climbed on top of the bed and on his body, I grabbed the bottle of lotion he had by the bed and started massaging his back. I was sitting on his ass with my knees straddled across him as I worked his back. After about 20 minutes or so I turned my body around and positioned my butt on his back, straddled him again and started massaging his lower back and butt! I worked his ass and broke out into a sweat. At this point, I could feel his heart beating, and mine was getting worked up as well. I did not have a boner, but I was leaking pre-cum that I wiped away a few times. I kept working his ass and moved my position again. Now I’m in between his legs, working his ass and his lower and upper back. I continue to work his ass and lower back and then start to make my way down his thighs and legs. As I make my way back up his thighs I make my way close to his hole getting deep under his crotch. At this point I do have a boner, mind you he still has his faced jammed into the pillow. I continue to work his butt and thighs and he starts to arch and buck back and forth. I spread his legs apart further and see that pretty pink hole. I continue and spread his cheeks apart, he is starting to gyrate his ass. So I take one more butt and lower back stroke and then dive into that hot ass and dig my tongue into that hot hole. I get a mouth full of not so clean ass hole. I figured, he’s straight, he thinks it’s clean. So as the experienced ass eater that I am, I continue and muster up enough saliva to clean that nasty hot hole. I casually lick the blanket to clean my tongue and get back into his hole, I do my tongue cleaning number twice. The boy in the meantime is insane, he is all ass spread and his body is red. I work that hole and put my arms under his body and lift him up so that I have him on his knees. I spread his ass and work his hole, while I reach under him and grab his nuts and reach for his cock. He had a really small cock, which was fine, I appreciate how God balances things out. As I held his hard cock and worked his hole, he was shaking. I like pulling the cock down and licking the back of the cock and working my way up to the hole. I really get worked up by that number and that worked him way over the edge, he let out a HUGE yell and a huge load! He then yelled- he thought he was going to fart. He freaked out, and ran into the bathroom and turned the shower on. I changed into my clothes and made my way home and back to work. I could taste his hole on the drive home. This man ass was so hot, his abs were just as hard as his dick.
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So there you have it. We will see how this man handles tomorrow morning when we see each other, if we see each other.