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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Said my tearful goodbye to Ulrich Ziemons, the Forum Expanded beauty boy who will be in New York working at Anthology Film Archive for three months.
Went to see the hilarious documentary Yes Men Save the World with Assaf Hochman and Alexander the Great at Kino Arsenal. The film was made by this gay prankster couple Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno who impersonate corporate entities as part of their political activist strategies. This was the perfect movie for a late Wednesday afternoon. The other day with Assaf i went to see the German film Alle Anderen(Everyone Else) by Maren Ade. The film was about a relationship between a plucky German girl and her dullard architect boyfriend, and i guess its supposed to mirror similar couples of the same generation living in Germany. The actress playing the woman Birgit Minchmayr won the Golden Bear for best actress, and it is easy to see why as she has a wonderful baby dyke manner about her that is breezy and winning. Still i didnt find the story that believable, though i can admit that a lot of straight German woman are more interesting then the men they fancy, but certain elements of this film just didnt ring true to me. On Monday with Daniel “Haji” Hendrickson i went to see the Hello, Dolly screening in 70milimeter. Babs Streisand was lovely with those long pearl colored nails of hers, but i found myself getting all hot and bothered by Danny Lochin, the young male ingenue who plays Barnaby, and is quite the athletic bubble butted blondine dancer, who is just too adorable for wordgobulins. Poor Danny died in 1977 at age 34, murdered by some psychopath who had developed a longing for Danny´s mega tight buttocks. In Hello, Dolly booty pie Danny is paired with a young E.J. Peaker. Does anyone out there remember her as the busty ditzy blonde in all those episodes of Love American Style in the early 1970s. What ever happened to her? She was also a regular guest on Matchgame and other 70s gameshows.
After seeing Alle Anderen with Assaf, he cooked me a nice dinner at his spacious Mitte flat. We were joined by his beau Alex and Anna Muelter. Sunday Anna took me to a delicious birthday breakfast off the canal in Kreuzeburg. Saturday Susanne Sachsse treated me to a birthday lunch at the lovely Austrian restaurant that is in the middle of Friedrichshain Park. We had a gorgeous girly day gossiping and having an all around hoot of a time. Suzi is so warm and generous. She also presented me with a unique silk scarf and an amazing pendant from a new boutique near her house called Freistil. Suzi has the best taste of anyone i know
After my birthday luncheon with Suzi i went to HAU 1 to catch Fight Club´s latest performance. Fight Club is the young theater group at the HAU. I adore my Fight Club kids and i love seeing them grow as performers. I even gave them the name Fight Club. The next day i had a photo shoot at my Cheese Endique Trifecta with the German Magazine Hugs & Kisses that was fun and went really well. I didn´t want to do a typical, literal drag queen photo. I think the resulting pics will be unusual and interesting.
I finally got a chance to watch G.B Jones The Lollipop Generation, the film that has been18 years in the making and features an all star cast that includes Jena von Brücker, Mark Ewert, Calvin Johnson, Mitchell Watkins, Jane Danger, Joel Gibb and Andrew Cecil. My cameo scenes were filmed back in1992 Hollywood and i had a great, wild time doing them. Ms. Jones gave me ample space and opportunity to absorb her scenario so that i could just run amok, and do what i do best-mold dementia.
For those of you not familiar with the great artist Ms. G.B Jones, you should be ashamed of yourself, as she is a hero to millions and singlehandedly is responsible, and is the muse for the riot grrrrl movement, among many other influential movements of the last 25 years. In fact G.B. Jones creates new movements every 15 minutes. There would be no Bruce La Bruce without G.B. Jones as she is the geniustrata behind the heralded magazine JDs, and the feature film No Skin Off My Ass.
Lollipop Generation is bright, crunchy, and crystaline. Looking and feeling like no other movie in circulation these days. Once the YouTube generation gets a proper whiff of the G.B.Jones rawgma theory of cinema everyone will be jumping on the bandwagon.
In describing the film i can only say that it reminds me of Dawn:Portrait of a Teenage Runaway and its sequel Alexander:The Other Side of Dawn but without the TV movie cheese threadiness, and filtered through an early cinema sensibility similar to that of D.W. Griffiths short subjects starring the Gish Sisters but with a knockout sluggo musical score. The only film that comes close to Lollipop is the 1980 West German film Ok Ok Ok The Modern Dance by Christoph Dreher. Even normative film viewers who are only used to the Hollywood type of aesthetic will find themselves spellbound. That is why the flick is shattering box office records at all the film festivals it has been playing at. To see the Lollipop trailer and other G.B.Jones films and videos go to:
Speaking of movies and stars. When i was in Madrid with Dr. Jose Munoz and Nao Bustamente, they gave me the latest hoedown about Lesbian icon Gwen Turner. The beautiful Ms. Turner who was one of the stars and writers of the cable TV hit nighttime soap The L-Word is involved in a sizzling relationship with singer Tracy Chapman. Squirrel Gwen, you climb that tree girl, and get your proverbial gnut!
Went to the Arsenal to see Meet Me In St. Louis MGM, 1944. I hadn´t seen it since the 1970s and was surprised that it wasnt that dated.
The performances of the ensemble cast that includes a marvelous Marjorie “Ma Kettle” Main as the no nonsense maid, a dapperly handsome Leon Ames as the family patriarch, and a brilliantly subdued performance from Mary Astor.
Poor Mary Astor, only 33 yet she looked matronly way before her time, and was forced to play mothers for the rest of her career after St. Louis. And of course i have to mention Judy Garland under the direction of über queen Vincente Minnelli. Judy is flawless. St. Louis holds up much better then Hello Dolly which came out in1970, both films are set around the turn of the last century.
The famous lights out seduction sequence featuring Ms. Garland and Miss Tom Drake is simply gorgeous. Judy was a wild hornpig in those days and loved boning ganymedes. She was righteously plucked that Drake wouldn´t lend her his penis. After all she was Metro´s biggest star and rightly expected her male co-stars to step up to the plate and fullfill their wifely duty. That was how Judy met her first husband at 18, the prissy composer David Rose. It is not commonly known, but Judy was sexually active at a very early age, and most of those daliances were with MGM´s contract homo chorus boys and bit players. As early as 14 Judy was proficient in shrimping, gurgling rimming and fisting. Garland was known as a hot buttery baracuda femme top, even working her itchy knuckles inside platonic girlfriends Lana Turner, Ann Rutherford and Ava Gardner. In St. Louis it was juicy seeing some of the looks of disdain Judy gives Fraulein Drake, who at the time was involved with ginger matinee idol Van Johnson, who died recently. Of course during the filming of MMIST she transfered her affections from young Drake to long-on-the tooth Lady Minnelli, and why not? He made her look ravishingly beautiful. So she married him, and even wrestled out some of his nelly splooge producing that spectacular piece of high faggot art Liza Minnelli.
I didnt remember MMIST being so subversive, but it is. In the Halloween sequence with Margaret O´Brian all the little boys are in full out sex drag, complete with feather boas, and all the kids talk of nothing but killing, torturing and maiming, it is quite unhinged. The crescendo being the implication that Drake(as Garlands boyfriend) has raped and beaten 5 year old O´Brian. Remember this is a WW2 era family film, a huge mega box office hit that inspired a slew of immitations from other Studios like 20th Century Fox´s Centenial Summer and Warners On Moonlight Bay. Hey you academics out there this should be your thesis.
Was looking at some photos from my first VD as VB performance at my old performance art club GIMP UnLtd that i did with Ron Athey back in 1999-2000. Came across one pic of cute young Adam Harvey of the band Timonium. Adam was so adorable and delicious. Adam is also the nephew of artist Carter Potter. When i first met him he was a big dicked teenager going to college at that hippy dippy school UC Santa Cruz and would come down to Silverlake with his band to performance at my crazy punk rock beer bust Club Sucker. He was straight and had a girlfriend, but that didnt last long. Soon he was in the restroom getting sucked off at Sucker just like all the other young indie rock boys. The last time i saw him was around 2003 with his beautiful Chicano bandmate also named Adam. AH had broken up with his Filipino boyfriend Mario, a nice middle class kid who had a good, high paying job and was financing Adam´s indie rock label. Adam told me he felt bad about breaking up with Mario especially as Mario had developed cancer. I felt sorry for that poor snow queen Mario, he was madly in love with strapping white boy Adam, but i could tell that Adam´s feeling werent completely reciprocal. I hope i never get all muschy over some boy, and start giving him my last dime. Well i don´t think i have to worry about that. Its never happened before so i doubt that suddenly i would become so smitten that i completely lose it over love. Besides no one can make a fool of love out of me, i dont even have a pot to piss in let alone a dime.