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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Helped daddy Ron Athey prepare for his piece "Incorruptible Flesh/Disassociative Sparkle" at Artist Space. Had the hardest time finding the damn place on Green Street. Woke up with a bit of chest and throat congestion, checked emugs and wrote blog at Dr. Jose's lovely 6th floor Tisch Office. Ate Thai food with Billy Miller, bought a new wig on 14th Street and called it an early night.

Couldn't shake the image of Papa Ron glistening with all that fake Rob/Bob Jackson-Paris orange ruffy tan and vaseline covering his tat body, and bootylish being impaled by a junior little league baseball bat.

Next morn had breakfast with John Sanchez at Odessa. John use to work at Martha Stewart Omnipotency Corporation, but now he's joined the freelance routine guild. John is a fantastic writer and performer who is actually from Long Beach, California, and is of Dutch and Puerto Rican ancestry, so you know he has one mighty powerful genitalic hegion.


Another great rehearsal with beauty boy John Blue in Crooklyn's Bushwicky neighb. John is an incredible musician, and our sessions together run really smoothly. I've renamed him KaJohnny as he has become my high yeller Creole cousin from New Orleans.

Monday, May 01, 2006

First event from NYU was panel discussia produced by Performa and hosted by le grande duchy RoseLee Goldberg, who was hilarious. She could have just talked the entire time and i would be wildly content. Ms. Goldberg is the ultimate New York sophisticate. On the panel was the curator of photography at the Guggenheim Jennifer Blessing, writer and critic C. Carr, Susan Jarosi a professor at the University of Louisville and the divine Galllic artiste Orlan who of course stole the show with her booming voice and larger then largesse persona. Orlan only spoke in French, and brought along her interpreter/concubine who i wanted to milk the quelle frommage out of. All i have to say is M. Orlan---squirrel climb that tree and get your gnut!!!!1
Dr. Jose Munoz who is the chairwoman of the Performance Studies Departamenta of NYU Tisch Academy and Bone Center hosted a bbrilliant book release party for Jennifer Doyle, who was in fine form---she was sexy, funny, more sexy, just deliri. Got to meet the famed Doyle Sisters and hang with their uber masculine, quietly intense super hot dad. His British accent gives me goose bumps. Jennifer's mom is petite and pretty and very Dina Merrill movie starish. Celebs in attendance: scholarina Gavin Butts, writer/stripper Patty Powers, performance honcha Nao Bustamente, legend Carmelita Tropicana and actor Crispin Glover. Who invited him?
Met Callie Angell, the Andy Warhol Film project curator at the Whitney. Callie is so sweet and lovely and is the personification of what New York is supposed to be about. I can't wait to attend her big roof garden soiree later in the week. G
Got all dolled up for Beatrice Glow's welcome to New York gathering at the designer collective boutique Burrow on Bing Crosby Street. So many cute kidsters and my NYU beauties all glossy and gussied up. Make-up Forever was one of the sponsors and did some makeovers and a bevy of supermodels provided the bootleg liquor. Met a sweet girl and lovely Nordic boy who edit a great new fashion website called Coutorture Media. I admire the moxy of these New York children. RoseLee Goldberg's sexy youthquaker son DJ'd and he is smoldering smoldering yummy yummy and needs to park his asstrovar on my raw face.
Earlier in the day i breakfasted with Billy Miller of the Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts and had a celeb citatia of Elaine Stritch looking great and not at all boozyrella. Billy and i attended an anti-war rally and womens march and took a detour later for some sightseeing. Billy is my New York Tri-state history guru and took me to 86 Bedford Street to Chumley's, the 20's speakeasy where the term 86'd was coined. He also squired me to the home of Edna St. Vincent Millay which is the thinnest house in Manhattan. My oogling through the window gave the owner a heart attach. Billster filled me in on all these little tidbits about architecture and the like----how coiled rope design on a facade is a symbol of affluence and a pineapple on a gate is the universal sign of welcome.
Went to Angelica Cinema and saw that teen movie BBrick. Was impressed by the leads performance and also this studly bubble butt muscular creature that reminded me of a young James Caan. Yowza!!
Had rehearsal with bearded lady Jennifer Miller and we wrote a new song together. That woman is one supreme talent, and i love her!!!!
In the morning was interviewed by Steven Watson at my University visiting artist apartment. He is delightful, and we had a perfect time together. I'm writing this very blogula at the office of Dr. Jose Munoz, who has an eleganza office at the 721 Broadway Tische campus building. Thanks Dr. Munoz for accomodating my lady self.
It seems like the tired mainstream media is trying to backlash teenie tiny, dimunitive movie star Tom Cruise by using me as the means of his fall from grace. A news item was picked up on the UP Wireservice from when i was doing my visiting artist gig at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Just to set the record straight. I was not making fun of Tom Cruise or his sexuality. I love Tom and always have. He's actually a good actor, and deserves his fame and success. I am also fascinated by Scientology, and think its a damn juicy religion. I really think the young Scientology grunts who parade up and down Hollywood Blvd in their tight polyester pants and nautical shirts chain smoking are kindof sexy. So leave them and their religion alone, and stop picking on poor Tom. Media pundits you should be concentrating on war, famine and pestilence. Those are much more timely subjects.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Swift flight to Manhattan with Papa dee da da Ron Athey and Dr. Jennifer Doyle for NYU's Where Art and Life Collide Symposium. Franko B was supposed to be a part of the event, but he wasn't allowed to board the plane in London---some nonsense concerning a visa and irregular passporte photo discrepancy. Franko must have cursed them out royally at Heathcliffe, i mean Heathrow airport. I was looking forward to hanging with the great Franko B. I haven't seen him since the Nation Review of Live Art Festival in Glasgow, Scotland in 2004. Celebrity siting on my plane. The giant cute, Chinese basketball star---don't know his name, but he's taller then me. i wonder if he has extra large genitalia?
NYU chair of the visual art department, and lovely gamine Nancy Barton with luscious Jonathan Berger, event producer put me right to work the next day critiquing MFA candidates and making studio visitations. Talented crop of future art starinas. Had a wonderful time with New Orleans native Rachel Detrinis, a spirited and intelligent beauty who works in an arts n crafts mode, knitting and crocheting new and earthy horizens mixed with electronic media and needlepoint whimsy. Love it.
Was lost in kusak conversation with Dutch/Canadian pretty Jonah Groeneboer, a sensitive and softspoken F2M student. I was surprised i wasn't able to clock him as a tranny boy. I'm so use to macho transits, that his slight sissy manner and appearance completely threw me for an overextended loop. Jonah totally passes and is 100% young faggot realness. The big black mama in me just wants to nurture and death hug the children, and to protect them from the disasters that come with an art life, but i've got to snip that unbiblical cord, and let them find their own gravela pathstain.
Began rehearsing with handsome hunksis John Blue, the younger brother of my Berlin Cheap collektive comrade Tim Blue. John lives in Bushwick, Crooklyn in a spacious loft/studio. Bushwick is a big dick thickerous Rican/Dominican area, that is just adore, especially the elecated train stations that look so movie set. John's neighbors adore him---well who wouldn't he is a dazzlingly stunning young man and speaks fluent Spanish. John took me to a local eatery and we feasted. I'm sure we're going to come up with something special for Bricktops Takes Manhattan on Thursday May 4th.
Went to see Jonathan Bergers show at Grimm Rosenfeld Gallery in Chelsea. Jonathan's work is sublime. Hard to believe he is 26 years old now. Didn't i just give birth to him yesterday? Jonathan is so goodlooking, with a gorgeous distinct nose and lips of vermillion. Met his parents---he has a dapper dad, who is a bit of a showboater---claiming all attention in the room, and a stylish and serene mother. Jonathan comes from New York art royalty.
Writer Glenn Belverio took me to dinner at the saucy French Bistro Casimir. Love the food and the ambiance, Uma Thurman sat near us and gave me a bit of attitude. Perhaps she thought i was someone else, as i don't know her from Adam 12. I've always liked Uma, but can't stand her drug addled ex-husband Ethan Hawke. Maybe she gave me daggers because she knows i use to have a regular thing with Andre Belaz.
Glen took me on a Village post queer tour that began at the Monster where we drank frozen Margaritas. The Monster is a bonafide Monster show. Sour bar tenders, and a clientele that reminds me of LA in the early 80s. What a time continuem vortexa. I found it amusing though for a while. The best ill look awards go to a long on the tooth hustler in panjabi jeweled flip flops, madras pajama bottoms and an egg shell blazer over a heliotrope wife beater. First runner up is the salt n pepper gay couple in badfitting matching tuxedos who kept going in and out of the restrooms. The downstairs discoteqa is even more odd, with a barrel chested Lou Costello gogo gargoyle with horn rimmed glasses, who had an ardent admirer who was loudly quizzing him about his work out routine. Daddy Athey joined us and his eyes glazed at the very site of it all. We also dropped by Marie's Crisis, the sad luck piano bar. The evening ended at Duvet which is all homo modern, slick but lacks any sexual energy even with a bedroom decor. Nice seeing and talking with DJ Larry T in his airport lounge dj booth. Larry is a hoot, didn't get to meet his new male order child bride. Larry rules!
I'm amazed at the benal Miami/LA style of big New York clubs. I guess the whole world now caters to the dull nouveau riche. Its quite sad, but isn't ruining my new york minutes. The city in spring is breathtaking.