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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Had a lovely Vegan Thanksgiving feasta at Andrew of Gould and Lenny, the young elder's Los Feliz compound. Lastyear was spent out of town with a large group, which was nice, but this year i wanted something a bit quieter and low key. Handsome Mario Diaz of Hot Dog fame was one of the guests, and it was pleasant spending time with the hunky clubland kingpin. Its always a treat to see someone that you may have a preconceived notion about in a different setting and find out just what sort of animal they truelly are. Mario is as charming and thoughtful as he is pleasing to the eye.

Bricktops anniversary party was a sterling success. Where do all those cute boys come from? Latino Fan Club photog Dino Dinco brought along a delicious pack of juicies, and the fun loving bicycle riding collective the Whirley Girls certainly added to the festivities. It was nice seeing regulars Danielle and Xochi mixing it up with TV presenter Josh Kun, LA photography royal Ann Summa with journalista husband Jeff Spurrier. Visiting NYU academe Jose Munoz, Javier Peres of Peres Projects Gallery, Swedish designer Morgan Olsen,German soccer star Landon Donavan and the radiantly beautiful young french actor Gaspard Ulliel, who stars in the new Jean-Pierre Jeanet film "A Very Long Engagement". When i was last in Paris i had dinner at Jean-Pierre's gorgeous apartment in a private street not far from the Moulin Rouge. I got to pick up and kiss the Alien monster model.

Fishnet Floozy Anna Bells who is the grandaughter of movie musical star Mitzi Gaynor performed a saucy burlesque number. Englands The Boyfriend sang and showed off their bounty packages and UCLA art historian Robert Summers gave a sexy lecture on Leni Refenstahl, the theme of the anniversary party. Got to meet sweet Rebecca Epstein, the calender editor at City Beat Magazine, who wrote a very well written profile on Bricktops with a giant picture of Madame Bricktop. Wow!!!

o and our taxi dancers had everyone gagging on their lovely extravaganza. Summer Peaches along with Jason El Norte and new boy dancer Buttons Sinclair who has a killer smile and nice tight buttocks. I can't fail to mention Jorge Garcia Bernal who was our bathtub gin baby, divinely soaking in it.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

I ran into Mike Ness of Social Distortion. He looks great. He's aged in a handsome man kind of way. He said he'll be performing at the Wiltern Theatre soon. He's married now with a few kids, but still lives in Orange County . . .i think in Fullerton. Boy do i go back with him. I remember one New Year's Eve party at the 666 Ariana on Wilshire and Vermont, i had such the hots for that boy, he was one sizzling little pud of a punk beauty in his heydey. I'll never forget that particular New Year's Eve Party. Stella of Stray Pop was DJ-ing and my Afro Sister "Pop-That-Cherry" Jefferson was making out with Norwood of Fishbone on the dance floor. Literally he was humping her in the center of the dance floor. Cherry's daughter Mira Bai was only 14 at the time and was swapping saliva with one of my cute protege's Alfie Botello who was only 15 and going to that Jesuit High School Loyola. Early in the evening i had a brief flirtation with Mike which made me think that when the midnight hour commensed we'd be locking esophaguses, but who should wind up cock blocking me, other then that fugly Sean DeLear. The most gorgeous boy in the punk scene Mike Ness is all over that SeanD creature. Yuck! In Mike's defense he was probably so high on heroin that he most likely mistook her for me. When you're in drug deluse adaise, all us black queens look the same.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions or LACE for short is hiring a new director. I had no idea they had a budget of $500,000. What do they spend it on? Their art shows are lame, and they don't do performances anymore. They should have never moved to Hollywood Blvd. The space downtown on Industrial Street was fantastic. Just my penny dreadful gripe i had to let out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Had a nice studio visit from Brian Grillo of Extra Fancy and Lock-Up Fame. Brian is going to design the sets and perform at Bricktops for our New Year's Eve Courtesan Masked Ball. He will be doing a version of his famed Grillo's Follies and will feature guests Abby Travis, and hopefully the John Waters legend Mink Stole. It should be a spectaculr event.

Both P.J. Harvey and Morrissey have contacted me and want to do surprise shows at Bricktops. Of course they could do whatever they want, but both are interested in singing 1920's songs. Ms. Harvey would like to do a Beatrice Lillie night and Mr. Morrissey a salute to Noel Coward which would be perfect for him now that he is of settled age.

I'm going to ask Donita Sparks of L7 to do some kind of performance as well. This week for our anniversary party Beck my sing a couple of songs in yiddish. O and the Green Day boys want to fullfill their promise to me and perform or do some kind of slapstick comedy routine. Miss Bricktops is forming a life of her own.

o and another cute emug from STH's Billy Miller in New York:

Dear Dearest,

you're a goin' to Slovenia?
good luck with that and with your movie project.
am starting another 20s compilation which i will send ya when it's complete.
my life these days is much less glamorous but i have been trying to make a lot of art werk.went to a party the other nite for a soon-to-be-released doc. about the early 70s pop star Jobriath.the directors of which were nice but didn't seem to know thier stuff too much as they told me they found out about him a couple years ago and then claimed that 1.) David Bowie got everything from him (even though Jobie came out several years after Ziggy Stardust?) and that 2.) he was the first androgenous and openly "gay" rock star (what about Little Richard for one?)met Jayne County there and we spoke about glam rock etc.she said that she was impressed by my knowledge of music (i think she said that coz i basically just agreed with everything she said) and she gave me a CD and 45 of her music that she just 'happened' to have a few of in her bag.
i'm also starting work on a new STH now that my Jersey City homeboy Mike (the Polka King) has become a rich white lady since both his parents have passed recently and left him a house and a bunch of money (he's gonna pay for the printing.)
he used to be more adventurous but now is sort of afraid to leave Hudson County (which comprises the 3 towns around here.)
i find that difficult to deal with, but i love him still.
as i do you.

respectfully yours,


Stopped for a quick drink at the Spotlight and ran into some Silverlake 40 pals who bought me a gaggle of whiskey sours. Wonderful time had by all. Some bloated ruddy faced hustler tried to pick me up, nothing he said made any sense.

Sunday morning hangover. Had to get up early for my job as a radio presenter for NPR doing a walking tour of Hollywood Blvd. Cute Ben Adair and Queena Sok Kim joined me as i proceeded to run my mouth non-stop. Freezing cold. Lots of eye candy at the Farmers Market, especially the hot dads. Interviewed Michael Lucid, one of the Pretty Things.

Later ran into sexy big peniled Dave Gomez of Slowrider. Dave use to work at Epitaph Records and was Beck's bass player. Now he's working at Amoeba Records.

Monday morning i interview gorgeous Guin Turner, the lesbian icon for Zoo Magazine. She is the best interview subject EVAH! Invited to an amazing meal of mexican meatloaf by Hector and Ericla--delicious.

Hot gossip-Colin Farrell during the filming of Toll Both was plowing both Britney Spears and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ms. Love-Hewitt wanted to retain her so called virginity so she would only allow Mr. Farrells ultra large Irish endowment to enter her sphincter. The filthy Love-Hewitt had a few too many mud slides which left the peter of the matinee idol a nice murky shade of brown. The next day when he was plugging Britney, our sex piggy Colin didn't even bother to bathe and proceeded to place his member inside her sugar walls, fudge and all.

Just remember you didn't hear it from me.