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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Something strange was definately in the air last night. People were acting very bizarre. Talked to Maxmillian(Ron Athey's Swiss/German beau) this morning. He works at the Gold Coast Saloon on Santa Monica Blvd and he said that everyone coming into the pub last night from 8pm to closing at 2am was a freak-n-weirdo. At Bricktops after 12:30 there was this odd group of people who were celebrating a birthday. I did a happy b-day announcement for them to make them feel special, but then they took it one step further and were trying to hijack the stage and put on their own show. Talk about being a little presumpteous. Of course i had to do some ghetto chick to check. And earlier in the eve that friend of cute tiny latin Jorge, brought these really loud girls from Miami or some such place, one was asking the bar tender to give her free drinks. What was that all about?
Jorge's friend last week was throwing glasses across the room. I've never seen him so drunk and out of it. He's a heavy drinker but usually holds it a lot better. He and Jorge were regular's at my old club Sucker at the Garage. They would hag this insane south bay character named Jed who was always putting on tired clubs at the Garage with no name bands. Jed was somewhat goodlooking back then in a dirty surfer/skater kind of way, but he was forever bugging me to help him attract an audience. He 'd play the old i'm somewhat attracted to you game, and would even whip out his rather plump penis to try to hook me in to his web. That would have worked on me maybe 20 years ago. Lately Jed has gained ALot of weight and just looks like a scraggly middle aged white man. He tried talking to me at the first Bricktops, but i just rolled my eyes. He's come to Brickys a few other times since January when we went weekly. I think he sells drugs, i use to see him hanging around my old Koreatown neighborhood with some pretty dodgy characters and he looked like he was up to no good. In fact during one Bricktops when Leave it to Jane performed he was heckling me. I don't mind people heckling but he would try to hide in the crowd when others were hushing him. If you're going to heckle at least own up to it. He hasn't been around lately and Jorge even says that he's "No Good" so i hope he stays buried somewhere under a rock in San Pedro or Torrance.
This week at Bricky's Weba Garretson performed as part of a record and video preview with her musical group Eastside Sinfionetta. Weba has a wonderful singing voice and is one of LA's premiere Kurt Weill interpreters. The crowd this week was older and more sophisticated. Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carrillo were looking very elegant and stately, every inch the bohemian royals that they are. Also Abby Travis came by wearing a sexteel vintage dom outfit. Her companion was one of the sons of the group Los Lobos, who is in the nutty chicanismo punk band Los Villains. Fog aka Andrew Broder was making some serious moves on Lady Charity's cute blondine boyfriend Dax. It was Dax's last time at Bricktops, he's going to be living in New York for a while before starting school in the fall at Berkeley. I'm going to miss him Alot. He's adorably sweet with big juicy tight titties. Next week is Charities last in LA. She's going to be doing some soul searching and traveling around the world. Charity is the Parlour's Mgr Andrew Gould's wife, but they have a very very open modern relationship. Andrew has a boyfriend and several other female and transgendered spouses. Andrew is English with a penis that is very long and thick, so he needs a lot sexual attention from many genders to satisfy is genormous sexual thirts. I was eyeing cute young actor trent ford who comes from the super rich car manufacturing family. I love heirs to a fortune. Was introduced to director Danny Boyle who was at Bricky's with the stars of his latest film, the name of which i forget, but the picture is about Zombies or something like that. I'm just glad he brought pretty cillian murphy and manly christopher eccleston with him to the club. I've heard that Mr. Boyle's new movie will make up for that awful one he did with Leonardo DiCap. While i was singing a 20s version of the GoGo's, "This Town" Cillian Murphy sang along in an animated fashion. Too bad he left right after my show, i wanted to try and get him to sit on my face.

Received tons of phone calls and emails concerning my essay on Gay Marriage that is part of the cover package of the LA Bleekly. Funny what stories of mine capture people's fancy. Oh I'm still getting proposals, emugs and phone calls from a lot of people thinking that me and Ron are doing Platinum Oasis this year for Outfest. I'm sooooo embarrased that everyone thinks that Platinum Snapmeat is our creation. Well those who really know the quality of our work know that we could never come up with something so purile, but everyday now Its getting scarier and scarier. Oh welpsis what can i do.

Monday, June 23, 2003

A day should have 72 hours in it not 24. My life is moving at candlelabra speed. Have a million writing assignment deadlines including an essay on Gay Marriage and a Ghetto Fabulous Style piece for Ms. LA Bleekly. And i also have to get my UR Chicago column out, and I'm doing something for Vogue and GQ with Lily Braindrop nee Burana. Lily is all mainstream these days working for GQ, Spin, Elle and Esquire. She has left the zine world far behind. Her Magazine back then, Taste of Latex was really cool.

Talked to my fashion guru Glenn Belverio, who is the global editrix of the world. Glenn not only was the New York Editor of Dutch, but also writes for Marie Clair, Hong Kong's WestEast and Conde Nast Traveler. He also put me in contact with Mr. Style who works for P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy's clothing line Sean Jean and Everlast. His real name is Gregory something or other.

Was supposed to go to Vansterdam to finally edit my movie La Petite Tonkinese that i filmed two years ago in Berlin. A friend of mine who works for a post production house will give me some free editing time. My Canadian gallery is paying for the travel because they want first dibs on the flick. Well my pal had to cancel at the last minute because he got some major paying job, but hopefully it will work out during the summer weeks to follow. I've waited this long.

So glad i was available to go see Le Tigre at the MusicBox/Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. The girls opened up for Yo Le Tengo. I left before Yo Le Tengo went on. They are dull live. This band from Australia was also on the bill. Talk about three different audiences that did not go together. Of course Le Tigre stole the show with their snappy music and tight visual packagina. The first band, The Clean were boring Aussie's who were ugly as all getout. I brought David Pendleton from The Boyfriend and Kent William Albin, who use to be the Minister of Information with Fischerspooner. Kent is a very sweet kid, and the night before came to Bricktops, which was literally on fire with a performance by Mr. Tin Pan Alley, Richard Halperin. Belinda Carlisle also came to Bricktops and was dancing around and acting all lesbianica like she use to do back in the old punk days at the Whisky a-go-go with Alice Bag. I haven't seen Belinda in ages and we had a nice little kissy kissy reunion. Belinda also got to be frisky with Jane Cantillon and Bibbe Hansen. Dancing up a storm to some music brought by Brad Kay who accompanied Mr. Halperin on piano and sang a ditty with Mr. UnCertain was fashionkalada Anna Piaggi, Alex De Betak and lovesexy Olivier Theyskens, who showed me his nice plump dick in the DJ booth.
This morning i met with Lady Bunny for breakfast at the Summerfield Suites in Weho. She was brought out to perform at Gay Pride on Sunday. Eating breakfast right next to us was free style dance artist suprema Shannon of "Let the Mujsic Play" fame and Janice Robinson and Thea Austin who i'm not familiar with but are big names. Lady Bun Bun told me some gossip about this black tranny who use to be a meatpacking district whore who struck paydirt when she got a rich husband in the form of a Mr. Steinglatz . This Steinglatz is a wealthy Israeli art dealer who was involved in some heinous scandal involving whording Picassos. Well he likes big tranny cock so much that he married this queen and made her his black bertha rich jewish princess bride, and at the height of their relationship they kept mansions in Tel Aviv and Paris and the tranny would wear hifalutin designer clothes mixed with cheap stuff that had stains all over it. They are now divorced, but she still works for one of his business concerns, and puts on these giant parties in some elegant space in Paris and flies out girlfriends like Lady Bunny, Girlina and Amanda LePore as visual stimuli. It all sounds just too sick, but that is the world of my lady B. Last week she even went to Margaret Cho's wedding to Rev' Al from the Cacophony Society. Rev Al also is one of the original gangsters responsible for the tired Burning Man Festival.