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Saturday, January 13, 2007

[late Decemer,2006 to early January 2007]
Wonderous rehearsals at Planet Roc Studio near Treptow Park with Ruth Fischer. We even did some recording with Mickey One Halves of Super 700 handling the production chores.
Finally met up with Felix Knoke the cute and cuddly young journalist who writes for both Stern and Der Spiegel, and also produces TV shows for Euro-MTV. He doesn’t look like he’s old enough to do all these things, but is 27 and is from a small German town on the border of Austria near Lake Constance and Bregenz, where I spent two months with Geliten early last year. Felix is adorable, and so is the sweet French girl that came with him when we met up for dainties.
Fearless leader Suzi of Cheap hosted a sumpteous Christmas open house with her next door neighbor Moritz, who is the talented young, production/costume designer for the new piece I’m involved in for Spring at the Parkauer Theatre. I spent some quality time with Moritz, getting fitted for costumes, and looking at set models. Moritz reminded me of a low key version of Cecil Beaton, the legendary costume and set designer of My Fair Lady. Moritz gives off positive energesis, is sensitive, sincere and immediately puts you right at eaze.
Earlier in the evening of our big art Sylvester Party I went to Parkauer to see the Cheap production of Stoffel based on a book by Erica Mann, which is also Fearless leader Suzi’s directorial debut. What a stunning success with a packed house of delighted children and their parents. There is something for everyone in this piece. Suzi really knows how to work with actors, and bring out things that are so perfect and beguiling. I was especially taken with Peter who plays the grumpy father and prissy ship steward, and the Zza-Zza Frau who shape shifts from frumpy housewife to glam sex pot in a performance that could out smoulder Lana Turner. Suzi has that special knack for taking older, veteran performers and showcasing them to brilliant advantage, but she also knows how to work the younger performers and bring out their best qualities, especially with Steffan who can sometimes be a bit of a showboater. His romance on stage with Moritz’ lovely girlfriend---- endearing, and Zazie de Paris’ triumphant Copacabana headliner is downright sensational. Can’t wait to begin working with Fearless Suzi on Max und Moritz in March.
Everything with our Sylvester art party was perfect. The set---from last year’s It Happened to Me horror ride---talk about perfect recycling. Ruth Fischer performed behind a mini blind screen, something so simple and cheap, but effective with brilliant projections by Wilhelm Hein. We all wore winter white which turned out to be an excellent choice. The idea for the mini blind set came from the Arsenal and Berlinale head programmer Stephanie. Ruth Fischer performed a new song called "The Love Camel" which went over really well. Later I’ll include the lyrics, which are based on emails sent to me by my Italian friend Andreas Novarin who lives in London. Close to 1000 people attended our little shindig. There were only 700 people last year. Too bad this will be the last time we do this, as its way too much work.
The crowd included some big wig art personalities like Adam Lindermann, who wrote the book "Collecting Contemporary Art" French politician Sandrine Royale, museum general Peter Klaus Schuster, galerists Asim Chugtai, Jan Rohlf, Stephane Bauer with Rafael Jablonka, my cutie patoties Felix Knoke, Assaf Hochman, and the ultra beautiful theorist Maxime Cervulle who came to my Whoracle et Delphi station for a misfortune reading.
It only snowed once while I was in Berlin. The day I left for Nuyorica it turned a bit balmy. What I didn’t expect was that in Manhattan I’d be greeted by 72 degree temperatures and news that a 57 mile glacier broke loose from the arctic. Ginger headed Dominic, one of Kembra of Karen Blacks cute boy minions picked me up from the aeroport and whisked me to the safe confines of the Off SoHo Suites on the Lower East Side. This hotel is run by middle eastern men who took quite a liking to the doll. If they were just a little bit more attractive I would have let them pull a train on me. Why is it Arab men love black drag queens?
Work on the Womanizer show co-curated by Kembra and Julie Atlas Mus at Deitch Projects went really well. My interns included Jack Waters and Peter radical fairy child Marc Arthur who helped me edit images, and two amazing NYU students Hilary Grisham, and Sarah Maurer who came to me via the first child of New York art royalty Jonathan Berger. I’m not good at delegating duties, but my interns really kept me calm, focused and on track so that the Present Penicative installation could properly shine.
What an incredible group show with the likesis of Breyer P- Orridge featuring the work of Lady Jaye and Genesis, E.V. Day, Bambi, The Mermaid, Miss Julie, and the divinity of godessaness herself Kembra Lovecraft of the Epiphany. All the super cute Deitch kids: Meghan, Julie, Jasmine, Ericla, Jamaica Tonya, humpy John-John, Switchblade penis Jack, everyone was so accomodating, making my entre into blue chip gallery anal proding such a sweeping success. Impressario Jeffrey Deitch reminded me of an art world Swifty Lazar crossed with Peter Bogdonovich. I don’t think he knew quite what to make of my ghetto ladybirdness.
The opening on January 6th was a madhouse with more stars then there are in the heavenly firmament. Actors Greg Kinear, Josh Hartnett, Vincente Gallo, Tate Modern’s Stuart Comer, Penny Arcade, Bunny Love, Joe Coleman, Whitney Ward, Dirty Martini, Don Spiro, The Girls of the VHKB, Kate Valentine, Hart Costa, Scott Ewalt and his lover, lady Michael of Kleets, mortician to the shtars Doug McClemont, Lia of Participant, Amber Ray and Muffinhead, Bec Stupak, Aimee from Heatherette, Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, Rainblo, Viva Ruiz, George Gatsas, Michael Cavadias aka: Lilly of the Valley, Linda Simpson, Katrina del Mar, Ned Ambler, Eliza Douglas, Antony Hegarty of Antony & the Johnsons, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Reverend Jennifer Miller, Brad Kahlhamer, Desi Monster, K8 Hardy, Nick Zed, Scotty the Blue Bunny, Richard Kern, Hisham Bharoocha, Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny and their Nude Wigga’s Descending a Staircase Crew, The Dazzle Dancers, Miss Understood, Mrs Kembra---Judy Ball, Walt Paper, Cloe, Dr. Jose Munoz, Ryan McGinnley, Asian Punk Boy Terence Koh, Glenn Belverio, Nurse Lauren Paine, Becky of St. Martins press and her plus size model gal pal Elizebeth Taylor, and Alpha Dog’s Anton Yelchin. If I left anyone out, I’m sorry. I only stayed at the opening for a few minutes. I didn’t finish installing my piece, and hadn’t eaten all day, so when Dr. Munoz offered to feed me at Lucky Strike I had to accept his gracious offer. Thank you to Erikla for giving me the low down on who came.