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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cheap Blacky production coordinator Anna came over to my Cheese Endique Studio for a sweet visit to cheer me up from my post Cheap Blacky depression. Anna brought with her some delicious dainties made from the former pastry chef of Berlin's famous Adlon Hotel. We had a wonderous girlie time, laughing and hooting it up royally. A few days later Christophe Chemin, the "It" boy from Paris cooked a sexy gourmand meal for me and Anna at his Mehringdamm flat. We watched several Cheap Blacky documentation videos, and in between critiquing, gossip and overall merriment, a lot of joy was spread like almond butter.
Went to see the Keira Knightly film Atonement that co-stars the bubble butt, tiny young British actor James McAvoy, who i met during Berlinale early in the year. He is even cuter in person then he appears on film. Too bad he is soooo damn demunitive.
The only thing men that small are good for is sitting on raw faces.
Speaking of the Berlinale. By popular demand Cheap is going to recreate our infamous Gossip Studio. This year we will also debut the Cheapy Awards as a companion piece to the Gossip Studio. More details forthcoming.
Next time you read this blog, you will get to be the first ones to sneak peak a new written series called Cornelius.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Gorgeous preseco pre-party at the Arsenal on Thursday with Empress Stefanie, Nanna Heidenreich and handsome Ulli in the Forum offices before my 2nd Rising Stars, Falling Stars silent movie presentation. After lots of primping, make-up and hair we all went down stairs for the program feeling a little toasty and bursting with love. Being with the Arsenal gang helped to shake away my post Cheap Blacky blues for good. Thank heaven for the Kino Arsenal, Miss Stefanie and her rock steady crew for my deliverance!!!
The divine Eunice Martin was in excellent form accompanying the films Fie´vre by Louise Delluc, and Man Ray´s Emak Bakia. After the screening we engaged in a delicious woman2woman conversation. I have to make a point to get Eunice invited to America to accompany the many silent film programs there, her style would be a revelation, and put a crimp in the tired boys club that is so prevalent there.
The celebs in attendance this month: Evie of bbooks,Tim Blue, Marc Siegel, Daniel Hendrickson of kollective Cheap, sexy Spanish siren Cristina with Wolfgang of Discoteca Flaming Star, Austrian poetess Sissy Tax, underground film guru Wilhelm Hein and his lovely art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick, Arsenal intern Weibke and her posse of 1920s inspired glamazons, Berlin legend Zazie de Paris, who rode her bike all the way from Charlottenberg, The Hebbel Theatre´s darling Anna Muelter, Parisian wonder boy Christophe Chemin, It Girl Angie, artist DL Alvarez and his posse of über friendly, fun and vivacious arganauts, theatre director Hans-Werner Krösinger(Beirut Report) actor Moritz Bleibtreau, Queeny German film comic Hape Kerkeling, and newly out lesbiana, and TV presenter for teutonias most important news program, the L-sexy Anne Will.
Sad note. I won´t mention his name, at this time, but an internationally known scenester passed recently. He made a career of his emotions. Periods of work or well endowed lovers were terminated by his frightening, abandoned laughter of despair and failure. Only his death this week, achieved in a fifth suicide attempt, could be termed a success.