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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Menschliche Kritter
Didn’t have a working computer for ages so I wasn’t able to blogeet, which also prevented me from writing about my Cholita colleague Alice Bag’s second solo record Blueprint. 
Alice sent me the CD awhile back via her young cohort Seth Bogart of Hunx and his Punx fame. 
Alice has turned into a modern day Eydie Gorme’ with high caliber musical material like like her geniustrata songs “Sparkling Path”, “White Justice”, “Etched Deep”, and ”77” where she carries on with the likesis of the great Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill and Allison Wolfe of Bratmobile.  My favorite track is  “Se Cree Joven” and I am not the only one crazy for this tune.  The video features my drag daughter Michele “Hell” Carr and the legend that is Phranc the Jewish Lesbian Folk Singer and Cardboard Cobbler.
It delights me that my sweetie pie La Alicia is getting her due with critical acclaim and sold out tours.  Nobody deserves the unabashed love, attention and  hoopla more then my homegirl Sad Girl of Cholita!
Contemporary Vinegar Syndrome premiere was a sterling success at the Fichtenbunker in Kreuzberg.  The site specific location had everyone abuzz wondering what it looked like inside.  The convex wall that was our movie screen  that we dubbed The Convex Serviette was a big hit with the publicum who got to enjoy a double projection of Ulrike Ottinger’s Berlin Fieber as well as a surprise sneak scene from Ottinger’ famous Freak Orlando which was filmed on the top of the bunker.  The visionary directress was her usual gracious, soft spoken self, wowing everyone with her patrician grace and gentility. 
Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus opened the evening with remarks concerning the Arsenal membership drive.  Those who paid to become a member get all sorts of goodies including free entrance to our September and December CVS event, and entrance to Arsenal screenings for six months.  Now that’s a bargain.
The evening also included a double screening of two Terayama films in which we supplied the text with a range of literary material, Ela Troyano’s David Does Venus starring her hilarious sister Carmelita Tropicana and two different Bugs Bunny Cartoons. 
Scene and Herd mentality during the three days:  Fearless Leader of CHEAP Kollektiv Susanna Sachsse who provided the voice of CVS with Ashley Hans Scheirl who will be in Berlin for a year on a DAAD fellowship, Ulrike Ottinger’s beautiful girlfriend Nina with art photographer Annette Frick, Katherina Sykora, Michaela Wuench of bbooks Kollektiv, pretty ginger haired curator Anja Lueckenkemper, Florian Weghorn of Berlinale Talents, Razak Khan of the Center for Modern Indian Studies, Karo the new Arsenal Projectionist, Maria Klaus, Archive Project Publicist, Elena Baumeister, Archive Project intern, Milena Gregor of the Gregor  Klan the first family of German Cinema, Markus Ruff Head of Archive Project, handsome Toby Ashraf, sexy young UdK students Leonardo Lina, David Scholer and Zannick Spies, the gorgeous and stylish film curator Maria Morata, Sirkka Moeller of Berlinale’s Panorama Section. Dan Gunn of the Dan Gunn Gallery London and his big dick Dutch pal Robert who is the studio manager for artist Angela Bulloch, Susanna Huber and Christian Liclair of Asthetic des Begehrens, Shanti Ashtangi-Asgari, my German relation Clarisse Mehring, Mike Fenswick of Phile Magazine with statuesque best girlfriend Miss Erin, Stefania Daskalaki, DJane Bianca Kruk with Film Sound Designer Manuela Schinina, scholar Zülfukar Çetin and his international posse of EUROPACH: Emily Nicholls,from Goldsmith College London, Justyna Struzik from Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and Finnish scholar Lina Bolde from Humboldt Universitaet.   Also glimpsed: Joel Gibb the baby diaper of the Hidden Cameras of Toronto, curator Natasha Ginwala, Piero Bellomo, our CVS crew of Gerrit  Woltemath, our trusty production coordinator, Daniel Hendrickson,the Jewish Muzlim, projectionists Bodo&Ina and bartender RoseLee.
Hollywood hunk of the 1950s Tab Hunter died.  So sad as he was one devilish piece of beefcake.  Back in the 50s he was lovers with Anthony Perkins but his most famous sex conquest was the entire water polo team of Pepperdine University circa 1957.  Way to Go Tab!
Just received this shocking news that Robert Summers died in Alabama visiting his lovely sister Ruth Ann.  Robert was a young fagademic who was actually quite brilliant at times.  I collaborated with him on several projects beginning with Bricktops at the Parlour Club where he helped organize a series of mini lecturinas in the early evening of the club that was quite a success.  He did a longer version of a lecturina on Judy Garland Modalities at my 2011 MoCa Happening Dejecta.  Robert grew up in Whittier to Mexican and Jewish parents. His  auntie was the well known Los Angeles political figure Gloria Molina.