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Friday, November 09, 2007

Cheap Blacky rehearsals are taking shape on the big HAU 2 stage. Our "little Kenneth Anger musical" as the press is calling it, is turning into something special. I love working with our cute dorky lighting tech Hans and his lanky blondine assistant Max. Remind me to perform fellatio on them, after the premiera.
You never know who you´ll run into in Berlin! Pleasant surprise bumping into Lawrence Elbert, who was my editor and DP on my 90s era experimental short subjects "Designy Living", "VooDoo Williamson" and "The White To Be Angry" He´s aged well--they make em big and brawny in his native state of Texas. In his youth Lawrence had one stunning body, and a bubble butt you could build a dream on. Not many white boys can boast of a high top round asstrovar of corrogated steel.
Lawrence and I had a falling out years ago, I´m sure it was all my fault, being that i am one self-absorbed bitchina, who gets easily offended, and if you look at me the wrong way i will send you into permanent exile. Many have been banished from the orbit of la diva, for the most minor crimes.
Actually Lawrence and I had a few great years collaborating on projects. I never thought we´d get along, as we are from such different worlds. I am not a middle class lady, so i don´t tend to gell with people from that kind of a background, especially gay men who are very ambitious and careerist.
Lawrence and I worked together on an awful Rosa Von Praunheim short for German television called "May I Be Your Bratwurst" Ms. Von Praunheim was quite handsome when she was young, and even up into becoming middle aged. She´s 65 now and Berlin is honoring her with a restrospektacle. It must be hard for a great male gay beauty to age. Male egos are fragile and gay male egos are even more brittle.
I am so glad i was never coveted for my looks or sexual prowess. I am a fascinating monster because of my intellect, or lack of it. I´m glad that cute young people are still drawn to me, and my work.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Met those frisky teen lovers Travis and Mario at the Nobel Elf with Simon and Derek of the Bromley contingent. Siouxie Sioux sends her love to la diva Davis. I hated that i had to miss her new solo show here in Berlin at Columbia Hall. I had rehearsals with Cheap Blacky and then i was taken to a big dinner by Mattias, the head honcho of the Hebbel Theatre. The boys told me that a crazy woman stabbed three people at the performance with a pair of scissors. The divine Siouxie is a single woman, she and her husband Budgie are now divorced. I´d love to see Siouxie with a hot young stud paramour. I need that for myself, now that my Aryan ginger Viking trick has fled the premises. His last utterance being, "the woman in you is driving me to madness!" Oh welpsis, story of my life. Whenever i DJ i always play Siouxie and the Banchees "Hong Kong Garden" which never fails to rouse the kiddies.
The Cheap production of Max und Moritz resumed this week, so between rehearsals with Cheap Blacky, directed by Judy LaBruce, and the M&M´s i am tired and worn. The Cheap Blacky premiera is Monday November 12th with an afterparty at the WAU cafe, where Peaches will DJ. The Berlin run is from Nov 15-17 only, then we travel next year to Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, Saltzburg, Graz and the whole of France. Perhaps even a city near you if you´re lucky.
Lawrence Roberts of Holy Tit Clamps fame sent me a copy of his latest CD, Meet the Griffles with his enchanting band The Winsome Griffles, who were favorites at Bricktops in Los Angeles, and have just returned from a tour of the east. Their record is charming and my favorite songs on the album are the Roberts penned ditties "Atheist Gospel Song" and "Crush Me". Do yourself a favour and go to and order your copy today.
O and one more shameless plug. Mark in your calenderia Sunday, November 22nd for the Rising, Stars, Falling Stars at Kino Arsenal at the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz where i will host a screening of the experimental silents Fievre 1921 by Louis Dellucs and Emak Bakia 1927 by Man Ray along with a conversation with the luminous Eunice Martins who will accompany both films on piano. After the screenings stay for a wine reception that features music,a film star photo collage and an erotic installation in the red foyer. Dress 1920s style, and be creative, its not that hard.