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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Erworbene Bully-Creampies

One of the Vagimule doll´s favourite peeps is the genius internationally celebrated feminist filmmaker, philosopher, poet, novelist, bon vivant and anthropologist Evelyn Rüsseler aka: Stampa Bear Boy. Just received a copy of the brilliant new Bear Boy tome called Langue d'ane with text and drawings by our favourite Grizzly in collaboration with photo collages by Anna van den wolken. The writings are in English, German and French and flow with an Emily Dickensian verve and valour that is most charming and unique. I am very proud to add this work to my collection from Bear Boy and I encourage you to order your copy right away before they are all gone as this production is a limited edition. Place your request:

Stampa Bear Boy 
aka: Evelyn Rüsseler
Benderstraße 140
40625 Düsseldorf

The book costs 10 euros plus 1.60 euros for postage and handling.