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Friday, June 05, 2015


My German cousin Norman von Holtzendorf who lives and works in Washington DC as a high powered international sollicitor mailed me a copy of the book by Duncan MacLeod with the intriguing numerical title 5150.
I was completely unaware that Duncan was a writer having known him primarily as a musician in the beyond brilliant LA based heritage country outfit The Acres.  Just started reading the book and I am savoring every page hoping to make the experience last longer as i tend to read very quickly. This tome is a quasi memoir of Duncan's period of living in San Francisco in the mid 1980s which is the time I first met Mr. MacLeod when he was a fragile young androgynous gothish deluze adaised Bay Area scenester.Throughout the 1980s when I was in the performance group The Afro Sisters I would venture up to pretty San Francisco for gigs and in the early 1990s when I put the Sisters on hiatus I would do solo performances at Stephen Parr's series of underground evenings at his South of Market loft space.San Fran is a small town so its possible to become acquainted with everyone within a certain scene especially when a lot of LA emigres had moved up North to become big fishes in a small pond. Duncan MacLeod and his band The Acres use to perform regularly at my club Bricktops at the Parlour Club and my endurance art festival Platinum Oasis at the Coral Sands Fist Fuck Motel. Check out more info on Duncan at
Was riding my bike toward the Kudamm from Schoneberg and noticed that they have almost completed renovation on a large building from 1970s early 1980s that hosts a Conroy/Conrad? store on such and such street. The building was ugly before but now that they have fixed it up it looks even more ungainly liked they wrapped it in a giant black duck tape bandaid.
So much for Berlina design schemes.
ATTENTION MEN OF BERLIN-A Prince Valiant hair cut is never a good idea when it comes to coiffure identity. Also hair buns are icky, but when you have very little hair and you desperately try to shape it to conform to the hair bun style that is also a major NO NO.  Also a hairbun and a bushy Grizzly Adams beard more major NONOs.  Something tellS me that soon Donald Trump will try to fashion his comb over into a hair bun. 
Ambrosia this plant not native to Germany from North America is causing havoc with my allergies this spring.  According to Viki Baum I am not the only person suffering this season as its become an epidemic.